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Places to go on a Sat night in Melb

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by katcando, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Righto. Im fairly new to this city stuff. Im looking for recomendations for places that have live entertainment and stuff for over 25's.

    And Im not talking about the pole variety :p

  2. Looks like everyone went out already, or are in Brisbane for the Bike Expo... sorry can't help you, my only night life when I was in Melbourne was the Casino! Ka-Ching Ka-Ching!!!! :grin:
  3. You are a fair way from the CBD.. But there are plenty of great pubs and live bands around the CBD.. Check out http://www.onlymelbourne.com.au/melbourne.php?id=4

    Good advice is stay away from the club scene on King st.. I am not a club person, but i am pretty sure that the irish pubs are another good option.
  4. After 3am the only place you can get a drink is the casino.

    Apart from that, go nuts!
    The communist Double Happiness bar is pretty cool... you can get some different asian pacific beers, and the art on the walls is entertaining - North Korean war propaganda.

    ... but outdated in that kinda racial stereotype + sexism style :p
  5. Mate, there are a fair few places to get a drink after 3am. Come out with me ,or Eswen.
  6. Brunny Street, Chapel St, Acland St, Smith St, Lygon St, Plus a bajillion pubs and bars festooning every dark alley in the city...

    Or just go to Roger's house and write yourself off on an abundance of pinot.
  7. Loz, you make sound like "dan murphys"
  8. Thanks for that guys and gals. Ive been out a little and been sorely dissapointed each time. Ill just have to try em all out ..one by one ; :wink:
  9. Yeah, but the casino's the easiest to find when you're shammered :grin:
  10. I see yo're planning early this week!! I'll be thinking of you while I'm trolling the forums, kids asleep, husband at work... :cry:
  11. Who's coming out next Friday night after the expo?

    I'm thinking of putting in a huge one and will book a hotel for the night in the city.
  12. I'll hit the turps with ya Vic :)
  13. This Sat the 29th a few of us are hitting the CBD, who's coming out for a drink? PM Eswen or I and we'll give you the meet-up details.
  14. Hey Vic I'm working on the Kawasaki stand, I could be up for a drink with you.
  15. Sweet, going to the cocktail party after the expo then where ever the drinks are being served
  16. Count me in Vic, are you inviting any promo girls to this after-show event? (Steve in a skirt does not count).
  17. I am there already, Vic
  18. It better be better than last year's "bit o pizza then I'm garn home, I'm knackered" effort! :p
  19. Loz, we may be forced to lead by example.
  20. That was Saturday night and we had nothing planned.

    This year however............