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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, May 13, 2011.

  1. looks like something I would have thought was hilarious when I was 14.
  2. Reminds me of the craze where kids skateboard/ride over a tarp that's made to catch the wind like a fake wave...totally don't get it. o_O
  3. Yep, don't get it. But, then I am an old fart.
  4. Yeh tarping! Wooo
  5. Was staying at a hotel a few weeks ago with mates, and i had the flu + we'd been drinking a bit. Had a bunch of snot built up and went outside to do a spit. I walked out the hotel door and spat on the ground, and there was about 5 people planking out the front of the rooms. I was so drunk i didnt realise till afterwards that i had stepped on a person, and spat all over his back.
  6. Police - "You're under arrest for Planking"
    Planker - "I wasn't Planking, I was just having a lie down".
    Police - "On your way then"
    "So, what are you in for"?
    "Ohh, you're hardcore".


    It'll be an Olympic sport in a decade.
  7. I prefer "plonking"! If you're going to play the goon, you might as well be drinking it.


    You might even find yourself lying face down at the end... ;)
  8. See, now there's a past time I'm good at.
  9. Lol that was funny
  10. was all over the radio this morning - it's pointless and stupid but then so are most of the people walking the face of this planet...
  11. blame it on facebook.
  12. You just describe 90% of the people on TV
  13. Funny, they claim that's where it started but none of my fb friends or myself have heard anything of it on fb...
  14. I try not to watch TV so I'll spare my judgement...
  15. Now is this person (Sam Newman) a plonker or a planker?


    I'd say probably both. :)

    And for non-Victorians who want to know who (or what) Sam Newman is - go and google it yourselves...:cheeky:
  16. I've always thought of him as a bit of a Wanker, not a Planker.
  17. I think you've coined some new rhyming slang.

    As in - all politicians are a bunch of plankers. :)
  18. Copyright (c) Thank you very much TonyE (y)
    Let it be known throughout the land that NR's Finn started it.

    And not the first I've been the one that "started it" either :wink:
  19. Sure you dont mean pronking ?


    or porking ?