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Planning a trip and wanting to know if anyone is interested to join in

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by scottjosnic, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Planing a trip for late in November for 7 days.
    I am a 54 year old man with wife that would prefer me not to travel alone and with no mates available to travel at this time.
    My riding experience entails only 5 years but have successfully completed 6 motorbike trips before with friends and by myself.

    Without getting into too much personnel details here i am proposing the following trip but open for suggestions.

    If anyone is interested drop me a line.

    Sydney to Bega
    Bega-Bombala-Cann River Bairnsdale
    Barnsdale-Omeo-Bright-Myrtleford to Mansflied
    Mansflied-Healsville to Sorrento to catch ferry to Queenscliff to miss Melbourne traffic
    Queenscliff onto the GOR to Warrnanbool

    Basically back to Healsville- Mansflied-Beechworth-Tallangatta using diferent roads
    Tallangatta-Tumbarumba-Batlow to Gundagai
    Gundagai-Yass-Crookwell-Oberon-Bells Line of Road and home
    Distance Approx 3400 kms
    Leave Date Monday 25-11-2013
    Return Date Sunday 01/12/2013
    Accommadation Camp or share Cabin etc to save cost
    Easy either way
  2. You may get people to join you for parts of the trip rather than the whole trip. I would suggest coming down the Bonang rather than the Cann river route but there is some dirt, very twisty, lots of fun.

    Make sure on the Mansfield to Beechworth section you do the Whitfield run.
  3. From Mansfield to Healesville there's Eildon-Jamieson road and Skyline Road if you've got time. 60+ km of epic tight twisties.
  4. Done the Bonang 4 times love it, Twice by myself before taking a friend for the next two trips.
    Unfortunately he mention how remote the road is and if you had an accident by yourself and went of the side of the road that you would probably not be found. My wife heard this and hence my wifes concern for me to travel alone. My route here was for more traveled roads if i was to travel alone. The Bonang would definately be on the agenda if travelling with someone else.

    I put this on Netrider knowing that the chance is slim, however also thinking there might be a like minded person that might be interested in this type of trip, If it does not work i will still be going by myself and even meeting up with people along the way would be buzz. The very least i will get a list of good road to investigate and incorporate into my trip

    Thanks for the advise.

    Whitfield run looks good thanks for the tip.
    Likewise the Eildon Jamieson road is already on the list. My brother did it last week when he went to the Moto GP and he loved it

    Thanks for the advise.
  5. I understand,
    My wife is the same, worries all the time when I am off on a LD ride, usually alone.

    There is a way to make her feel better and address the concerns of a remote accident.

    Get yourself a SPOT

    SPOT provides location-based messaging and emergency notification technology that allows you to communicate from remote locations around the globe.

    A lot of the long distance riders use SPOT for those reasons you have discussed.
  6. I'm on leave then (I think) and might be interested. I'll check the roster.
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