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Places to ride - NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Megan311, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Me again..

    I can see myself slowly becoming a pain in the arse :) Sorry

    Anyone have any suggestions of great Suburbs/Places to ride to from Sydney?
    I'm sure I am going to find many along my travels but I'm trying to think of something for next weekend when I go on my first ride!

    THANKS ;)
  2. Yeah, I'll be interested in this thread come new years :)
  3. Whereabouts in Sydney are you?

    The old pacific highway used to be the place to go... unfortunately over the past couple of years it has become a little crowded, the road condition is far from ideal in a lot of places and just recently the RTA has lowered the speed limit in parts to 60km/h :?

    That said, it's still not a bad run (especially for beginners). My advice would be to go and hit the Old Road beginning at Bewowra, stop for coffee at Road Warriors, and go right through to Calga. Then you can keep going to Wollombi which is an excellent run.

    If you're wanting more you can always head back via the Putty loop.
  4. Sweet, thanks Josh. I'm currently living between Parramatta & City in Gladesville. Wouldn't mind moving back to hawkesbury area though, less full on for me.
  5. Today i went to check out the new sea cliff bridge, i went the quick way to stanwell tops from the freeway and then went south down the coast i wanted to end up in wollongong but the traffic was horrible, a lot of cars :( and a heap of bikes going to see the new bridge too. So i turned back about half way and went back to the city via the national park, not a bad ride it has a nice view it would have been better without a endless stream of cars in front :)
  6. Yep Megan
    the Old road & Putty loop back,just great.
  7. Hi Megan ,i did the waterfall to the Royal National Park ride last week ,and i had only 500km of riding time on my bike ,im a L plater.
    I really took my time and really enjoyed the ride .
    But having said that ,it can get alot of leaves and branches and get slippery on this road from what i have been told and is a big step for a newbie to do this ride.
    If you confident in you riding skills and your not a rev head . i say go for it ,but be carefull ,like i was .
    I will be away for a few weeks but after that we can meet up for a slow cruise some where if you keen.

    Im near parra ,so were not to far apart to meet for day out on the road you, me,and super six ,can meet up and do this ride.
    Do you guys get weekdays off ?
  8. Hey megan, give me a call sometime, I live just at the bottom of the Macquarie Pass and not far from some of the nicest roads, with not much traffic, and fabulous scenery into the bargain.
  9. If you want a good (but Short) night ride, jump on Yanko Rd at North Ryde and continue to the end, then back. There are some great corners.

    Also ride down to McCarrs creek from Terry Hills. If you do this, do it late at night after all the wallabies and pussums are in bed, and stay in your lane as i will probably be on the other side.
  10. Old Road is a good run, but on the weekends it's just too crowded. If you can get up that way on a weekday it kicks though.

    RNP is not a 100% newbie friendly run. You have a lot of wildlife running around there. Few pushies, lots of cages, lots of moss, and some rather deceptive corners (the 25km red marked corner must be taking at 25km. Everything else can easily be done over, but that one, slow the hell down).

    Also it's being targetted by the cops on a crakdown on bikes at the moment. (esp with the new seacliff bridge).

    Bells line Road, Putty Road both rock (and have little traffic)
  11. Oh, and a fairly short, but with a couple of good corners, is the road going to Palm Beach from Manly. Buggered if I know the name of it though.
  12. You're talking the Bilgola bends on Barranjoey Road
  13. natho's , newcastle, blue mountains
  14. south to nowra turn off at bomaderry (you have about 50 kms of awesome mountain roads) and head to mittagong you up the freeway then turn off at appin road and head back home .... theres a few nice rest spots in there for ya too .... a fairly full days riding
  15. Hi Megan,

    I'm based in Lidcombe so not too far from you, I find this is a great area to ride in all directions...

    North along Homebush bay drive and up through Lane Cove to Palm Beach via the lakes

    South down King Georges Road towards Waterfall and Stanwell Park

    West out to Blue Mountains (haven't done this ride yet)

    East into the City via Queens Rd past 5 Dock along the Western Distributor and over the Anzac bridge (my commute)

    I'll have my licence finalised over Xmas and would be up for a ride with you sometime.
  16. maybe once every two months i get a weekday off if im lucky :cry: ..but im usually finished work early afternoon 8)
  17. No worrys ,i can do a arvo rides ,like i said i will be away for a few weeks ,then im keen to get heaps of riding in .
    chat soon.

  18. ORS is way cooler than netrider!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but everyone has mentioned all the good rides already except for a run around the eastern suburbs beaches. just going from south head down to lapersouse. except its way easy to get lost! :)
  19. well why dont you just stay the f@#%k off netrider and go back to what ever ORS is :wink:
  20. I'm at Baulkham Hills and went for a ride out through Dural heading towards Wisemans ferry, turn left at Maroota towards Pitt town, and finished back on the old Windsor road just south of Windsor, back to Baulko. Bout a 100K round trip. It was my first real ride on my new bike and is a good road with some nice corners.

    Interested in getting together with others in the area to go out for a few rides in the new year, drop me a PM.