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Places to ride for newbies (reopen)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by takagawa, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. I have a poor memory and I forgot some of the roads to go for a friendly bike ride, so i'd thought'd I just reopen :).

    Today, I went out for the first time to the Dandenong Ranges on Mountain Hwy (curse the shocking weather last week).

    Anyways I forgot to continue and turn left down mt dandenong tourist rd though. Anyways, I did a lap and then found another learner's doing it too. So we took turns riding behind each other so we can comment on how the other could improve. It's a very nice ride but disappointed I didn't continue down the rd further. Anyways I directed the guy I was riding with to drop by netriders :wink: .

  2. Taka

    Should try the Morington to Dromana route.

    Thats a great first ride a little twisty but you wont get lost.
  3. Thejewishone - where do you get on and off this one? I am relatively new to Victoria and not sure where you mean. Also Takagawa - PM me some time if you want to go for a ride as I am keen to do some other roads other than the Freeway to work!

  4. There's a nice cruise you can take (not the usual twisty stuff though) between Corio and Williamstown - take the Old Melbourne Road from Corio (through Lara & Little River), cut through Werribee to Point Cook, then hug the coastline right the way around to Williamstown. Nothing technical or challenging, just a nice ride for a day out. With the exception of the Werribee cut-through and the river crossing at Point Cook, you'll barely see a car until Williamstown.
  5. Go down the main street of Mornington and then turn Left at the roundabout where the pier is. This will take you along the coast (60-80k's most of the way) into Dromana.

    Great fun for building confidence.

  6. Nathan,

    Thanks for that - will give it a try soon.

  7. If I recall correctly, before the forum crashed someone commented that you have to watch out for sand on the Mornington-Dromana road. I think you might have to watch out for other road users, too...

    And if anyone wants to go for a ride, feel free to PM me. Maybe we should start a "Feel like going for a ride?" thread in this section of the forum?
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