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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Contentious, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. So, my son and his lovely girlfriend (24 and 20 respectively) have paid $800 for an American Pit Bull. Illegally, I might add (here in Qld).

    Do I say anything? Should I send him all the news articles about these dogs savaging their owners and others? When they say "it's not the dog, it's the owner" do I bring up the 92 year old lady who owned and lived with pit bulls and had her face torn off by one last week?

    He's an adult. I get that. He tried to tell me initially they were buying a shar pei cross. For $800? Yeah, riggghht. I didn't come down in the last shower. He's since confirmed its an American Pit Bull. Bred by "a mate" in Cairns.

    What would you do? Shut up? I'm not really good at that virtue.
  2. Has he heard it all before? Yes? Then shut up. You're wasting oxygen.
  3. Dogs, like humans, have varying temperaments, those that bond with a adult as the pack leader don't generally exhibit much problem. On the other hand some are just nutters. Its a matter of maintaining that control. Dogs like Pitbulls, that are bred to fight require supervision.

    I think it is too late to lecture him on the subject. the sad thing is even if it is an even temperament dog it will be put down as soon as anybody reports it to the QLD authorities.
  4. I'm no dog expert but isn't this the main problem ^

    Dogs are pack animals, packs have a hierarchy, along comes the children, the dog sees its position in the pack at jeopardy, solution... bite kids face off.
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  5. #5 Contentious, Apr 25, 2014
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    I agree that now it's a waste of oxygen. I've shown him all the attack stats, which prove these things are dangerous. The real issue with these things is if they go ballistic they do an enormous amount of damage. In the US last year they comprised 78% of all fatal attacks. Here in Australia they are ranked 2nd per 100 registered, but most of these things aren't registered so the figures are diluted.

    It's only a cute little puppy now, and of course everyone is saying Awwww how adorable. :)
  6. I am no defender of the breed, bred for contemptible purposes, bull and bear bating and then later dog fighting. It saddens me though that they are our (human) creations.

    We are the Doctor Frankenstein of their animation.
  7. My son thinks the bad rap they've received is Media driven. Sigh.
  8. anonymous call to the council
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  9. Pit Bulls are mostly nice dogs - I should know, I have been a vet for 20 years, and have seen more than a few. The stance of the Australian Veterinary Association is to judge each individual on its merits, and as a group we are and have been against breed specific legislation. If they treat it well, socialise it well (puppy school/obedience etc.) it will most likely be fine. You get nutters in every breed. I have had more trouble with welsh springer spaniels and certain types of red kelpie than any other breed. It IS a media beat up.
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  10. How is his health insurance? He would at least want ambulance cover.
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  11. +1
    the issue is not the dog or its danger, the fact is that he has deliberately broken the law...
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  12. I'm actually with you @Lucyfer@Lucyfer, but if the op has an issue, he's wasting his breath trying to convince his son.

    My son adopted a difficult dog (that my sister rescued from QLD - stuck in a back yard from puppyhood, skinny from a diet made up largely of banana skins thrown at her, completely unsocialised etc.) and through hard work and perseverance, made her into a fantastic dog. Still has some issues with dog aggression when on a lead and other dogs rush her, but working on that. Son (and fiancé) definitely boss in the family.
  13. Bloody Chihuahua are the most vicious dogs I come across, closely followed by Rotten jack Russel's and then Poor working dog Kelpies who get locked in a small yard all day.
    I'm a postie and I hate little dogs with a passion :) funny but true. They're nasty, rarely believe their a dog and they get away with murder on a constant basis.


    This is a once in a lifetime dog. And yup she's an American pit. She's was 8 months old and 45kg there, now shes about 60kg. She's been the best and most docile dog since the day my mate found her. She was the only one left alive in the bag.
    In saying that I wouldn't own one, I've always been a Sheppard person and the hype surrounding them isn't worth it. Not sure what the council regs are where you live. But you can have one on the Sunny if it has had a tolerance test and your house is inspected.
  14. Rotties, dobermanns, German shepherds....they've all been on the "Ooo, don't you know they'll rip your face off" list, we've had em all, and they've all been/are awesome dogs (sister still has the rotties).

    Some years ago, sister and her husband hosted a BBQ at their 10 acre property for the drivers and their families who drove their RACV vans. At the time, their rotti Boris (the 2nd) was still alive. One driver rocks up with his family, and kids are screaming with fear, courtesy of their mother who instilled that fear into them. Everyone introduced and kids went off to play. Hours later and sleepy son is being loaded into car after running around with dog all day..he's crying bc he wants to take "Doris" home with him. It was wonderful to see them play.

    On the other side, sad to see at Lort Smith a rotti being kept outside by his bogan owner's girlfriend bc he's too viscous to come into the waiting room to be euthanised. It isn't the dogs.....
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  15. Agree about the little dogs,they end up pack leader,zero discipline.They get aggressive protecting there biatch,the imbecile female owner.For some odd reason my description of these dog owners comes out spelt wrong?
  16. Anti swearing filter. Use an exclamation mark instead of the i.
  17. I'm a bit divided on Pitbulls. A lot of dogs have got undeserved bad reputations over the years. All these dogs, once they have a bad reputation, tend to be bought be certain types of people, making things worse. This was certainly true of pitbulls a few years ago

    Pitbulls, on the other hand do seem to have a degree of unpredictability about them. I certainly wouldn't want one to have any chance of access to children.

    As for the question in the OP, I think it's a parents obligation to lay out things as you see it, but without nagging or telling him how to live his life.
  18. Don't waste your breath. He knows the risks and knows the consequences.

    It's no different than telling someone not to ride a motorbike because "xyz" may happen or make sure your wear all your gear.

    I agree there are a lot of little dogs that get out of control, but at the end of the day, they don't ever really end up killing anyone...however, a pit bull out of control can maul or even worse.

    It's akin to owning a motorbike and at anytime, the machine could go full throttle and get jammed open...a 50 cc bike, probably not much damage, however on a one liter, you're probably looking at near death.
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  19. I come back to Lucyfers comment above " treat it well, socialise it well (puppy school/obedience etc.) it will most likely be fine." perhaps the OP's role should be to urge his son to take the dog to obedience training and socialise it.
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  20. Aye, Chris, I'd agree with that too, but, given the Pitbull is an "illegal" beast, can it be taken to puppy school?