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Places to eat in Melbourne or Cowes.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Dad and i are driving down to Melbourne tomorrow for the GP weekend and when we get to melbourne it'll prolly be around dinner time. So on that note does anybody know of anywhere good to eat in Melbourne for a visistor from across the border to eat!!

    If for some reason Dad and I decide to just keep on powering through and go all the way to Cowes in the one hit then the eating recommendations will need to be in Cowes.


  2. Somewhere good to eat in Melbourne, eh?

    *rubs chin thoughtfully*

    Could be tricky... :wink:

    Look, there are a zillion-and-one places to get a good feed in Melbourne. Where will you be staying when you get here? If you can narrow it down to a suburb or region, it'll be easier for people to suggest places.

    You won't starve if you end up in Cowes, either. Although you might have to look around for somewhere that isn't full of hungry motorcyclists though.

    You can try either the Jetty restaurant or the Isola di Capri - they're on opposite corners of the T-junction at the bottom of Thompson Ave (the main street). But expect them to be very busy.

    Or - if you turn left at that junction there are several eateries along that block. If you turn right, there's the Isle of Wight pub a couple of doors down.

    Or just find a pizza/Chinese/fish & chip joint along Thompson Ave before you hit the T-junction.

    Bon appetit!
  3. Since Melbourne is generally acknowledged as having the best selection of eating places in the universe :LOL: you'll need to be a bit more definite...

    What sort of food do you like? What sort of prices (apart from cheap :LOL:)

    might be of use.

    The Island is another matter...

    Just don't ask for Penguin Sushi...

  4. I like the Italian waitress at Isola di Capri. Oh and the food too!
  5. If you're fans of Chinese food, I highly recommend the Supper Inn. It's not the cheapest in Melbourne (~$14 mains) but the food is *awesome*. (Celestial Avenue, just off Little Bourke St). If you go, try the quail!

  6. That's an excellent choice - Little Bourke St is full of good places.

    there's also Post-Deng for more spicy Szechuan food.

    Italian just go a few minutes north up Lygon St (Continuation of Russell Street) and there's numerous - Ti Amo and Ti Amo 2 are both to be recommended.

    There's also the Italian Waiters Restaurant at 20 Meyers Place (off Bourke Street towards the Spring Street end) hard to find but very good...

  7. You can't go to the Supper Inn without trying their roast sucking pig!

    It's also legendary for being open late. I remember leaving there once at 1.00am and passing a large group of people on the stairs who were heading in for a feed.
  8. It tends to be where all the chefs and kitchen staff go for a feed when they've shut their own kitchens down for the night... You can't get much more of a recommendation than that.
  9. Hmm, let us consult the wisdom of the ancient Chinese:

    He knew a thing or two, that confucious bloke. Like:

  10. Cheap, fast, delicious, 5 mins from town and always entertaining

    Thy Thy
  11. Thy Thy: great Vietnamese food. :D
  12. I've found the Pizza joint in Chapel St is the better of the one's in Cowes. As you head towards the water turn left at the last roundabout (before you drop down into the main shop part of the main drag) and it's on your right across from the supermarket car park. It's also easier to park up there then down closer to the water.

    As recommended in a previous thread several months ago the Bakery on the roundabout isn't bad for breakfast but the bastards weren't open on the Sunday morning of the last Hartwell meeting down there :evil: so I had to resort to an Egg & Bacon Roll at the track canteen.
  13. McDonalds......

    [Msg too short]
  14. There is a little mexican food place on the Right Hand side as you are coming into Cowes.

    Decent food at a decent price rather than top notch nosh, it tends to be lots less busy than the places closer to the centre of town.

    The restaurant at the motel on the left (the one with the picture theatre out the back) called Banfields offers nice meals and a lovely wood fire with leather sitting chairs just right for that after dinner port.

    If you are there on some midweek nights you can get a dinner, drinks and movie deal (and take that nice red from dinner into the movie with you :)

    Certainly gets one away from the crush in Cowes.
  15. Note for interstate visitors: You are NOT allowed to eat the penguins! Even if you've gone to all the trouble of catching the little buggers yourself. :shock:

    Tales of a cold afternoon, falling off the rocks into freezing, shark infested waters will placate neither the police, rangers or locals. They have absolutely no sense of adventure. :roll: :LOL:

    Edit: Typos.
  16. N1GH7-R1D3R, if you want to eat in Melbourne, give us your route in and out of town so we can find you something on the way.
    Alternatively, just lob in one of the "eat streets" and take your pick
    - Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
    - Lygon Street, Carlton
    - Victoria Street or Bridge Road, Richmond
    - Fitzroy Street or Acland Street, St Kilda
    - Chapel Street, Prahran
    - Little Bourke Street (Chinatown), CBD
    There's heaps more, too.
  17. If for some reason you find yourself travelling down Sydney Rd Brunswick, try Highway 31. It has food mostly styled on 'classic' american diners, but there is some good stuff there. Mostly, you go to see the awesome display of classic bikes that line the place, hang from the ceiling and separate some of the tables.

    It has motorcycle-only parking out front.

    Sydney Rd Brunswick, just north of Albion Street, Opposite the Salvos (and 'round the corner from my place)