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Pivothead 1080p HD Recording

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Johnrhys, Aug 25, 2012.

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  2. Look good. Pity I just brought the GoPro.
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    Looks alright, that video didn't really do much for me because it's got all the effects on it, like how it's speeding up and stuff so doesn't really give you a good preview of it.

    Something like this would be a better real world review


    From the above video it does look pretty good, looks like you can get photochromic lens which is good.
  4. The wind noise is shocking...

  5. the wind is pretty horrible wow
  6. mordeth13 uses these glasses as well - here they are in action using a RHOK full face helmet

  7. thats actually where i got them from hhaha

    I guess if you put your visor down it would take the wind out
  8. They seem a bit jerky - no stabilising. I would want to see more videos before committing to buying one. I've never liked the go pro helmet can so this could be an option.
  9. I have the funds RIGHT NOW to purchase any sort of HD 1080p Helmet cam/ glasses/ anything to record on bikes because i want to star vlogging my little adventures etc.

    But i want to do my research before i go out on a limb and purchase something that i wont like in the future.
  10. disregard
  11. Nah, don't like it compared to my GoPro2.

    The sunnies only have 75 deg ver 170 deg, also my main concern would be the battery, surely can't last that long.

    You can pickup GoPro Hero 2 Motorsports kits now for about $360 so they are pretty good value. I also have the second battery and it allows for about 2 hours of video.
  12. Any sort... Hmmm, I would probably do the Superbike school or something else :)

    But would be great to know what you'll end up choosing.

  13. I am eyeing these 'sunglasses' as well after seeing M13's video. Wind noise didn't seem to bad even when he had the visor up.

    I'd get the gopro, but i don't like the bulkiness of it. There's a guy i see on a motard around Five Dock that wears it on top of his helmet - cool and all but he reminds me of a teletubby!
  14. five docks pretty classy area telly tubby has it set hahaha :p

    im also looking at the drift camera ariderslife uses
  15. replay 1080p is also good
  16. I didn't know about these. Thanks Tak. I'll do some research on it, but the price point looks good. I prefer these 'bullet' style cam compared to the square block that is the gopro, as i plan to attach it to the helmet.
  17. I agree
  18. this video proves the go pro is better then the replay but the replay being at a cheaper price of average $340

    cheaper = less quality camera in this instance.

    But my Discount i get at my local store brings the go pro hero2 HD motosports down to $360

    So go pro is still at the top of my list :)

    but i have to admit the small bullet style of camera is quite the attraction...checking for external microphone port.

    Extracted from the Replay site

    The external microphone kit in itself is $48.50