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Pitbike + 4yr = not a happy father.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. hay guys

    mate at work bought his son a little 50cc 2 stroke pitbike to get him use to a motorcycle while he is still young...

    long story short the bike needs some things fixed before they can start it like exhaust is broken and chain broken...
    the 4yr decided to play on his bike while its just sitting there in that garage making the 2 stroke noise like what kids do...

    bloke at work his wife just walked into the garage to see the 4 yr with the hose filling the tank up completly full of water enough that the water was overspilling the side 8-[

    now i think i remember from my old days that he has to tip the bike upside down and pull the spark plug out and crank it till its dry ???? is this correct ??? or any other things ????

    fingers crossed the fuel cock was on OFF..
  2. Yeah shouldn't be a biggy. Are you sure it made it into the engine? Pull the plug and give it a few gentle kicks anyway. Squirt some oil in afterwords and give it a kick.
  3. i am not sure both myself and the bloke this happened to are currently at work... but his wife has no idea about bikes... so he cant see it untill he gets home this arvo.... thanks for the advice tho...
  4. Might want to add some metho to the next tank of fuel as well to get any residual water out... although not sure how metho goes with 2 stroke?
  5. Just a cap full of metho should be enough.. I wouldn't imagine it being a problem as long as the fuel/oil ratio is still the same.

    Gotta love kids, eh :p
  6. i had water in my fuel tank in my boat metho in fuel all good ..2stroke yammy never missed a beat with metho in fuel