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[PIX] MotoGP 2006 [Action shots]

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ratbag, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. A bit grainy, had to use max ISO setting as the light dropped when the rain clouds came over, but there is a few goodies there.

    As usual there is 2 pages, 19 pics per page..........ENJOY!

    Here they are!

    Above is "VTRBob" trying to add some extra light :p

    Cheers ratty

  2. Nice shots!

    Not wanting to hijack your (better) shots, but took a few myself

  3. C'mon Ratty!

    Everyone has seen Bob's tits!!!!!

    Nice bike shots tho :grin:
  4. Hey Bob, that's a Bondi chest.

    {far from Manly :LOL:}

    Sorry, Sydney joke

    Nice pics as usual ratty :)
  5. very nice pics.
  6. Honestly!! i hadn't :shock:

    plus i thought some may want a pic they could keep for all time :wink: ( Minna took the pic )

    The more the merrier cejay, i love photos.......... just checked yours, youve got some good ones there, i only got a few panning shots during the 250 race, i really wanted mid corner shots so headed back around to Lukey Heights and didnt move. Missed a shot of Kenny Roberts heading straight for us and slammed into the tyre barrier too, was changing the flash card, only got his back as he rode back onto the track.
  7. Hey I gota keep up my tradition !
    there is one of them 'shots' for every NR event or occassion that i've attended :p

    Not to mention the wall of fame / shame at HQ

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Ratty thems some spankin' shots, congratulations.
  9. Great action shots
    That guy on the kitty litter right in front of you is a keeper.
    What was yer lens?
    Exif says a 20D .
  10. That was Kenny Roberts, i was changing the flash card when he left the track , headed track for us and slammed into the tyre barrier side on at the last second, i only managed a few shots as he rode back onto the track :(

    The lense is an 80-200 2.8L and i was using a doubler, in effect i had close to a 500mm lense since digital sensors multiply the image size around a quarter and all shots were hand-held, i really couldn't afford the shutter speed to drop much below 500.
  11. Nice lens, I think if I were to come into money, the L series lens would be the first prezzy to myself.

    I was playing with the panning shots, I think you might have been someone who gave some really good feedback on the 05 and WSBK shots I took. This time, I was now playing with aperture priority, setting the focus point and trying to get the sensation of motion by having the speed low enough to get that desired effect.

    The joys of digital being that it costs nothing to experiment! I somehow took 292 shots that day!
  12. Fantastic! What great shots...What do you use?
  13. Might as well put a link to mine in here, seeing as its multimedia and all.
    None of the track tho, just the campsite ;)
    You can view them HERE
  14. Hi cejay, a Canon 300D as opposed to Ratty's 20D and a Tokina ATX pro 400mm f5.6 prime .
    I also used a 100-3005.6L and my 70-200 f4L.
    Some came out too dark and out of 90 or so track shots these were the better ones. Bloody rain stopped me at one stage.
  15. We heard some explosions coming from there from where we were staying nearly 2km away.
    What were they blowing up Deb?
  16. How come you didnt come and say hi. Were you too embarrassed to be associated with us. :grin: I know i was. :bolt:
  17. D50 and 70-300G ...



  18. It's trade secret but it involves a bottle, some liquid and a hot fire ;)
    We saw you walking past the camp area and I waved to you but you just gave me a look that said you had no idea who I was :LOL:
  19. Where were you positioned around the track smee?

    i might use 3 different positions next time but change only after each race 125/250/motogp.

    i could really only pan with the bikes as they went up to the crest at Lukey Heights and that ment the riders were leaning away from the camera.
    But i really was after mid corner front on shots more than anything.

    Cheers ratty