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Places to practice in St Kilda for Learner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kowai, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    So in the next few weeks I'm hoping to get my bike Does anyone know of any places in St Kilda, Melbourne, that would be great to practice at?

    Carparks, quiet roads etc?
  2. hmmm, finding quiet roads/car parks etc in st kilda is like trying to finding Pork at a Bar Mitzvah. Nothing wrong with that, but its just not going to happen easily, however.. a few idea for you to at least research. It may only be a time window of a Sat or Sunday morning or late at night etc, however living in the big smoke we can be too fussy.

    * The park behind Acland Street towads the beach (its a big square with the road through the middle)

    * The Car park at the back of the BP on the Esplanade, just down from there.

    * The beach car park just up from there.

    * Albert Park - off the main streets off Lakeside drive there are small roads etc that lead to sporting grounds/tennis clubs etc.. They could be handy to practice your figure 8's, low speed countersteering etc...

    * Port Melbourne, down towards the industrial part - lots of open spaces and quiet roads

    Good luck with that... Greg
  3. Yeah, Port Melbourne between Williamstown Road, Ingles Street and the Westgate Freeway is very quiet on the weekend. Just follow Beaconsfield Parade all the way along to Williamstown Road...
  4. Thanks guys :)

    I'm also thinking Park Street, and those other back streets, might be a good place too.. Especially with learning to ride with trams on the road and there are round abouts to practice..

    Oh man can't wait - so scared I've forgotten how to ride though!
  5. + 1 for those Port Melbourne sites. Also if after a good car park I would suggest Head St Car Park in Elwood near the beach. You should enter via the Tennis Court end as the Head St end has a locked gate now. Also there are some streets of Plummer St in Middle Park that may be okay too.

  6. think of big shopping centres, movie complexes, etc. At night they are perfect.
  7. +1. Huge industrial estates that are all but deserted on weekends. Go up Ingles or Salmon st to Lorimer, turn left and explore.
  8. just go to albert park early on a sat or sunday morning and do laps of the lake for an hr, pull into some runn off's along the road also for some breaking and countersteering practise. they also have a nice big carparks in there near bob jane stadium :)
  9. North Road Carpark, Elwood Carpark, Marina Carpark, Palace Carpark, Belford street Carpark, shakespear grove car park, peanut farm, st kilda park carpark, no wait, thats too small, pier road, albert park lake, industrial estates as mentioned above the list is endless.
    Albert road between kings way and st kilda road,

    Not that hard to find pork ;)

    btw, Head street gates have been locked for some time, I know, I used to be the one that locked them :)
  10. :applause: good tips Victor.
    Maybe find someone to ride with also to get ur confidence up. Im sure someone on here would be happy to tag along with u for a few rides.