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Plain, black leather jacket to fit girl?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by slygrog, May 17, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    Today I commenced my search for a leather jacket and, like others who've posted here before, I found it sucky.

    Most women's jackets are SHORT. They're also hella ugly, with putrid musk pink and shimmery gold. Jesus, it's almost rude. Siren has an o-kay style but that was IT. Even the Dainese were too short.

    So I tried the men's, and weirdly the options there were more consistently reasonable. Or, perhaps, less consistently shit.

    I'm about a US38 in the men's jackets I tried on today. The Alpinestar Indys were too bulky in the shoulders and behind my armpits (make sense?). The Dainese Cage was great, but pretty tight across the ol' bust.

    Sadly, the Rjays Aviator looked like it would fit best, but they'd sold out of 38s. I'm going to go back in a few days when they have new stock in, but I'm not sure about the quality. All I've ever heard about Rjays gear has been negative (though I replaced my HJC helmet with an Rjays SP2 and it's been great). With a new back protector in, any idea how this would go, quality/protection wise? It looks great but that's useless if it's not going to help me.

    Any ladies or gents with recommendations? I'm 5'6 - 5'7 and average build. I don't want a butterfly on my shoulder if I can avoid it. I do want useful gear that is comfortable. I do want my jacket to reach my bellybutton, at the very least. And, yeah, what do you think of the Rjays leather standards?

  2. The only ones that fitted me were the Dainese but I'm not big busted. What happens if you go up a size? Too long in the arms or something? Most jackers I didn't even try on because like you I thought they were just plain ugly. I dont want butterflies or shit like that either.
  3. I wouldn't consider myself big busted, and I've not yet ruled out the Dainese because I've read leather jackets give quite a bit and sort of fit to you, but it was still el lame-o.

    If I go up a size in the women's, they seem to just get wider rather than longer. In the men's, then they're super bulky. Which is not a deal-breaker in itself, but I was still like, "Whaaaa?"

    The girl at the shop was telling me that until she had to go custom made just to get something narrow at the shoulders, long in the torso and well fitted around the back. Crazy!

    Maybe there's room here for a new business venture.
  4. Oh, forgot to ask: Was that Dainese women's or dude's? If dude's, know which 'model' or whatevs?
  5. get a custom?
  6. SHIFT made some cool looking leathers, alas they no longer seem to be making motorcycle gear.
  7. Check out the RST Mayfair 11 jacket.

    My g/f tried on lots and that's her favourite and its quite subtle - no butterflies that I can recall !
  8. Ladies Cage. I am a couple inches shorter than you though. It does ride up a bit when I ride but I've slid down the road in it and it stayed put when it mattered. Probably partly due to the snug fit and I always have high waisted pants.

    You are right in saying they do give as you wear them in. It was a bit of suck it in and pull the first few times I wore it and last week I did it up with 3 layers of tops and a couple of extra kilos (8-[) under it.
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  9. Rjaÿs leathers are no worse than many of the bigger name brands. Whatever you get, go for a good fit across the shoulders and make sure the elbow armour sits in the right place. A good fit is just as important as quality materials and construction techniques.
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  10. go custom, its the only way to get something that fits properly.

    Example, a guy i ride with who wears a basic A*s off the rack 2 piece suit, cannot walk around or handle being off the bike with the jacket zipped up and connected to the pants, he needs to undo everything to be comfortable.

    I have a tailored two piece gimoto suit, and a inflexible race spine protector.
    I can sit at a table and eat a bacon and egg roll with my suit fully zipped up and feel no tension or uncomfortableness, thats the difference between gear that fits you properly and gear that doesn't.

    Spend the extra, in the end it will be worth it.
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  11. Other option is to size yourself up in a couple brands then shop online. We do not get full ranges in Australia, market isn't big enough
  12. I bought the Dainese Cage (plain black) and while it's a little short, it sits on my hips (I'm 5'8") but it doesn't feel too short. When I wear it with my jeans the bottom of the jacket sits just at the top of the jeans, so no good in the cold (air gets in) but that doesn't bother me as I don't wear the jeans in the cold weather. I brought the pony pants to go with the jacket and when I zip them together they're pretty snug without being too tight. Same as Aly - Dainese were the only leathers that fit me.
  13. ahh, i didn't see a ladies version. i'll have to check another store.
  14. if i don't find anything, i will.
  15. i've seen heaps of cool shift jackets online, but alas only one in the store. think i found some at sydney city motorcycles, though, so i'll head there asap.

    thanks! i hadn't even come across that one online, but it's very subtle! i like.

    thank you for the links. i have poked around online but i was really wary about buying online without SOME idea of what the sizing is like in person. i do check out sizing charts but i couldn't tell if men's jackets would be too long in the arms, or would fit well, and i couldn't tell if women's jackets were cut well for me etc.
  16. thank you for the tip. i actually started this leather quest because of your site! and then while looking for reviews of your gear i got sidetracked. do you know of many reviews (other than those on here)?

    i am considering it, but it just seems like overkill to me. i'm a commuter, at this stage. i don't even do track days yet!

    i will probably end up doing this, but it was so hard to be certain about fits. even sizing charts are usually confined to chest/waist measurements, and i had no idea how long arms and torsos were etc.

    maybe that is the other option - buying zip-in pants. good call!
  17. I recently bought a jacket online from topgearsuperstore in the UK.
    They have brands that we don't see here. If you log on in their office hours, you get a chat box opening up in the bottom RH corner so you can ask questions and get replies in real time.
    The info I got was spot on.
  18. got a leather rjays jacket as my first jacket bout a year back...it's survived me sliding a good 15-20 metre's along the road at slow speed and barely a scuff mark on it...can't speak any higher of it...also have a rjays striker helmet....and that's done me good especially after getting the tinted visor ...just my experience's there...rjays have reasonably priced gear and it has held together quite well with both the test of time and a slow speed off (pesky gravel in my first few months of riding)
  19. I have the pony pants and am looking at buying a cage leather jacket for a couple of reasons. One it's not too expensive and two I can zip them together and they will sit where they are meant to and I won't get a cold breeze. How do you find yours