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[PIX] Aus SBK Qualifying

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ratbag, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Got a bit sunburnt yesterday at the Aus Superbikes, mainly my face and hands, ( note to self - need a better hat )

    Thought i would post a few pics of the day.
    Think i took around 1000 images, bit hard to pick the best of the bunch.
    So i'll post a few i do like.

    Bayliss gives a small wave to the crowd

    Gregorio Lavilla, ex british Superbike Champ, now in the World Supers.

    Troy Corser we all know :)

    Max Biaggi..... would love to see him take the Championship ( if Bayliss cant do it :) )

    Brock Parkes flying high.

    It was a nice casual day, nice and sunny :? and race day weather will be even better.

    Cheers ratty.
  2. Love the wheelie shot!
    A closer crop of that photo will really make it a standout.
  3. I have too many to edit, will play with them when i get time.
    The wheelies were few and far between unfortunately. They only pulled them at the end of each practice session and even then only a couple of riders pulled them.

    I have shots of Bayliss lifting the front on the exit of Siberia, but even he didn't bother with wheelies on the wind from each practice :(

  4. i love the shot of max, with the fuzzy kwaka in the bg. are they edited at all ratbag? or were you going for that fuzzy/watercolour (im no photographer :LOL: ) effect? looks unreal either way.
  5. Shallow depth of field will always throw the foreground and background out of focus, only the subject is in focus when you set the distance from the camera.

  6. What's to say, Paulie, just fabulous stuff......
  7. I luv em all, but the second pic takes the prize.

    .....so far.

    Nice work as always Ratty.
  8. Awesome Pics mate !!!!!
    Yep, was one warm day out there
  9. Always enjoy your shots Ratbag, cheers :)

    Joel, it's called Bokeh, and there's obviously heat haze as well, the combination looks awesome in the Lavilla shot!
  10. You need to watermark them Ratty, cos I've already stolen.... pirated....taken.....ahem, borrowed them for my desk top. :grin:
  11. lol, i couldnt be stuffed Chef, take'em :LOL:

  12. Corser in Siberia...................


    Anyone know who this Supersport rider is?

    Max Neukirchner through Siberia.

  13. If anything with a bit of post processing and sharpening that shot is a winner.
    It's just that little bit soft.
    I don't know if it is heat haze or what but it just lacks that "pop"
    Technically excellent composition though and loads of potential ratty well done!
  14. Which image smee? the rider biting the dust??

  15. For the Bayliss fans out there, i quite like this one................i was kinda hoping i could grab a shot with sparks coming off his toe sliders, only spotted it happen once and it must have been between the shot sequence :(


  16. sorry Ratty i meant the first and the last of that last 3 and your Bayliss shot.
  17. Magnificent Shots Ratty !