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Planning a Trip - Need some advice

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Data Queue, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Am planning a trip down the east coast (starting From Brisbane). Need some advice. This is probably the first of a very many questions. This will be my first big bike trip.

    Planning for Dates ranging from Saturday 19th May through Friday 15th June.

    I originally had planned for July, however one of my friends who will be accompanying me for part of the journey was worried about iced roads.

    Heading down through Blue mountains and to either the GOR or Tassie (undecided yet), during the dates above, can I expect to see any iced roads. Cold doesn't bother me too much.

    Am probably being a big girl (flame away).


  2. Ice is usually only an issue in the early mornings, or at significantly higher altitudes. Start late and you will be okay. Crossing the Alps in snow might be an issue though, so the coast road might be the better option.

    Choose Tassie over the GOR any day.
  3. I can't offer advice, but I'd sure like to read about your progress on here and see some pics. Have a good trip.
  4. There will be a separate thread started in the next week or so. Planning on tracking via motion X (maps etc) and posting photos.

    For anyone else. Any areas I should avoid like the plague during those times. or it it all just take it later in the day. I do want to avoid the snow.

    I don't know my southern geography to well outside Sydney and Melbourne.
  5. Mate, I live in Tassie and am planning on doing a lap of the island at some point in the next few months. If you make it down this far, I'd be happy to share a few miles with you.
  6. All the snow roads get closed during the snow season,

    Ice is usually in the shadows of the trees on the bends, Stay in the sunny parts of the road,

    And it is usually Bloody freezing, so you know, ice could be a problem, Nearly all the roads just south of the Victorian border, are grouse, the tarred ones are, any way,
  7. If you go the GOR give yourself at least a day and half to 2 days. There is so much to see. As for places to avoid, sound like the New England is to be avoided at the moment, But check the RTA closer to the day. I've done the New England and the Pacific and i found the New England to be quicker. I didn't have to battle with road works or traffic that seemed to plague the pacific, especially between Brissy and Coffs Harbour. Sounds like you might get a chance to see some mountainous country. I'd defiantly recommend the Great Alpine Road if weather permits. I'd also recommend staying clear of the Monaro highway around the ACT. Police patrols are heavy. Curious to read what sort of adventure you'll have. Have fun.