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Places to get a test ride KTM Enduro ?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by Muttrider, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    I've been searching for a dealer that can give a test ride on a 300 and 500 exc models, but there doesn;t seem to be any in Australia. The places that stock the bikes don't have demo bikes.

    Do we just have to buy these just off of looks ?
  2. Howdy, welcome to the forum..

    I'm not sure if there is anyone on the forum that would be willing to let you test ride their bike but it may be good to let people know what state / town you're in etc in case someone was feeling generous.
  3. Hey Jaytee, Thanks for the welcome.

    The thought of a non-official test-ride never crossed my mind. I don't really think it's reasonable to ask for or expect a test-ride from anyone who is not the dealer. Unless they were officially hiring the bike out.

    I live in the Sutherland, south of sydney and I feel I've rang every KTM dealer in NSW, none of which have a demo model of either bike. I can partially understand the reasons for this, but the notion of spending $15,000 on a bike without having ever ridden it seems absurd lol.
  4. Go test ride a Husqvarna they are basically a white KTM
  5. https://www.ktm.com/au/dealer-service/book-a-test-ride.html
    .... suggests Highway Performance Bikes in Rockdale.
    Book online :)
  6. That was one of the first places I tried.

    Test rides are only for Road bikes there unfortunately. They also told me a few weeks ago when I rang that they only have one left and it's the last one until 2016.

    Procycles at Hornsby has a few of them, but no demo.
  7. Sorry man, I didn't even see your post there.

    That's not a bad idea, the FE 501 looks pretty decent, wonder if I can find a demo in NSW.

  8. I test rode both the FE350 and TE300, both great bikes
  9. Hi. I recently bought a KTM 300 EXC endure from Sutto'S at Penrith. They were only too happy to give me test rides on the 690 exc and the 300 exc before I bought one. I made no commitment to buy prior to the test rides. I believe Sutto's knew the KTM was like a drug and the test ride hooked me. The test rides were unsupervised but I did have to sign insurance paperwork with the normal premiums.
  10. Every now and then Ktm in west Gosford has demo days out in the dirt. Maybe worth giving them a call
  11. There is usually a big test day once a year with a lot of the range, I did one with Husky in the Watagans a few years back
  12. I was pretty sure they had ride days once a year at Broadford in Victoria, you'd imagine they take those bikes around the country and do the same in each state.