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PIZZA....your favourite and where to get it.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by BYKA, May 4, 2010.

  1. I'm a bit of a pizza freak; I could eat it every day. My favourite pizza ever was in Greece, dreadful looking thing with whole slices of tomato and square ham with some other stuff, but the flavour will remain with me forever. It was a brilliant combination of zesty sauce, flavoursome crispy base with a salty/savoury cheese that was very stretchy, I recon you could have thrown shit on this pizza and it still would have tasted awesome, ok maybe not shit.
    My favourite pizza in oz would have to be THE LOT from PINO'S Phillip Island, another hideous looking thing that falls apart as soon as you pick it up but again I have been known to demolish 1 family size pizza per day down there. I just can’t help myself, my God I have tried.

    I'm curious about New York style pizzas, anyone know anything about them and where to try one or ten.

  2. Used to get a pizza when we were living at Clifton Beach near Cairns, from Eagle Boys at the Campus Shopping Strip at Smithfield,

    called an 8 meat pizza, bloody brilliant if your a carnivore

    They also do a steak pizza called a "Caveman"

    the name says it all.
  3. Oh man I'm such a pizza freak. I've tried being without it for a while (3 months or so?) but DAMNED you and this thread because now I'll want some this weekend lol.

    There's a place in Lilly Pilly in the Sutherland Shire at the tiny set of shops there that does incredible pizza. Can't remember the name of it and cbf googling it. All of their pizza... incredible!

    I lived off Dominoes from Lane Cove weekly, and would order 3 pizzas and have it for that nights dinner and then lunch the next day, sometimes it would last till the dinner time also. They do a WICKED cheese pizza...

    Mmmm then there is Crust Pizza... I know, also a franchise... but they did this incredible shepards pie type thing with potato and meat and oh man I'm drooling!!


    There's a place in Melbourne I want to try when I go for my holidays later this year but forget the name... any recomendations?
  4. simple....MY PLACE
    I make the best thin crust Gourmet pizzas YUM and they only cost about $6 each to make
  5. Another Crust fan.

    Carlisle Street, Balaclava.
  6. Centrepoint Pizza in Kiama, NSW.

    Awesome pizzas!!!!
  7. Polar Bear Pizza (yes, really) in the main street of Oak Flats, House Special.

    and an honorable mention for Mr Pizza in Bega, the BEST meal after a day's fishing.
  8. If you make enough of it at home you can fine tune the dough recipe and process of resting it to a fine art. Then some homemade tomato paste and a combo of mozzarella and cheddar, maybe some olives. That's it. Then throw it in the oven. Pizza for me should be simple and without too many ingredients.
  9. Amici on burgundy street is great and traditional. So much flavour, whole slices of ham instead of shredded etc.

    Goofy's in Essendon is awesome and they deliver late. More of the standard style, heaps of topping pizza.

    Eat Pizza in Glenroy does a nice chorizo pizza.
  10. Apple Bar in Bilpin on the Bells Line of Road....excellent wood fired pizzas...
  11. Tuscan roast vegetables from Exchange on London.

    The only pizza I've had that had eggplant on it, and it tasted good.
  12. I think more pizzas need mashed potato on them... mmm :)

    Maybe I'll have to have pizza each night I'm in Melbourne :D
  13. Yep, I'll go with Paul on this one. Mr Pizza in the main street of Bega. Top drawer pizza and a sense of humour to boot.
  14. I Carusi in Brunswick or D.O.C in Carlton.

    Mind you the service is as bad as the pizzas are good at I Carusi.
    I Carusi has dessert pizzas too - the Calzone Chocolate Pizza is good
  15. Same here (minimalistic).

    EDIT: Oh, and frying mushroom makes it better.
  16. damn... now i have to have pizza tonight. how am i supposed to get back in shape with threads like this
  17. Mad Moose Pizza in Yarraville

    Current Favorite is The Taj Mahal!

    best pizza ever!
  18. i love pizza too!

    groove train (restaurant, though) does some nicer gourmet ones, aleit a bit more $$ cause its a restaurant.

    my mates in croydon do good ones, lots of topping, few awesome flavour combinations.
  19. +1 to that brother.

    I would like to drop a size or two before next summer. Would like to be able to wear leathers.
    I once told someone on a ride, "there's not much funnier than a fat man in full Leathers"
    Not that the Textile Michellin Man look that I'm sporting at the moment is a good one.
    Gotta go make a phone call 8-[

    See you on the treadmill. :-s
  20. Yeah but you don't put meat on them! I often make my own too! Yum.