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VIC Plan to paint arrows on GOR for tourist safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bjpitt, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. HeliHeli robsalvvrobsalvv I just saw this article - Special tourist licence proposed to halt Great Ocean Road road deaths

    And thought you might want to know about the plan to paint arrows on the Great ocean road every 200-300 metres. It may be a safety hazard in the wet for us?

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  2. IMO it's a worldwide problem that nobody has the guts to confront. Take the tourist dollars and turn a blind eye to the dead.
    I've driven and ridden in many places and tourists figure in the stats everywhere. At least riders tend to do some research and learn the local laws. Not so cagers. I think it's a good idea on balance.
    If the arrows are not mid corner I really don't see a problem.
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  3. Maybe arrow signs on the left ,crosses on the right ,cause they won't be looking at the road.
  4. It's quite bad in NZ. More challenging (fun) roads over there.

    Last I was there, locals were forcing tourists to stop, throwing their keys into the bush.
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  5. Done the GOR dozens of times cage and bike, never once seen anyone driving on the wrong side of the road.

    How the actual fcuk do you get 250km from Melbourne on the wrong side of the road anyway.

    Crock of shit if you ask me.

    How about forcing all the muppet cagers wrestling their Camry through the twisties 40-60kmh under the speed limit to use the turnouts instead. That's far more likely to save a life imo.
  6. I am cautiously in favour. There is a risk of wet weather and paint, but in this case I think reminding tourists that we are lefties outweighs that one...
  7. Interesting. The ground marking sounds like something to find more details about.
  8. Safety fix

    Highly reflective, every 200m... that is a butt load of paint.
  9. In that case you've been very fortunate.
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  10. This has been on the cards for some time, the problem really is tourists turning out onto the main road from a lookout onto the wrong side - not so much traveling a great distance on the wrong side, I travel western end of the GOR quite a bit over summer and see it occasionally, there are signs at the exit to lookouts to drive on the left, a number of accidents don't get main stream coverage including a double fatality a few of weeks ago. Also tourists in large camper vans who have no idea how to handle a large vehicle on such roads and don't have the courtesy to let faster traffic pass
  11. Beat me to it lol. Arrows forcing all cars into turnouts ....
  12. The article in the OP is from January, and concurrent with the arrows proposal is the local MP suggesting a Tourist licence test to drive in Australia with T plates!

    In the UK they have two sets of left pointing arrows preceding double white lines which don't create any issues for riders; or none reported, anyway. A road marking we could well do with copying here since many double white lines appear without any indication, often in the middle of an overtake!

    But the idea of sets of arrows every 2-300 metres would lose their effectiveness over such a long stretch of road as the GOR, and where would they be put? Middle management localised response with much thought lacking.

  13. Seems like an easy fix. Half the world changes which side of the road they travel on. ;)
  14. 35% like us, 65% like the yanks and Europeans. And the Chinese. And the South Americans. And the Canucks. And the North Africans.

    Bugger it, just make the GOR banned to all cars, coaches and bicycles.
  15. I said it was an easy fix, not an inexpensive one. ;)

    That's even easier - and cheaper!
  16. I treated those as a "get back on your side of the road, hazard ahead", usually a bend. Might breakout the Highway code and have a look.

    It depends where they put the paint. The implication is that they are proposing directional arrows on both sides, to paraphrase "it might look like a runway". An inopportune marking in a corner may be make riding "interesting".
  17. As long as they do it over a period of time to get used to it, maybe cars and bikes in April, and cars and trucks in May... ;)
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  18. Bloody colonials!

    "Arrow Marking before double white lines in middle of road This arrow indicates that you must move to, or stay on the left hand side because there is a solid line ahead. Never start an overtaking manoeuvre where you see these arrows."
    - See more at: Double White Lines Road Rules in UK

    Or pages 32/34, 5.13-5.16 Traffic Signs Manual
  19. And how exactly is having a set of "T" plates fitted going to help the poor sod coming the other way around a blind bend and finding a tourist muppet all the way over on the wrong side of the road? The only way the plate is going to have any impact (pun intended) is when it rams into the front of poor sod's bonnet.
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  20. Did you overlook the suggested requirement to sit a test to be allowed to drive on Australian roads?