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Pity the poor people of Burma

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 12, 2008.

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  2. You are right. There is no oil in Burma.
  3. 80 minutes later

    the magnitude is now reported at 7.8 (up from 7.5) and the loss of life was 4 students, it's now 'searching for 900 students' :(.
  4. The death toll won't even compare to Burma
  5. At least China has the infrastucture to help its own people with or without international help.
    Burma on the other hand has plenty of aid ready and willing to help out but not allowed to cross the border :evil:
  6. It's not just China - Than Shwe is also largely to blame. Than won't let anyone help unless he gets glorified in the process. Hense why most footage of anyone getting aid is of him distributing it. He's even confiscated UN aid with the excuse that the people in the plane didn't have the right passports (they never landed in Burma). It's disgusting. He won't let anything be more important than him - not even humanitarianism.
  7. Exactly - It's not that Burma's been forgotten - they certainly have less infrastructure then China - just the pricks in charge are the problem.

    The sad thing is the world is starting to forget about Zimbabwe again.

    Pity neither has oil (Well, burma a little bit).
  8. But wait.... our road toll is up by 6 this year. :roll:
  9. But how could that be? We have more speed enforcement than ever and These “Road Safety Cameras†should be keeping us all safe… :roll:
  10. It is interesting that you compare Zimbabwe with Burma. I still do searches on the election to see if any settlement has been made. After a second round of voting the opposition is definately the winner, but there's still no change.

    The fact that Mugabe and Than both lock up journalist who write any negative facts about them proves that they've both got something to hide and aren't fit for any sort of leadership.
  11. What a mess. IMO China doesn't need money to deal with this. It has more than enough financial and structural resources to manage. Maybe what it needs is expertise, like medical and rescue personnel.

    Burma desperately needs life-sustaining supplies - food, clean water, medicine and shelter. Unfortunately we know that any resources that go through government channels will be looted by the 'government'! I wonder if dropping stuff in by parachute is a possibility?

    I'm very tempted to say Zimbabwe just needs a well aimed bullet. But it's never just one, is it?

    What a mess.
  12. It's a luxury that we can complain to our government without worrying about any repercussions
  13. Again the UN is proven to be a pathetic toothless tiger.
    For teh last 25 years, the UN has been bogged down in pathetic politics and bandstanding by various country's delegates, and has become a pointless organisation that serves no real use.
    If it did, they would be in Burma right now controlling teh whole aid process.
    The UN was specifically set up to control and oust regimes like the ones we see in Zimbabwe and Burma for example, but they seem to have no real authority anymore.
    The UN should be responsible for overseeing any large humanitarian efforst globally, nations offering help should be going through one body, which has as it's specific charter the control, movement and supply of global aid, wherever it is needed. This way, they act as a one stop shop, you contact teh UN, tehy tell you where to send your aid and when, they coordinate it all etc.
    The UN should have the power to do what is necessary, with disregard to political or geographical boundaries, to get the aid through, and by force if needed, and not have it diverted to government arms buying etc.
    Personally I believe the Burmese regime is deliberatley refusing aid to control it's population.....

    Regards, Andrew.