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Planning first real tour, 9 days Melb>Bris>Melb

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Well, 'tis decided. Come...well...come the time I can get a week off work I'm doing my first real tour.

    Current plan is something like Melbourne to Brisbane via Tathra, Katoomba, Singleton and Armidale and home via Lightning Ridge, Bourke, Broken Hill and Mildura.

    4700kms...should be doable over 9 days with time for some detours. Sound like it'll fly to you guys? I'll be taking the CB400, don't think that will be a problem.

    I haven't been out west in NSW before, not going to run into issues with fuel between Cobar>Wilcannia and Broken Hill>Mildura am I?
  2. Would depend on the size of your tank, I'd guess, although I'm not personally familiar with the roads or the distances between towns, etc......
  3. It gets about 300kms at highway speeds. Can always take a little canister worst comes the worst.
  4. Roads are good for this part of your trip. Cobar to Wilcannia is about 200km or so, so no problem with fuel. Wilcannia to Broken Hill is 260km so you should be able to do it, especially as there's not much to slow you down in between. You may have a problem on the next leg to Mildura as it's about 300km but again there's not much to slow you down. You should be able to get fuel at Pomona or at worst Wentworth (260km), which your bike can do unless you go silly with the right hand.

    It's a very different place to anywhere in Vic. Should be a great trip. Don't forget the camera and a RR when you get back.

    Edit: On that note, if you're stopping and starting to take pics or whatever you'll get worse mileage.
  5. Yeah thinking I'll pack a few spare litres just in case. It'd be a long walk.

    Thinking I might cut back east towards Minindee on the way from Broken Hill to Mildura. Need to work out exactly where I'll be staying first.
  6. You know you can go straight up the coast road from Tathra to Bermagui, then rejoin the hwy just before Narooma (all sealed, and a much nicer run than the hwy)

    google map:


  7. That looks like a plan jazzfan.
  8. Unless you had specific reason for going down the Princes Hwy in Vic I would avoid it and do THIS instead. It still keeps you below the snow line and is more interesting. Adds a couple of 100k though so you may not have the time.

    If you want to stick to the Princess then take the Noojee -Willow Grove route and rejoin at Moe if gets you away from some of the initial boring bit.

    Have fun :)
  9. Can thoroughly recommend the Tathra back track. Brings you out on the Princes north of Cobargo at the Wallaga Lake turnoff. Love it.
  10. Yeah, been thinking that myself.

    Think I'm going to bump 9 days out a little more. Even with my original route I'm left having to make the Broken Hill to Melbourne ride in a day. It's not impossible but it's a bloody long day to be doing right at the end of a trip.

    Thinking I might bump it out to 12-15 days and add a few detours. I've family in the Hunter and it'd be nice to stay a day or so as well.

    Edit: Updated route
  11. Gidday LineNoise :)

    I have just ridden Brissy to Melbourne and while I did it more direct overnighting in Coonabarabran, Nerrandera and Healesville one thing you need to allow for this time of year is the short days.

    Also allow fact that if you are heading even vaguely NW to SW the sun low in the afternoon makes it hard work, also out in the west and central parts of NSW there are tons of skippys that are on the move towards dark and also first up in the morning. And hitting oine of them would really mess up your trip!

    The other thing is the morning fog can be thick (like can't do more that 50Kmh thick) and can take till after lunch to burn off. I rode 200Km in that the morning I left Nerrandera and its mentally tiring.

    Other than keepign those things in mind and being prepared that it might take longer than you thought have a blast, I found myself sitting at work today day dreaming about the sheer pleasure of a full days riding and knowing you got to wake up next day and do it again :)