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Planning a road trip to Adelaide - suggestions wanted

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by robsalvv, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. I'm feeling the need to break out of Melbourne... and visits some friends in Adelaide.

    I have a bike trip in mind and it's basically to take a few days to go from Melbourne to Adelaide following the coast or other interesting roads, crash a few days in Adelaide, then take a few or more days to come back via interesting pathways - maybe stay a night or two at the grampians...

    The rough route is looking like:

    Melbourne - Warnambool via GOR
    Warnambool - Robe via Portland & Mt Gambier
    Robe - Adelaide [seems like a long straight ride!]


    Adelaide - Grampians,
    Grampians - Daylesford
    Daylesford - Home

    Looking for suggestions, diversions, or points of interests for an 8 - 10 day round bike trip Melbourne -Adelaide - Melbourne.

    Tally ho. :biker: :moped: :driver: :music:


  2. ohohohoh a couple of us youngins were planning a roadie to adelaide later this year (unfortunaly I cant go anymore). are you looking for some more people to go with? cos if so ill direct a couple of pepople to this thread :)
  3. I'm happy to share the road part of the trip for sure. It'll help split the accom which I was thinking would be motel or pub style... plus the company is always good value. :)
  4. I did this trip in February.

    My trip was, Melb to Port Campbell, then shot up through to Grampians and stayed with family near Willaura. Then went to Horsham and saw some people and kept shooting up through Warracknabeal to Mildura. Stayed there for a while skiing. Then went across to Adelaide via some nice backroads.

    Way back was straight across from Adelaide to Ararat. Stayed near Ararat then back to Melbourne.

    Highlights/Lowlights(for riding bikes. Bucks party included riding of another kind.): -GOR was good, altough it was rainy and shit and covered in gravel.
    - The backroads up to the Grampians from Port Campbell were alright. Grampians was a bit dodge as a lot of Roos were still coming down from the fires.
    - From Ararat to Mildura was hot, and boring as shit. Best to do as fast as possible.
    - From Mildura to Adelaide was not too bad. Few bikeys around though, they dont nod.
    - Some Awesome roads around Adelaide that kick ass. A bit slower than what out of Melbourne has to offer. But i'm sure some South Aussies can tell you more.
    - Going straight from Adelaide to Grampians is boring. Paddocks is all. And then the crappy highway from Ararat back to Melbourne.

    There is my short tale. Whether it is useful or not??

    But definately check out the roads around the Adelaide hills, there are some nice roads. :)
  5. Hey thanks for the Conny! It's all good info.

    I saw on maps how boring Adelaide to Grampians was... so I was thinking of detours to make it interesting... got a few weeks to suss it out...

    I think I would have preferred a Feb tour... the July tour will most likely be freeeezing! <insert chattering teeth icon>.


  6. Hehehe, when i was doing it i was thinking a November tour. Lucky i had the old camelbak for some quick fluid replacement. Dam it was hot in those leathers. Yet i still managed to get rained on along the GOR.
  7. You definitely doing this ride in July Rob?? :?

    July I can't do coz I won't be able to get the time off work... but from late Aug onwards I can definitely get the time off and I'd be interested in this kind of road trip!! :cool:
  8. Thanks Matt, interesting discussion on that thread. Any pointers to this 1st timer from your 1st timer point of view??

    Yeh Fireblade, I have a window of opportunity in July... will just have to grin and bear it... I'm about to head off to buy winter gear...


  9. A few years ago I did a trip (well, car rally really) along the coast to SA. Mt Gambier to Murray Bridge was scenic but not really interesting roads.
    We diverted to Victor Harbour, and after that, the back roads around Strathalbyn and Meadows were just fantastic. So were many other hills roads to the east of Adelaide and up to Birdwood.
  10. Making me cold just thinking about it - if you're planning on riding in the early morning be very wary of frost/ice on the roads. I'm fairly busy next month but if you're passing through or stopping in Ballarat let me know, I might be able to sneak in a day of riding.
  11. My suggestion is - don't bother... It's Adelaide

    :) :p
  12. The only parts of your trip I know and have enjoyed riding are:
    The GOR and around Daylesford...
    The GOR is great all the way to Port Campbell..!
    But I guess this is no news to you!! HEHE
    What ever way you go...rug up...and enjoy!
  13. Hi Rob
    Make sure you don't burn yourself out getting to Adelaide. There are a lot of excellent roads to ride in the Adelaide hills. If you want too try to hook up while your here, I'll see if i can show you a few fav's.
    July would not be the best month for your trip, you must be some sort of desperado.
    Hope your lucky with the weather.
  14. Liddonit and I are riding to adelaide and back for lunch in a day, if anyone interested in this ride pm me :wink: :wink:
  15. Thanks for the tips folks.

    I have a cunning plan for the cold...

    I'm gonna be a woose! Ride only while the sun shines! Well hey, I'm not on a time limit... I'm planning 3 days to get to Adelaide!

    Since this is meant to be a break... the sun will be getting up way before me!! Black ice shouldn't be an issue... I hope.

  16. ...taa Sleepa... desperate more than desperado. Need a break from the rat race... two wheel time oughta do it.

    Bikie... that's rather keen riding mate. Hat off to ya.
  17. nothing to offer you rob but best wishes - have a great trip mate :)
  18. mate just another challenge for the diary. will try anything if others are willing to as well. will be a big day but...... fcuk it why not :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. When??