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Plan to catch WA speeding motorcycles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by scooter, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Multanova cameras hidden in "wheelie bins" behind trees will form part of a two-pronged crackdown on speeding motorcyclists to be announced today.

    In a bid to end a 'rort' which has seen speeding motorcyclists dodge more than $14 million in fines since 2000, speed cameras will be linked to high-resolution digital video cameras to capture front and rear shots of errant bike riders.

    Although motorcycles are photographed by speed cameras, police have not been able to prosecute speeding riders because the bikes do not have a front numberplate and cannot be identified.

    Front numberplates have not been required on motorcycles for more than for 20 years after a coronial finding that a metal plate on a bike had been responsible for decapitating a pedestrian.

    But an interim measure to be announced today by Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan will close the loophole. Under the companion camera plan, a hidden Multanova would photograph the rear registration plate at the same time as the digital video camera records the speeding motorcycle from the front.

    Police would then cross-reference the still and video images with time codes to correctly identify the bike's registered owner and issue a fine. Speeding car drivers detected by the hidden companion cameras could also be sent an infringement notice.

    But neither riders nor drivers would know they had been caught speeding because they were unlikely to see a camera flash and the fluorescent signs that tell motorists they have passed a speed camera would not be used.

    In a further sign of the tough stance police want to take on motorcyclists, who are about 19 times more likely to be killed on WA roads than car drivers, the companion camera sites would not be released to the media for broadcast or publication.

    Although only one companion camera unit would be used initially at random sites across the metropolitan area, several more could be in use within months.

    The companion cameras would be used until the start of the repeatedly delayed $7 million Capspeed project and the outcome of a Victorian project to find a suitable front identifier for motorcycles that was safe, durable and detectable by speed cameras.

    More than three years ago, Police Minister Michelle Roberts first announced an attempt to solve the problem. She posed for a photograph on a WA police motorcycle with a front licence plate sticker similar to those being tested by South Australian police.
  2. Mongrels. They take away our right to speed... What's next, our right to eat?

    Mental note: devise strategy for decapitating pedestrian with front number plate sticker. If decapitation impossible, consider attempting violent depilation on sensitive body parts.

    Seriously though, it'd be interesting to know how many speeding fines you've avoided due to lack of frontal identification.
  3. well gee .... if its not another in the name of revenue raising ...thats all they can whinge about ... what ever happened to the days where the cop had to get off their fat arses and actualy do some work to raise the required revenue .....
  4. where/who is the source?
  5. I'm fine with rear cameras as long as they give up on front mounted number plates. The whole "hiding in the bushes" bit stinks to high heaven though, just another sneaky revenue device that does nothing to improve safety.
  6. More than 8 years ago I was photographed from behind by a speed camera in an unmarked unidentified car in Victoria. Why do they need this advanced technology in WA?
  7. because a "few" incidents have occurred where the riders scream through on one wheel flipping the bird, and the most recent incident of a guy doing 260 odd km/h in a 70 zone.

    or just plain old revenue raising. I havn't made up my mind to which yet :D
  8. just means no-one will speed on bin nights.

    revenue raising mutton dressed up as justice lamb
  9. WA under the heat - we need your support

    All, I appreciate that this is already highlighted but wanted to start a new thread to hopefully get some support. It involves the new legislation around dual cameras to target bikes here in WA - your input is appreciated.

    This is a quote from my email today to David Moir from the RAC in Perth -perhaps not the right person to make an impact - but a start.


    Thank you for replying to my email – greatly appreciated.

    You are totally correct in saying that the RAC specifically do not have an advertising campaign regarding the need to use speed cameras – however you can perhaps now identify the fact the I have categorised the RAC as the same entity as the WA police with the slogan “In the interests of safety on the roads here follows the camera locations etc.” - Just as the public now view “All motorcyclists are rev heads”

    In terms of “idiots” that choose to speed excessively I cannot agree more that they need to be caught and impounded, however in the midst of the public hype against motorcyclists in general, the stark reality is that any future efforts to catch these so called villains will ultimately punish general commuters on a motor cycle like myself, and will clearly be revenue driven. I fear the cameras will be located in locations where there are obscure changes in speed limits such as a construction sites instead of in areas such as freeways where an open road provides the opportunity to discharge excessive levels of testosterone via a throttle.

