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Pissed Pillions yay or nay

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Den Monkey, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. I've just got back in from picking up the new GF from a night on the piss. Gave me a good chance to see what she is like when she's been drinking, so I know what I'm in for. Also lets me know if I can take her to a work do or something and have confidence that she wont make a complete git out of herself whilst there.

    Oh and I got some brownie points while I was at it :up:

    Anyway while driving in I had the usual pang of guilt for not riding the bike in. Obvoulsy it wasn't possilbe but it did raise a question.

    Is it leagal to pillion a drunk person??

    I'd like to think not. Depending on the pillion to rider weight ratio they could have as much control or more over the bike than you do.
    Not to mention the chances of simply falling off.

    So can you do it and have you done it??
  2. That is a good question.

    I've done it with a motorcycle rider and she had an amazing adductor muscle sqeezing technique. It was quite enjoyable. :grin:
  3. of course it can be done but I wouldn't chance taking a really drunk person on the back unless it was maybe just down the street. Too many unknowns and chances to cause a bad accident to anyone (either yourself, them or surrounding drivers)
  4. I picked up Kate, an Irish girlfriend from a pub at the rocks on ST.Patricks day once.
    Pissed as a parrot, she could barley walk.
    I had me Kawasaki chopper at the time and three hockey straps, so I hog tied her to the tall sissy bar so she couldn't fall off.
    She swayed a bit around corners but was safely strapped on.
    She kept trying to undo me fly whilst I was mobile which was somewhat dsitracting. :LOL:
    Her leather mini skirt was almost around her waist, which caused a bloke next to me to rear end the car in front of him at a set of traffic lights. :LOL:
    It was a memorable ride!
    Lucky we were only going to Paddington, took about ten minutes.
    The Irish guys at her house were laughing their asses off when they saw her hog tied to the bike. :LOL:
    She was a wild child all right. Had many adventures on the bike with Kate behind me.
    Is it legal?...a point which has been endlessly debated, would really depend on the circumstances and the cop who stopped you for whatever reason I reckon.
    When I was riding back in the late seventies we drank all day and rode all day and night.
    Times have changed, as has my attitude to drinking and riding.
    I never have more than one whiskey or rum on a ride day now. :cool:
  5. Yeah I have a confession, I have been a pissed pillion, though luckily for the rider I am not a wrigley pillion (and that was on an R1).
    I was pissed and we rode all the way down to the island as we had tickets to the GP, my rider was very very pissed off with me and nearly didn't take me, we had lots of stops and lots of fights. It was a very silly thing to do on my behalf and as a rider he took a huge risk with me on the back.
    I have never done it again and never will, also being a rider now I totally undertand the risk he took that day and it was very selfish of me.
  6. I think you'd be mad to take a pissed person on the back of a bike. They only have to panic once and not lean the right way or put their feet down and there'd be all sorts of probs. my 2cents anyway.
  7. I took about a dozen langers up and down a nice bit of the GOR the day after my brother's wedding in Lorne, scraping pegs and wheelying. Most of them were schlackered, but that seemed to add to the fun as they whooped and hollered and shat their pants.

    I figure as long as they're wearing good protective gear and making the decision themselves, bugger it. Plus, they relax a bit more than your average sober first-time pillion and don't fight you in the corners. Or if they do, it's a delayed reaction :LOL:
  8. oh man thats was funny hog tied her to the bike.... :LOL: :LOL:
    but i would never take a pissed person on the back of my bike...
  9. I took a mate home once on the vf 5

    He leaned into the corner and being a vf and so very er responsive it snapped right. Only problem was his judgement was a little impaired . The corner was a hundred metres away. It was a tense moment :)

    Another time on the Kat on the eastern I realized that the girl behind me. didnt seem to be there. Nearly fell of in shock when I looked. She was STANDING on the pillion seat.
  10. Most of these little tales have been with you guys & pissed gfriends & roaming hands.

    Lets turn this around, would I have a pissed male & have his roaming.
  11. I'm not sure I'd pillion a pissed non-rider on the back, but I do know that Foxy was fine and could corner with me even when he fell asleep half way in. Just for perspective here's a quote from foxy right before the journey: "I've only drunk 3/4 ofa bottle of vodka, I'm hardly pissed".

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. That would have to be one of the funniest sights on a bike :rofl:
    I can just imagine it... thats's GOLD!! :LOL:
  13. Ok, for your amusement here's another tale from days gone by.

    A group of us have been sitting around a verandah at a pub out west on a stinking hot summers day.
    We've all downed quite a few glasses of this and that as the afternoon has slipped by. We're not completly pissed but we're certainly not sober.
    Slade decides it's time for him to ride home.
    He strolls over to his Harley Shovelhead and throws a leg over the seat.
    Raises his right leg and stamps down on the kick-starter.
    Nothing happens.
    Again. Nothing.
    He's starting to get annoyed now.
    We all sit there watching, a few blokes shout derogatory comments about Harleys and Shovelheads and what a wimp Slade must be.
    "Kick it harder ya fking poofter. Me baby sister could kick it harder than that."
    He's kicking away quite frantically now.
    Going a bit red in the face as well.
    We're all having a good chuckle about now. Blokes are holding thier sides and trying not to laugh out loud.
    A rider who's just pulled in spoils it completly, because God nows how long this would have gone on for.
    As he walks past Slade he casually says..."You might want to try booting the kick-starter and not the foot peg mate." :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Matter of degrees. Pissed, na, I wouldn't. I know what a bad sober pillion is like, so I'd hate to think what one pissed as a newt would be like! Unlike a car, a stupid bike passenger could mess you both up. :(

    If they've only had a couple of drinks though and can convince me they can walk in a straight line (and stand on one leg? :p ) then it's not really a problem.
  15. I would not take a pissed pillion. It is just too dangerous.
  16. :LOL: :LOL:
    It was great fun! Thanks for the lift G. I wasn't totally pissed when i was on the back, but I wasn't exactly sober either :LOL:
    I was coherent enough to know, that I could seriously impact on the handling of the bike, so I just tried to sit as still as possible, and look where we were going...kinda the same as if I were sober anyway!
    As for my muscle squeezing technique...that's another story! :shock: :LOL:
    It comes from my horse riding days!!
    Of course it would be legal to carry a drunk pillion...albeit a tricky and dangerour task..I mean, it's legal to carry drunk passengers in a car isn't it?
  17. Hmmmmm im not sure we all wanna know :LOL: G seemed to get something out of it
  18. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. Yes it is legal to carry drunk passangers in a car..but in a car you dont rely on a passanger to lean when going around corners..Cars have 4 wheels not two !! I personally wouldn't carry a drunk pillion NOR would i consider being a drunk pillion. Just ask yourselves... Would you risk injury or your life because of someone elses stupidity ?? The risks on a bike are high enough on our roads today without the added risk of an uncontrolable pillion on the back.
    Make em walk home :LOL: and wave to them on you way home :p