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Places to practise innercity Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by webby, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I live in Abbotsford, Melbourne and I need to find somewhere reasonably quiet to practice my skills and get my confidence up. I've never driven a car and don't really have much of idea about gears. I rode a scooter a couple of years ago until I was knocked off by a car. Anyway I'm back riding with motorbike and trying to get my head around the gear sitch.

    Any recommendations about places/roads to practice?
  2. If you know of any local sportsgrounds that would be a good place to start. I have a largish one just around the corner from me, 2 seperate and decently sized car parks that make ample practise space.

    If money weren't an obstacle it might be worth booking yourself in to any motorcycle training centre for a refresher course.
  3. If you're looking for quiet places to practice gearing and so on start with car parks or quiet streets. It would also be a good idea to practice braking (emergency as well). I started having never used a geared vehicle or motorcycle before, so it can be done.

    Later on you can ride the Kew Boulevard and Yarra Boulevard.
  4. Abbotsford has lots of small, quiet streets. I'd recommend sticking to the back streets close to your home for a while before venturing out.

    In fact, before you do anything else, you should read this thread. 7 steps to getting more confident on your bike.

    Once you can handle the back streets, you can think about something more tricky. You are really close to Yarra Boulevard, which has a 50 limit and some good bends. But it also has one 35 kph bend with a pretty rough surface, and you do get people travelling along in both directions at well above the speed limit. Maybe think about trying a few laps of Albert Park Lake before you try the boulevard. It has a few good corners, but a 40 kph limit so that you don't scare yourself too badly at first. It also has the advantage of being flat and having a good, smooth surface. Plus, you can see for ages around.

    Once you are on that side of the city (the other side to you, unfortunately) there are some industrial roads around Lorimer St in Port Melbourne that don't have much traffic after hours or on the weekend. Not a bad place to get some practice in. You can also think about the car park at the netball centre near the Zoo for some slow-speed practice and emergency brake practice. They often have the lights on late if there is a game on, and half the car park is usually empty.

    Once you've had a few weeks to get used to things, you should think about coming on the Tuesday night learner rides. It is always good to have more learners on these rides, and they will do wonders to boost your confidence.
  5. Victoria Gardens(Where IKEA is), Corner Church and Victoria Street... Bike can get in all hours no problem and there is lots of areas to practice in. Plus ... underground car park + Bike = Laughter!
  6. Thanks heaps for the tips people. You have inspired me to get off my arse and get practising. I think I was expecting to be able to pick up bike riding at the same pace as I did for scooter riding. I know now that there is alot more involved with riding a bike over a scooter. So I can't expect the same learning curve.

    Definitely will check out Vic gardens. Can you really ride around in the underground carpark at night without getting booted by security??
  7. Have I got the place for you...
    Head up Johnson street (Studley park Road) over the river and take the first exit to Yarra Boulevard... but hang an extreme left turn (almost 180 degrees) instead of the usual right towards the main part of the Boulevard. You will come to a boom gate which is easy to get around on a bike. You are now in a safe, traffic free cul-de-sac area. Don't draw attention to yourself and don't get caught.
  8. That place sounds very cool and sneaky. I have to ask. What happens if you get caught and who would catch you?
  9. Dunno. Haven't got caught yet.;):grin:

    Actually, I've never seen anyone there. I don't think people should frequent it too much or it will get noticed, but it's ideal for learners, and just maybe po po might be understanding of them wanting to find a safe place. For that reason I request experienced riders go elsewhere.
  10. hey i'm in richmond and by accident i discovered a good small place in burnley. i discovered it whilst riding back after one run on yarra blvd (getting passed by impatient cagers) and i ran out of petrol ha ha.

    i've forgotten the name of the streets from the area i ran out of petrol (near some roundabout to kew) BUT its basically Coppin ST. Ride down Swan St towards Camberwell, turn right onto Copin St (eg near the KFC) and there is a bit of a hill, keep going to the end, there is a roundabout, turn left and keep going, there are a couple of small bends, then you can go straight and either practice turning (which is what i do) or go to the end of the street, turn right and just follow around.

    alas there are speed bumps, but we're not in cars :)

    I was just there again this morning practicing and trying to remember everyuthing - controlling my bike, trying to remember to keep my dam,n head up and also focus my concentration on doing that instinctively (which is so damn hard my mind is so damn scatty). alas there were cars today but i was riding around at 12.30 -= if you go early morning on a weekend you won't have much cars. but i've found being behind a car sometimes good when turning as i look at the back of the car as my focus poitn, to make my turns tighter (as if i'm going to chase them!)
  11. I used to let my friends practice on my 250 ninja on the top level of the car parks in Richmond. Those government housing places. During the day the top level is basically empty. You can also practice your hill starts.
    Another place was the car park in Albert park.
    They were just starting off and didn't know much about bikes. Both I recon were good with slow speed practice.
  12. +1 The roof is good as well (not as many obstacles).

    There is also a big (usually empty) carpark near Goldcross Cycles in Camberwell.
  13. Would be a good idea to get to Sat learner practice, if you can.

  14. You mean this loop here?

    That does look promising.
  15. That's the one. I take no responsibility if you incur a penalty, but I've never seen anyone use it for anything. Note that's it's directly above the Boathouse and a lot of noise might irritate them enough to make a call.
  16. I might have a geez on the way home tonight and see if there's any signage. It does't look like it actually goes anywhere. Extra carparking space that's never used maybe?
  17. You need to get a Volvo by the sounds of it.
  18. I LOVED Melbourne University for this! On the weekend or off-term time, enter via Tin Allley from Swanston St and you have a private toy town to repeat & practice all of your learner exercises on your new baby.

    I was lucky enough to be living there at the time, but if the journey TO the Uni looks to scary, you might want to get a more experienced rider-buddy to pillion you in.
  19. Also Doug's Saturday practice sessions are great if you can make it - free advice from an experienced rider in a carpark training session :woot:

    I wish I knew how to post one of those hyperlinks, but anyhoo, its under the Vic Events forums and its called "Saturday morning learners practice".

    Again - if the trip there seems to much, maybe you have an experienced rider buddy to pillion you over? Or start out in your own backstreets until you are ready.