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VIC Placement of L plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by folma, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Man I wonder whether this should be in the humor section, but the stupidity and the danger faced by a L plater motorcyclist today.
    No the L plate did not cover the bikes reflector, or its number plate, NO it covered it's brake/taillight, If anyone see's this rider try to stop him/her before he/she gets hurt I tried but got tied up in the gp thing in the city.

  2. At least it's on the back of the bike!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Wait till we get FNP's, he'll probably paste it over the headlight. :LOL: Seriously though, if he lives long enough, the Cops are bound to say something to him.
  3. I've got this problem on my bike. Put the L plate up high covers the tail light, put it in the middle covers the number plate, put it down low, covers the reflector. It actually has to be mounted underneath the reflector, there is a special bolt for it, but it then dangles low and scrapes against back wheel where its gradually getting worn away. PITA.
  4. Will just have to paint the back of your jacket Yellow and a nice BIG L on it Nods :p

  5. Don't worry that's already been suggested by Mrs Nodz.
  6. you can always put a stiff bracket on the mudguard behind the L plate, that should stop it curling from the draft behind the bike and keep it away from the tyre.
  7. You could also go and pass your test, then take the damn thing off. Can't say I was sorry to see mine line the bin.

    More seriously - mine partially wore away on the tyre too. I just don't think bikes were designed with L plates in mind, at least not seriously. Just do the best you can for the limited time you have the plate up.
  8. I cheated by using the flexible "stick inside the window" type for cars, and wrapped it around the fuel cap door on the back of the Across.

    Bit of tape and voila done!

    Yet another example for you unbelievers of the superior design embodied in the Across! :wink:

  9. By the time i got my licence, my L plate was more than 50% gone.

    Went through a booze bus at one point with it like that, cops never said anyting.
    I figure they must know that we cant do much about it, and people can still see enough of it to know that its an L plate.

    '91 Across
  10. Eh,just dont wear one,it only makes you a target to morons in their cages anyway. :roll: If a copper pulls you for it,just politely explain that it was there when you did your pre-ride safety checks and that you'll definately pop into the next servo to get a new one. :p
    If the coppers a jerk and tries to write you up for it,tell him you're gonna take him to court so he can explain to the judge exactly how he knows the plate was not on the bike when you left home. :twisted: Obviously he could never proove such a thing(unless he followed you out of the driveway!) so most coppers will drop it then and there.Just make sure the rest of your bike is roadworthy cos they tend to get a bit shitty when you call their bluff!lol! :D FTP!! :twisted:
  11. and thats a problem????
    Oh I miss my L plate :LOL:
  12. try holding it with rubber bands around your helmet :)

    no, don't its only a suggestion.
  13. I've found L plates severely inhibit your bikes performance... True. fair dinks!

    When I had mine on, I had a max speed of 80kph, now I've got rid of it I can do 100-110 kph on the same stretch of road...

    How cools that! >25% performance increase :D :D :?

  14. If you are keen to use them then perhaps get the transparent stickey ones - place one on the front wind shield if you have one. Worked for me. Legal, approved, and well placed.

    Otherwise go to Bunnings and buy an" L" letter (postbox ones) and stick them on your number plate and front headlight - when pulled over - claim they must have shrunk in the rain?
  15. ...

    mine fell off four days after buying the bike.

    Rather than make myself a target I never bothered to replace it. Moot point now seeing as I should be going for my fulls in a couple of weeks (after nearly a year).
  16. Not that i need to bring up an old thread.... But i am bored :p

    I had these same issues with the L on my GPX250. I gaf taped it to my Number plate and of course it just got sucked into the back wheel and sat up in my mud guard. I cant tape it any higher as it covers my rear brake light like that other L noob that was first mentioned in this thread, so i mounted it UNDER my rear number plate. All that visible is the left hand 1/3 and bottom 1/3 or so of my plate with the L just visible. Works a treat back wheel has already worn off the excess on the right of the plate that got too close :p, and cops aint said a thing yet.

    Maybe i might just start trying that "honest it was there when i left" tho for the fun of it :p
  17. at least we don't have to stick one on the front like in the UK :shock: :? that looks horrible.. but then they get to ride at 16 i believe so that makes up for it.

    i stuck mine on with (not so) sticky-tape 3 times, each time it flew off, so i went to bunnings and got '3M command strips' double sided adhesive things that are perfect for the job, when you're done with the L (2 weeks :twisted: ) you can remove them in a way that doesn't leave a sticky mess behind. good option for $4.
  18. what about the back of your hemlet....or does it have to be on the actual bike?
  19. Does any one know what the guidelines/rules are? Someone was telling me that you can actually have your number plate under your seat area (just above your rear wheel) as long as it faces to the back and can be read by the vehicle behind (persumeably a cop car :shock: )

    Is that correct :?:
  20. it has to be visable at the rear of the bike and by law the rego sticker must be attached to it but no one does usually cos there aint enough room. must be illuminated by a plate light and is readable at night presumably by a cop car :wink: :p