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pivot bolt and nut lubrication

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by scrambler, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Hi people,
    I've just noticed that my bikes manual says to do this after a clean.
    Can somebody please explain this process and what Lube to use?

  2. err, sure, if you tell us what sort of bike it is and what section of the manual you are in; bikes have several parts that could be called pivot bolts, so more information is needed :LOL:.
  3. my mistake

    I've got a triumph street triple and couldn't find a pdf of the manual (like to have it on the computer) so I got the Daytona 675 manual thinking they'd be basically the same as they're such similar bikes.

    The Daytona manual recommends lubing the 'pivot bolts and nuts' after washing the bike. That's when I freaked out 'cos I haven't done it at all on my bike.

    Got off my arse and fetched the manual from under the bike seat and there was no mention of lubing the pivot bolts and nuts- heart rate returned to normal.

    Thanks heaps for the quick response.
    Netrider- ever reliable tree of knowledge.
  4. Pivots

    I think they mean clutch & brake lever pivots after a wash. Swing arm pivot bolts should be done @ major services but usually don't get done. Dirt bikes are critical as the bolts can corrode into a solid mess & sometimes have to be cut out. XR's are the worst for it.
  5. what to use

    Escuse my ignorance but what would one use to lube the brave and clutch lever pivots- wd40 or somethin'?
  6. Re: what to use

  7. grease