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Place to go in Adelaide?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by obelisk, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    just want to know if there is any good place to ride in Adelaide once the weather become better? I want to travel as many place as I can on my V-Star 650 and enjoy the sunshine......

  2. The Gorge road is a good run. Be careful of the locals punting their way through at velocity though. Lots of good roads up through the Adelaide hills, some of them are quite tight though so take your time.
  3. How about we show you?
    Easier than typing.
  4. chain of ponds (i think thats what its called been a while since i lived there) i lowed taking my car up the old freeway (eagle on the hill) but its more flowing bends then tight. windy point is good and so it Mt lofty.
  5. best runs south and east of adelaide
    mt barker-strathalbyn via macclesfield
    meadows to strathalbyn via ashbourne
    Delamere to Victor harbour (fantastic road, but well patrolled)
    anywhere up the hills. stop in lobethel at the amberlight cafe, very bike friendly
    when in strathalbyn, check out the garage, you can buy fuel, coffee, riding gear or even a bike from them. marylou is good people

  6. For something a bit different - if you want more of a laid back cruise to take in the sights then head down Main South Road along the coast towards Carrickalinga with a Myponga Reservoir Road detour, then maybe stop in Normanville for a bite to eat. I recommend the Old Court House Cafe on Main Street; very nice meals and great coffee. The hills are beautiful and green at this time of the year so make the most of it. Google maps doesn't do it justice: