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Planned Server Outage - Tue, Wed, Or Thur Evening

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. One evening during the coming days (either tonight/tomorrow/thur) the Netrider server will be offline to facilitate our move to a new and larger capacity server (our 4th in 3 years).

    As we publish the new address for the Netrider server to the internet at large, the outage for you will generally be somewhere between 1hr and 24hrs, depending upon you ISP's configuration and your local PC/browser configuration.

    I will post here again once I know on which day it will be, but unfortunately the notice period could be short (eg. as low as ~ 1hr).

    Apologies for outage.

  2. :shock: Outage??? Off-Line??? Unavailable???
    'Tis the end of civilisation as we know it... :LOL:
  3. How will we know when the scheduled outage starts?
  4. You need not worry ... I'll phone you first to get you across the project plan and seek your approval to commence.
  5. How about a public notice to say, the Netrider mailing list on Yahoo. Lots of us still subscribe. I suggest this as there are those who may not know the difference between the server being offline for the migration and some of the "usual" errors that we receive.

    Whatever, looking forward to the new and improved netrider.
  6. The migration will be occurring tonight, and beginning shortly at around ~12:30am
  7. well if thats the plan best go to bed

    work in the morning may be?

    then again may be ride
  8. The move is complete, and successful :)

    Thank-you to everyone for your patience, and I hope the outage wasn't too inconvenient.
  9. Hey good job :)

    'tis swift indeed.
  10. Schweet.... :LOL: Nuff said yeah?
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Well done guys.
  12. Can I ask something...how long are (non dial-up) people finding it takes to open a page, from the time they click on a link?

    I'm finding its performance irritatingly erratic so far. This morning the quickest it's been for me is approx 10 seconds, which is fine.

    But in some cases it's taking 50 seconds to get as far as the banner heading, then it takes another 30 or so to load the rest of the page.

    I just hit "refresh" - it's taken 1 min 35 secs to get to the banner, and another 5 seconds to open the rest of the page.

    Doesn't seem like much of an improvement... :cry:
  13. Loading the site from scratch = 4 to 6 seconds
    loading the Forum Discussion page = 3 seconds
    loading a single page thread = 2 to 3 seconds
    loading a four page thread = 4 to 5 seconds
    Using Previous or Next in a thread = 3 to 5 seconds
    Preview post = 1 to 2 seconds
    Post to "Success screen" = 2 seconds
    Success screen to redisplay thread = 4 seconds (Built in pause here)

    Bigpond Broadband cable, at about 8Mbps (tested).
    9:50am today
    About 26 users online

    Excellent job Mouth and Vic. Can we have the enhancements back soon? I liked all the enhancements, and removing them didn't seem to speed up the last server much, if at all.

    Have a nice rest first though. Thanks guys. :cool:
  14. It's behaving itself nicely for me now. :)

    But until I checked out the thread (which took forever to open!), I didn't realise there'd been any change. Like I said, it's been really erratic for me this morning.

  15. Careful Mrs Hornet will make you put the bins out or mow the lawns if she finds out Netrider is off line :rofl:
  16. :LOL: The window of opportunity has now closed :LOL:
  17. So is this all done, or what? :)
  18. So is this all done, or what?

    Did you get three errors while posting that??? :p
  19. No, but I haven't been getting errors for almost a week now. :p
  20. The changeover happened very early yesterday morning, you should at least be noticing a dramatic improvement in speed.... :)