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pirelli supercorsa pro.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by JimmyD, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. g'day,

    after 2000k's im nearly up for a new rear tyre, but have seen on the importer of pirelli tyres into aus that you cant get the supercorsa pro, as its only an oe fitment. im after something that could last a bit longer, would be nice if it was a multiple compound tyre (harder in the middle, then soft on the outsides).

    another choice for the rear is the pirelli diablo rosso, i think its a bit harder wearing, and comes in the correct size for the bike (160/60 17 inch). has anybody run this rubber on their bikes?

    what other tyres could work? open to all brands.

  2. rosso aren't bad in the dry, i like there profile, but i reckon they feel a bit hard, probably wouldn't run them again, think through summer i prefer the extra grip and feel of the supers and during winter i much prefer the 016 in the wet.
  3. Metzler racetecs... Not to flash in the wet, as they are about as close to a cut slick as you can get, but they are a soft tyre with great wear. Over 4000kms on my R1 currently with probably another good 2000 before they start to deteriorate.
  4. I got the Supercorsa Pro from a tyre shop as a non-OEM fitment. Won't get them again though, got funny wear on the rear.

    The right tyre depends on your riding and preferences. Try out a whole heap of different ones and see what suits you.
  5. yeah true that, the bike doesn't do many k's though, what do you mean by funny wear? if i get the bike on the track the rear might last a bit longer.

    ah mike, looking for something harder wearing than the supercorsa pro, doesnt matter if it doesn't stick as well, its sliding most of the time anyway.
  6. It gets strange-looking tears off the tread. It's happened with a front Supercorsa SC1 and a rear Supercorsa Pro.
  7. Sweetie you may wish to twiddle with your knobs..
  8. Sounds like cold tear, twiddle with your pressures.
  9. It happened on two different bikes (GSX-R750 and ZRX1200) both of which had suspension set up for my weight. One was done by a local suspension genius, and the other one was done by a well-known shop in NSW - both of them have excellent reputations and have set up thousands of race bikes for themselves and their customers, including my VFR400 racebike. Both times all the damage was done in a single session later in the day. Never had the same problem with any other tyre on the same bikes, or on any other bike.

    Of course, there's always bit of voodoo involved with tyres. Maybe the track temp changed by a couple of degrees each time and caused the damage.
  10. Post pics bro. close ups preferably, boobs if you don't have any ;)
  11. This is the front, which was on the GSX-R. Can't find any pics of the rear. No boobs either unfortunately.

    Attached Files:

  12. dude that looks like a geometry tear, needed more weight on the front end via a ride height adjustment methinks.

    front end pushing wide on corner exit?
  13. :shock: Bajeezuz.

    That thing looks like it's copped an absolute flogging. And you're saying that it's being destroyed in a single session?

    I'd be talking out of my arse if i said i had the foggiest idea about what's causing that, I've never seen that before.

    let me see if i can dig something up for you
  14. I just received my Michelin Power Pures 120/70 & 160/60 17s US$365 delivered (Fed-Exed - 4 days!) from these guys: jakewilson.com

    Currently using Mich Pilot 2CTs, they are dual compound ... and last more than 10 times what you're got on yr current rear tyre! Commuting of course, not tracked.
  15. i think its caused by an incorrect geometry setting ie, not enough weight on the front. what causes it is the front end is pushing wide on corner exit, which makes the front tyre to 'slide' across the road. when it slides, it superheats the top of the tyre and it just melts.

    you can see that because of its not across the whole tyre, just where you're on the gas coming out of a turn.

    watch this video and it has a tyre that has exactly the same problem. the guy goes through what can be done to fix it as that tyre is STILL usable.

    dave moss unsprung: tire wear
  16. Pirelli have also just released the Diablo Rosso Corsa. dual compound and reportedly better than either Corsa III and original Rosso in every respect.
    edit; but really, if you're accustomed to Supercorsas, everything short of race tyre is going to be a compromise.
  17. What compound are you running front and rear??? I haven't been able to extract that kind of wear with them.
  18. Yeah, that damage was all done in a single session at Wakefield. After that I changed the tyres and raised the front end, and it never happened again. I sold the bike a while ago, and then had the same thing happen to a rear Supercorsa SP on my ZRX - again at Wakefield.

    Both times it was at practice days not races; I've always had smooth wear when racing, except for once when I accidentally put too much pressure in the rear and got some odd wear because it was sliding like crazy. It's strange, you'd think crazy wear like that would be more likely to happen when you're going hard from the start on colder tyres.

    I think you're right that it's caused by geometry, but probably because the front end was too low rather than too high. I had forgotten about the geometry changes, as that was over a year ago now and I don't own the bike any more.

    The previous owner had substantially dropped the front end, and I raised it up a bit when I changed the tyres over. After that I never got that bodgy wear again (until I had the SPs on a different bike).

    Thanks for the link - I think geometry might be something that is often overlooked when it comes to tyre wear (and other issues).