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pissant commercial television

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by loki, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. due to having on/off access to cable and being a good ol' workaholic, tonight is the first time since say 2006 that i've watched commercial television.

    sweet baby fcuking jesus, it's still fcuking woeful.
    not the same old bullshit, they're still somehow successful at finding NEW forms of bullshit.

    how do you bastards deal with this crap?
    how aren't you all impotent??

    Burn Notice, Knight's Tale, Rush hour, Monster House, Channel Nine i'm definately mother fcuking looking in your direction. Channels 7, 9 and 10 are still more shameful than smoking ice and barebacking a hooker, with missing teeth (ever had a "rattle snake blowjob"...? it gives them better suction, visit Penrith sometime)

    time to fcuking google myself again, huh
    maybe i'll try under google 'images' this time...
    still be less fcuking ads...
  2. this thread brought to you by
    and all the leftover fcuking bottles of wine in my fcuking fridge
  3. So what are you normally watching on cable?
  4. Dexter, comedy channel, Hank Moody, MotoGP, Weeds
    in general, variations of bullshit with less ads and more coulourful and more watchable than the normal shit. fcuk tv anyway. it's two weeks till spring and i sense i'm getting my bike back this week
  5. It's called "The Olympics are on and we will only put on crap until they've finished" season.

    Oh and Dexter screens on channel 10 on Sunday nights :wink:
  6. Red wine?
    Dude, you should be sleepy; not angry.

    Maybe book an appointment with a food allergist sometime soon.
  7. You bag out commercial TV and you watch weeds! :roll: :LOL:

    Rush hour is a bloody funny movie, and even A Knights tale has good moments. Sounds to me like YOU are the one with the freaky sense of humour and no taste. But hey, whatever floats your boat. That's why there are so many channels to choose from.........
  8.  Top
  9. So you've listed the good ones... also add Dexter as you've got about all thats worth watching on at the moment :grin:
  10. Commercial TV frustrates me, but to be proffering cable as being better is a joke. There is nothing on the base package of cable worth watching. And I believe they are doing commercials these days.

    So you're paying to watch irrelevant sport and to be advertised at.
  11. Indeed.

    Instead of 20 minutes of commercials per hour you get 20 minutes of self-promotion/cross-promotion and Nokia advertisements.
  12. If you want woeful, check out the "Non-stop Top 5000" on MAX - don't know where they found some of the songs they're playing but they're pretty dire.
  13. I don't own a TV at all, and don't feel like I'm missing anything.
  14. Bollocks to television.
  15. +1

    radio for background noise/music, ABC's internet iView for watching the news, laptop for watching the odd dvd. who needs tv? read a book or talk to your loved ones instead! haha off soapbox now :p
  16. You've got to remember that commercial TV isn't there for you, it's there for the advertisers. The programmes are only there to deliver an audience to the advertisers and the stupider and more gullible that audience the better. So from the point of view of the commercial channels, the worse the dross the more profit for them and their "sponsors".

    And I'll be stuffed if I'll pay for cable/satellite. To pay for the priviledge of being advertising fodder would really give me the shits. Besides, I waste enough of my life in front of a computer screen :grin: .
  17. Torrents are the only answer pick and choose from around the world and watch it when you want to often years before it's on broadcast TV if ever...

    kin ell sounds like an advert..
  18. The sad thing is I used to be in this situation, but bowed to partner pressure to get one. Now we've got one I watch it more than her.

    In truth the import drama programming on commercial TV is better than it was 15 years ago. Now we get 2 seasons on each channel and most are not that far behind the US. And some of them are quite good, if you turn off a bit of your brain.

    other areas of TV are generally woeful
  19. I don't watch commerical TV at all. There is nothing on it that appeals at all. I do have Foxtel, but mainly watch History, Discovery and NatGeo. Motogp, WorldSBK and Speedweek are good. Fuel TV is great for crazy adventure stuff (skiing, MTB's, air races etc..). CI is great for good real crime investigatins.

    I also have the Hi-Def package. Last night I was watching a hi-def BBC doco on planet formation and the picture quality and the content was amazing. Same with Nat Geo/Discovery HD.

    I get the occasional FBO movie when I CBF'd going to Blockbuster for my movies.

    But the tugid stuff that passes for TV on FTA turns me off.