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Pirelli Supercorsa SC's

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by [FLUX], Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Recently got a pair of these fitted to the 'fighter. SC3 rear, SC2 front. Very happy with them. Grip on dry roads is amazing. Grip on wet roads is fine (I mean, who drags knees through the rain on the public road anyway?), with half-lean angles not being a problem. Got a slip once gassing it up out of a corner and the rear touched a glossy white line that had water all over it at half-lean, but hey, name me a tyre that wouldn't slip under such conditions. Rode through a flooded road (as in 15cm deep water) at 60kph. Kinda silly, true, but the front tyre channeled water well enough to keep it in contact with the road without drama.

    Dry grip, as stated before, is phenomenal. Dragging the knee at full lean (for the road anyway) and half-throttle wasn't enough to unhook the rear, nor was 3/4ths throttle just after picking it up slightly. Throttle on any harder and the front wheel lifts. 675cc triple motor though, so we're not talking about liter-bike traction testing power here.

    One corner, driving hard uphill out of the corner at near full lean, I hit a patch of gravel. The rear stepped out wildly in a heart lurching moment, then regripped with ferocity, and the moment was over before anything else dramatic. No continuing slide, I hadn't backed off the throttle, the bike was leaning over even further, and it still caught the spin-up and replanted the rear on the road. Amazing.

    Hard to separate the agility of the 'fighter from the agility provided by the tyre profile, but direction changes were near instantaneous. Powering up a tree bark and debris strewn road, I had full confidence to be able to alter my line as many times as required to steer around bark, twigs, and even small branches. Progress wasn't slowed too much in comparison to a clear road surface.

    Great tyres. Have now put about 1300kms on them, and would say that they're about 1/3rd worn. This is about standard for the sort of life-span I get from my tyres.

  2. What a charming review........
    I recently encumbered myself with two pair...........darling please forgive me but there's a little something you missed out, their tread pattern makes them ideal for flipping......

    Sweetie may I enquire what bar you are running?
  3. By flipping, you mean for left/right corner heavy tracks, right?

    For the road, I run 36r/34f. At the track, I normally run 30r/32f. PSI that is.
  4. On the K8 1000 I run SC3's at the track. On the road I normally run diablo corsa 3's.

    With the SC3's at the track I run the same pressures as Flux mentioned above. I love these tyres, they provide good grip and when they start sliding, it's normally a controlled slide and nothing too abrupt.

    I would run SC3's all the time but they are overkill for the road and the diablo corsa's last longer but not by much. I think pirelli specify 80%/20% track / road for the SC3's.

    If money is no object these tyres will give you outstanding grip on the road. I commute to the city daily (from FTG) on the monash so wont run the SC3's as the commute will ruin them.

    (Please note - I'm biased towards pirelli tyres, I've been using them for about 6 years now and have not tried anything else)
  5. I get half a bar when I look at that bike.....
  6. Just for you. No more duct tape on the ducktail now though. Discovered that the tail-light mounting bracket underneath had snapped, so just tossed the bracket, and used silastic to permanently affix the tail-light to the ducktail. Saves even more weight! Ducktail is now held on stronger with an extra pair of bolts, and seems to be doing the job now.

    Got rid of the chicken strips on the rear after yesterday's ride. The front strips will need a track-day to work on. It's now 145kgs with an empty tank of fuel. That's lighter than a VTR250, and on par with the road-going RGV250's.

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  7. Sorry sweetie by "Flipping" I'm running the tyres in the reverse rotational direction on the track.........

    We are on the same wavelength are we not?

    Darling I adore your little triple......
  8. Y'know Rattus, I am not your "sweetie" or your "darling".

    Yes, we were talking about the same thing. Seen a few people at PI do it (left heavy). Most generally just balance it out by going to Broadford (right heavy), rather than remounting the tyre.
  9. Silly me, my general exuberance and Joie de vive often get's the better of me...

