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PIXAR fans . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Those who are fans of Pixar films, download the new film WALL-E its now available in torrent sites !

    The movie is pretty good ! not as brilliant as the originals - Toy Story or Monsters Inc - but it gets you thinking with a few moral of the story issues.

    A definite MUST SEE !!

  2. ...but if you download it, make sure you take the family along to see it when it comes out in the cinemas. After all, if you're a fan of Pixar you want to help finance the next one, right?

    (plus it'll look amazing on the big screen)
  3. BTW, the above is not intended as moral or legal finger-shaking, but as a matter of practical self-interested economics.
  4. I can't wait (or my son either for that matter) until pixar release Cars 2. The original Cars is such a good movie for so many reasons.
  5. yeah i've heard some good things about wall-e. looks good from trailers :) there is a few good kids sequels coming otu this year that i want to see. mainly Madagascar2, Ice age3. I'd like to see a Cars2 but haven't heard anything on the grapevine yet. is an awesome movie. I've always loved the pixar movies. have them all. and my almost 4 yr old loves them too :)

    I always try to get to the movies and see them as well as getting them on the computer. All movies look better on the big screen with overpriced popcorn and frozen coke. I will never get tired of the movie experience :)
  6. Strange that I never liked cars it always seem the weakest of all the Pixars...

    But WALL-E looks great, but one to see at the cinema I think...
  7. What!! Go and sit in the corner you naughty boy..... :LOL:

    I thought Cars was great in the Cinema but didn't fully appreciate the whole thing until I was able to watch the DVD and use the pause function to take in all the little details.

    Trailers for WALL-E has been in the Cinemas for ages and if they are anything to go by looks good.

    Another good excuse to take my nephew to the movies and fill him full of popcorn & red cordial before I hand him back to his mother :wink:
  8. I saw the trailers at the movies, it does look good, doesn't it!! Pixar has this knack for making movies with 'soul'. No matter how much Sony/Dreamworks try to imitate (ie. Shrek, Ice Age - all of which are good movies on their own), they can't get that same feeling as a Pixar movie.

    I'm a huge Pixar fan, and their movies are probably the only ones I've refused to download or get 'unofficial' copies of. Nothing can beat the cinema experience, and I collect their official DVDs! Support the studios that you like, so they keep making great movies! :grin:

  9. Oh I didn't realise Wall-E was a pixar film, I tihnk the best bit about going to the movies is the little animation before it
  10. I think what you all will find with the movie is that the trailers don't reveal what the movie is all about. I did not expect how it turned out - simply brilliant.

    And yes, I will be seeing it at the cinemas to get that big screen experience !
  11. torrentleech has about 6 versions lol

    13 minutes later and my kids are watching it!
  12. +1 I'll rip em, and go the cinemas, and end up buying a copy when it comes out (the extras alone are worth it)
    Nothing comes close to Pixar films. They get better the more you watch them too.

    How's the quality where you guys are getting your treasure, aargh?
  13. I would like to see Pixar go back to the original type of cartoon movie that they made, i.e. Bugs Life , Toy Story. When you watched those movies , everything looked real, now the movies that they make , as well as Disney ones , just looked cartoonerised (if that's a word), like an old Tom and Jerry cartoon.