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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    ... discuss

  2. Where did you find that Russ?? I wonder how old it is or, more disturbingly if it's recent :shock:


    Just saw 'Man On Horse' = NO :LOL:
  3. Sad to see kids bought up on such intolerant inaccurate tripe. If the kid thinks that Aids can't be transmitted by Male - Female sex then he is being criminally mislead by people such as his teachers and parents that should know better.

    Perhaps you are just trolling Russ :) you caught me with an attack of weltschmerz.

    Edited for Spelling.
  4. Maybe I'm reading the graph wrong, but it appears you CAN"T catch aids from a bit of man on horse action. Giggity. :grin:
  5. ... and would it make a difference if it was a MFM 3 way? :LOL:
  6. Now that's what I call 'horseshit'

    :p :bolt:
  7. Do we have data for FMF non bisexual threeway?
  8. it must be good... he/she got a medal :LOL:
  9. is there any higher res pics around?

    i really wonder what is on the "materials" and "procedure" section :LOL:
  10. Notwithstanding that you may want to foster a bit of foaming-at-the-mouth controversy, that image came up on a joke email sometime last year...
  11. Why did the kid choose a devils threesome, not the fun kind? Is the fun kind OK then? We need more information.
  12. That was my first guess :LOL:
  13. :LOL:

    the ruse has been uncovered.

    I found it while looking for a picture of castro coming out of a toilet... 8-[

  14. now THAT is funny, russ :LOL:
  15. GOLD Russ Pure GOLD