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[PIX] Black Spur Jan 2008

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ratbag, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Three images of one of the more fluid riders through the Black Spur........

    One beautiful piece of road..........

    Entering "Crash Corner"

    Below image was taken by "firefling"........ great effort :cool:

    Cheers, ratty

  2. See, that's why this man is a GREAT photographer; look at the first pic, anyone else, me included, would zoom in tight on the rider, and lose that fabulous background above the subject; just terrific, mate :wink:.
  3. Speak for yourself.
    The background makes that pic.
    It's how I'd take it too.
  4. It looks right, but the normal temptation would be not to include it; there, how's that :p :LOL:.
  5. For you NOT for everyone as you stated earlier.
    Exif detail shows it was taken at 50mm was that a fixed lens?
    If so then kudos to that pic it makes it even better for the composition.
  6. I'd shoot it horizontally. The vertical orientation includes far too much tree for my liking.
  7. Yes or it could be cropped.
    Depends on what's on the sides of the road.
    Either orientation it's still a great shot.
  8. Very enjoyable pics there Ratty. Good composition. :grin:
  9. I dont know about you guys but the only problem i can see with that picture is its the wrong orientation to use as a desktop wallpaper!
  10. Pretty fast rat's up there too :LOL:
  11. Really itching to check out that road.
  12. yep, it was composed that way smee, i have taken a lot of images up there with my 80-200mm lens, because riders love a tight shot of themselves ( understandable ) and noticed most of the better images always include the background. You can see where the rider has come from or is going to and the lens is in the 80mm range when i get background as a sense of place.

    So i take the 50mm with me now to simply compose shots to include the background.

    I do most of the time, but i was standing there thinking how high the trees reach without seeing the sky and wanted that image to show more of the spur, less of the road , the bike simply becomes the focal point of the image.

    cheers, ratty
  13. Beautiful pics there,

    Man, leaving vic was the worst thing i ever did for motorcycling :cry:

    I miss the black spur!
  14. great shots :) 5 weeks out and i'm already missing those sorts of roads..
  15. Always love 'em Ratbag, you might see a few from here soon too :)
  16. Thanks Yak.............it would be nice to see a few fresh shots, i take too many :?


    Cheers, ratty
  17. Awesome photos !
    Great detail, crisp with enough emphasis on the subject not to hide the story-telling background.

    Well Done Ratbag :applause:
  18. I Plan to get myself a 50mm 1.4 for my D200... but was getting it for indoor and portrait work...looks like i may also have to keep it in my bag for when i go out on rides
    Good pics there ratty
  19. Wha hey... he's back! Great to see him captured so beautifully. Not that I'd expect anything less of you, Rat :wink:

    As for the 1st pic... most likely if I put one up like that it would mean that I didn't get time to zoom in, or that I couldn't focus well enough, so if I cropped it, the image would be too blurry :LOL: . Ratty, on the otherhand, is somewhat more reliable with the quality of his shots :applause:
  20. I only have one problem with those Ratty...
    There aren't more of them :grin:
    That second one would make a great Promo shot for the ninja