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Planning for MLB to ACT return

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aussieak, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. So some of you know I am getting ready to ride to Canberra soon so I am starting my check list.

    Please feel free to add as required.

    1. Have bike checked and lubed a few days b4 take off.Will be done by the pro's
    2. Plan route and stops. ( being still a bit of learner I will take the Hume I know it well enough to ride it with some degree of confidence. I wont be taking the bike awsome routes yet.)
    3. Book Hotels'
    4. Get good luggage for bike?????
    So what am I missing it feels like I am missing stuff.

    Thanks in advance
    • Emergency numbers in the phone?
    • Roadside assistance cover?
    • Rudimentary toolkit?
    • Spare brake/clutch lever?
    • Tire repair kit and/or co2 canister/compressor?


    • Remember to leave some spare room for carrying back all of the firecrackers and p0rn...
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  2. aussieak,

    Firstly, it's great to hear of your preparations toward your Canberra ride. I can feel your excitement in each word above..I'm assuming this is your first 'long distance' ride ?

    My first long distance ride was exactly what you are about to embark on. Though I set off in the middle of June (not this year), yeah...winter time. Even what I thought was 'adequate, warm clothing' was far from this ! I froze and needed regular stops to thaw out ;) So make sure you have plenty of warm clothing (or appropriate) for the prevailing conditions.

    I followed the exact route, being the Hume Highway and pretty much made Melbourne -Canberra in the one day, distance-wise, only that I opted to continue north to Yass for the night, as my destination was Sydney the following day.

    Melbourne to Canberra is roughly 6-7 hrs in a car, so add ~ 2hrs for fuel/stretches/comfort/food, drink stops, and it's safe to plan around 8-9 hrs which should be ample to complete your journey in the one day.

    Based on your 4 points above :

    1. Totally agree to have your bike checked over by the 'Pro's'. Tell them also that your bike is going on a long interstate ride. They'll (hopefully) be more thorough with the overall service and check that everything is serviceable and secure for the journey.

    2. I too planned my stops on my first ride. During the journey, I learnt that it was sometimes overkill to do so, as I may have elected to continue past the first stop (felt good, had plenty of gas etc etc), which would then muddle the plan a little. First and foremost, be fully aware of your bike's (fuel) range. Provided you're feeling fine, not sore, concentration is good etc, it's okay to continue past the first-to-be-seen roadhouse/service station - you'll find that the Hume is serviced by many petrol stations along the way, which I'm sure you're well aware of, based on your previously-mentioned familiarity with the Hume. Be hydrated, make regular stops to stretch. I try to limit my riding to 1 - 1.5hr intervals maximum. I ride a sportsbike(s) and find a seat time longer than this gets me stiff and sore..and the trick is to 'pace yourself', to arrive at your destination reasonably fresh and not totally beat ! 1-1.5hr intervals equates to around 100-150km at a time. So roughly 5-6 stops. This is by no means a hard and fast rule. Stop as often as you like.. Pics ? Early fuel top-up ?(peace of mind) Another bottle of water ? etc. It's totally YOUR call.

    3. Be careful about booking hotels. Some may suggest this and that's all good & fine. However, if for some unforeseen reason you don't make it there, you may lose your booking/deposit amount due to any particular hotel refund/cancellation policies. Best to check on this with the Hotel of choice prior to confirming, if you will go down this line. Usually, there are plenty of motels/accommodation options available, even with a last minute turn-up, provided there isn't a major event on that weekend, for example.

    To avoid myself being 'caught out', I'll call a few hotels/motels before setting off and enquire on booking costs/secure parking options (try and stay at bike friendly places, where available) to get an idea. This is generally a good indication of availability. Again, I'll leave this up to your judgement.

    4. Good luggage for you bike. With so many baggage options available, it comes down to what 'system arrangement' you want for your bike. Throw over panniers are extremely handy, especially with a seat bag combination. The Ventura Bag/Rack system is another arrangement used by many when touring/commuting. Others, like myself (being on a sportbike) prefer Kriega tailbags, which not only work extremely well but are very durable and expandable.
    Here are some links for you to get you started :




    Luggage options are bike-dependant and extremely personal. See what suits/fits your bike before you set off.

    Last but not least.
    In your chosen luggage, other things to consider packing are :
    *Chain Lube (small can if possible)
    *Puncture repair kit with CO2 cartridges
    *Alarm-lock (if you have one)
    *Electric tape
    *A Leatherman or multi-purpose all-in-one tool (check your bike's tool kit is secured and in position)
    *Wet weather gear (you just never know when you'll need this - can spoil your trip without it)
    *Spare plastic bags (not only for your clothes but for placing your feet inside them prior to fitting riding boots, in case of downpour - helps to keep feet dry and not saturated - another way to 'spoil' your ride)
    * Glove (silk) inners
    * Snood/balaclava
    *Thermal gear (study the weather days in advance. Canberra being your destination, I'd pack these alongside the wet weather gear, without fail)

    *** Roadside Assistance current subscription/membership
    *** Emergency Numbers saved in your phone
    *** Have your personal 'Search & Rescue' system in place by letting someone (back home ?) know where you'll be every 2hrs. If they haven't heard from you, they can start notifying relevant authorities etc.