    Perhaps the broadcast this evening on the news regarding the new dual camera is a clear indication that motor cyclists in general are being targeted. Moreover it should be an indication that the opinions of public figures like yourself may have unexpected consequences. I think that the statements made by the commissioner are short of primal, though I respect that this is not necessarily your concern or responsibility. The statement that cars will not be charged of any offences captured by these cameras is nothing short of an excerpt from a stand up comedian stint. I as commuting motor cyclist by choice I make every concerted attempt to maintain the speed limit, only to be “nudged” aside by vehicles with an intimidating bull bar that choose to travel in speeds in excess of the limit.

    What I do urge David, is that someone of your public stature please ensure that all users of the public roads get a fair representation regardless of their mode of transport – it is clear that your input does contribute to the overall interpretation of what is deemed as a socially acceptable mode of transport and what may be classified as criminal without justification – we are supposedly living in a democratic society where the public have a say – from what has circumvented from the past month represents nothing more than a former USSR dictatorial society and I will be curious to see the retaliation from the large motorcycle community of WA which I am proudly a part of.

    In essence: If I speed charge me – but ensure we as the public, charge all commuters equally – hopefully you have the authority to carry this message forward.

    Have a great weekend.
  10. I didn't think they were allowed to hide cameras. Don't u have to know that your photo was taken because of privecy laws.
  11. Nice work with the email Tman. RAC groups in various states seem to ignore motorcyclists to a certain degree, I wonder whether they care if we are victimised. They are conflicted in their views of keeping road users free and unopressed while at the same time toeing the line when it comes to speed cameras - I suspect they'd hate to look like they didn't care about safety. At the end of the day, the RAC is just about the only lobby group regularly capable of being heard on these issues, yet they are often soft on them.

    It's just to easy to for the government to point to one or two cases of irresponsible riding in order to reap millions in revenue from the rest of us (inlcuding car drivers) - any arguments are simply rebutted with some safety-wipe-out-families diatribe that is too emotive to let logic get in the way.

    Without a motoring lobby group with teeth that will battle these issues, there isn't much hope.
  12. You have been told , every road into victoria tells you they operate cameras , also many roads around the suburbs say "speed cameras operate in this area"

    so you have been told.

    as far as hiding them , there is nothing to stop them , there is no such law as "police entrapment in australia"
  13. Stuff like this adds to the hype:


    When the government inevitably quotes motorcycle road deaths to justify their new rip-off machines, this incident will be no doubt counted. I bet a few wheelie bin cameras would clearly have saved this poor soul...
  14. Thanks mouth

    The problem that I find with this is that they have made motorcycles owner onus where as cars are Driver onus. Just have a look at these corporations that are in utter contempt of the law and rack up a lot more fines than motorcycle riders yet they are allowed to get away with it as they are "unable" to idenitfy the driver. Even thought they DO keep logs of the vehicles that have been signed out. Also why is it that just motorcycles will be charged, if a vehicle is caught speeding then should they not be charged aswell, we should all be equal as road users yet there seems to be a huge disparity between the rules that we have to follow, which I have to say is just exaggerating the "us and them" mentality that most drivers have to motorcycle riders anyway

    EDIT: Fixed typo's
  15. Exactly. If WA had an 'owner onus' law, cars could be photographed from the rear and the wheelie bins could revert to their intended purpose, i.e. for containing rubbish like this stupid piece of bureaucratic nonsense.
  16. Ok so can anybody get in trouble if i pay little kids $20 bucks to ride their BMX flat out as hard as they can into these wheelie bins??? Surely the Mr Plod can't tell little kids off for getting a little out of control and taking out a wheelie bin... even if it does have a shitload worth of equipment in it...
  17. Saw a report on this on Sky News this morning and it was mentioned that owner onus would be applied to WA camera offences shortly.

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about, they are just catching up on what Victoria has been doing since day one of speed, sorry, Safety Cameras.
  18. It's not about being caught speeding; it's about the equitable treatment of motorcyclists. If they change the laws to owner onus, which they have been talking about for a long time. Then that means that cars will be in the same predicament so they will be treated the same as someone on a bike, so at least both modes of transport will be treated equally in this case at least. I do not believe that owner onus will come in any time soon, it will be shot down by big business who put money into the right hands through “campaign contributions” Cough*buying off**, sorry had to clear my throat
  19. This revenue raising camera thing is going to far mmmm idear ?? old number plates for sale at screw the cameras .com.au