    I have flipped racetec's and the sc's without any discernible issues.......
  10. Yeah, if you have to commute regularly, then no way would you fit them. My general usage patterns are about 90% road, 10% track, and almost no commuting. I would like to try the new Pirelli Diabo Rosso Corsa's, which AFAIK, are meant to replace the DCIII's. For road use, the standard Rosso's are great in the wet and cooler weather, and if you ride smoothly you can get along very quickly on them, but if you try to get too aggressive then their edge grip is a bit lacking. The Rosso Corsa's are meant to address the edge grip issues (softer edge compound). Like most Pirelli's though (excepting "cooked" SC tyres), the Rosso's do slide very gently and controllably.
  11. *Swoon*

    Just so you realise how much I love your bike - my current desktop:

  12. i gotta say i reckon it's the ugliest thing with 2 wheels, but fark me it's great fun to ride =D> (y) really need a longer stint on it to get my head round the gearing stew is running

    But i gotta say the suspension was what most impressed me and how it's sorted, but back to black rubber stuff , i can't wait too try the new Pirelli Diabo Rosso Corsa's :woot:
  13. Sure thing. If we can hook up a mid-week day, happy to give you a longer run. The day I let you have a go, we were entering one of my favorite roads, so I selfishly booted you off so I could enjoy it! :angel:

    Yep, it needs a good thrashing. You can't ride it like a twin and get the most out of it. Due to the triple motor though, it's perfectly rideable from 2000rpm up to redline (14k) and pulls smoothly everywhere, so if you're used to the big twins like yourself, you can sit at 4000-5000rpm (with the engine pitch sounding much like a twin would at 6000-7500rpm) and think that the bike is doing fine, if a bit weak on power (in comparison). Get it singing above 8000rpm though, and it'll lift the front under full-throttle in the first three gears without clutching it up. It may only have around 110hp at the rear wheel but it's pushing about 70kgs less than your SV1000 is, and with its reduced gearing it will throw you at the horizon very quickly if you ask it to. I worked out that power per weight per revs (taking into account gearing) and it accelerates you as hard as a stock 1098S would up to about 140-150kph or so. Beyond that and wind resistance slows things down, but it will still do an honest 240kph if you want.

    The biggest difference though comes with tight roads like Reefton, Baw Baw, or Icy Creek. You can pull off rapid direction changes and super-late turn-ins at speeds that your brain thinks shouldn't be possible.
  14. *blush* Should I be worried now? 8-[ Still, black and white is about the only way in which it could look stylish I guess.

    Wow, no really, I'm lost for words...
  15. The irony here is just delicious, you act like a giddy lovestruck schoolboy when you are being fated (gorgeous pic by the way)

    I refer to you in the most general terms as "Darling" and "Sweetie" and umbrage is forthcoming......
  16. Unlike you and I, Holster and I have met. This affords a level of online interaction and understanding in what is being said that is quite different from an utter stranger looking on and making vapid statements about what is written, and calling people "sweetie" and "darling", which without first meeting each other only comes across as condescending and insulting.

    Just a heads up whomever you are, I am not the only person on this forum to have said as much. I am reasonably sure you're just acting out some online fantasy persona, but you're rubbing more than a few people the wrong way. Maybe that is your goal after all?
  17. flux, would it be particularly bad for the bike to chop that garish blue thing at the back off?
  18. A long time back the goal was to get the tank and tail painted in a deep violet with mica, and everything else black (either painted or anodised), hence the colour of the tail. Since then, I've come to enjoy that it offends some people's sensibilities, and have left it as-is.
  19. ..............I concede your point of observance and your retort for want of a better word is "Moderate" as is your candor.

    I express myself in terms of whimsy simply because I view life itself is whimsical....
    It was never my intention to disturb sensibilities, by your comments I can only assume that my presence has been discussed on the other side....

    I shall place my powder puff away and be a little more circumspect.....

    [FLUX] I doff my cap to you "Be seeing you"
  20. Nothing like meeting in person to really get an idea where someone is coming from. It's cool. Heck, I even stuck up for you after someone asked if I had a problem with your first post in this thread, so believe me, there's no actual angst here. The air just needed clearing. Thanks for being a good sport.