    I'd recommend a GPS (if you have one), though not necessary whatsoever based on extremely good signage on the Hume. I picked up a large VIC/NSW map from a service station (Tarcutta). I grew up using maps (still do) and felt 'naked' without one. Also helped me plan overnight for the next days' route. If you have room, stick a HEMA Motorcycle Atlas in your bags - one of the most comprehensive and detailed 'best rides/maps/tips' book for motorcycle touring.

    A definite MUST is a camera and an Ipod (if you like listening to music while riding - after my first Hume 'crossing', which can get very boring without, I've always packed one since)

    There will always be things you'll overpack with (and others totally neglect/forget !) on a first trip ! There's so much planning one can do and part of learning is getting out there and discovering things for yourself which would otherwise not suffice for others.

    Reading of others' packing checklists always helps though, and another good link for you to assist with your 'checklist' is this...

    The most important thing before setting off, which I'm sure you're well aware of :
    - Be well rested leading up to departure date
    - Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after the ride to avoid dehydration
    - Eat well (avoid heavy, fatty junk foods...where possible)
    - Study the weather and BOM (Bureau Of Mythology - if there's a chance of the weather becoming nasty, cancel the ride. There'll always be another day (perhaps the next ?) to commence your epic journey.

    This is by no means (I hope !) an exhaustive list of things to do, as motorcycle touring is a vast and sometimes personal topic regarding what/what not to pack. I am sure the many experienced 'tourers' amongst us here will enlighten you further with helpful hints & suggestions for your trip.

    Ride safe, and have fun. Oh, and be sure to share your experiences with us via writeups/pictures whenever you get a chance (y)

    Enjoy mate and hope my ramblings above helped in any way.
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  3. Alex, let me know when you are planning on riding back. I have several sydney trips that will need to be done in november, happy to ride back with you if I can work the dates.
  4. Thanks Katie,

    Not 100% sure yet I need to wait for my daughter flight details 1st so I can plan around that but should be between 24th-27th.

    Nickster - Thanks you very much for the tips. Most of those tips I sort of had in my mind but the prep part was more of the concern. I guess throwing a bag in the boot v setting up a bike ride are worlds apart.

    Lucky I get 230k+ out of my tank(city riding) easy before reserve but I have planned to stop every 2 or so hours max 3 depending on fuel stops. Also planning an early start around 4am-4.30 to get out of Melbourne and avoid to hot a ride in the middle of the day.
    Better ad suncreen to the list.
    Got the hotel's covered pretty well as I have connections in Canberra and I am staying as Katie says Fancy Schmancy..Might as well put my air fare and car hire savings to good use.
    Tyre repair kit - any brands I should look at?
    Road side is covered.
    Luggage needs working on but I have ideas.
    and I need to sort out some power for my phone where do you get those cigi lighter power plugs?
  5. you forgot the anti boredshitless kit for when you arrive in ACT
  6. Lets be honest.....this is really the only thing that matters
  7. I lived in Canberra for the last 4 years. I know where things are. Fyshwick?? Thats where all the good bike shops are. LOL.
    Nope I have friends to visit watch my daughter win some medals.
  8. Too old for the p0rn these days Aly. but if you need me to pick some up happy to help
  9. I was more thinking of the fireworks...
  10. Thee only available on Queens Birthday
  11. So Fyshwick has bike shops as well as hookers, p0rn, fireworks and second-hand books?

    Oh yeah, and as someone reminded me on the Snowy Ride thread, EARPLUGS... pardon?
  12. Since when? I've still got some from when I was up there nine years ago. I'm a little afraid to use them now that they've been sitting around so long. This summer sounds like a good idea though
  13. p0rn?

    Not sure why it would be season dependent, but whatever floats the boat.....

    Sent from somewhere using Tapatalk
  14. Yep the 1st question they ask you when you want a LAMS is Where are you registering the bike NSW or ACT. IF you say ACT they go great more choice for you....

  15. and visit me for coffee and nomnoms
  16. Sure I hope you have my gloves by then (y)
  17. ACT - The land the fun forgot (Wollongong - where fun went to die)

    1. Need a pyrotechniques licence now to buy freworks now i believe.
    2. If you haven't found free p0rn on the internet by now then I question your IT capabilities.
    3. As a personal opinion I would look at tailbags and maybe panniers. You don't want a backpack hanging off you for that long on a ride.
    4. Sunglasses or a tinted visor, maybe take a clear visor as well as condistion change. With the sunnies get minimum safety glasses. While the lastest and greatest 'fashion' sunnies make you look cool, suave and funky they ain't worth shit if even a small piece of shit off the road flys up and hits you at even 40ks. An eyepatch might be a hit with some certain ladies but I would rather see out of both eyes for my riding future.
    5. Don't stop at the Dog On The Tuckerbox as the food is shit.
    6. Don't buy heroin in Canberra just cos it is plentiful and cheap.
    7. Punch at least one politician
    8. Bring me back a snow cone

  18. Can we place orders with you now alex? I have a potential house warming, booked the jumping castle, housemate is taking care of the kids pool with jelly...just need fireworks.

  19. Ssssshhhh rules were meant to be broken! pyrotechnics licence,? meh Im a firey we will be ok ;) Apparently he is too old for p0rn?? Since when?
    Go the eyepatch, chicks dig stuff like that scars etc, and if you can wheelie youll be in ;)
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