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Pirelli Superbike Pro Slicks (tyres)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mr_sikma, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    Looking at getting into track days and have picked up on 07 gsxr600...

    The bike needs tyres and my mate has offered me a set of the Pirelli slicks for free as he used them once and wants something a bit softer!

    From what I've read they are an entry level slick aimed at the track day market for decent grip and good wear?

    Would these be ok to ride on in my first track day or should I look at more of a road type tyre? The bike is a dedicated track bike with no rego and I don't plan on riding it in the wet!

  2. The Superbike Pro's, do they have an SC1, 2 or 3 marking on the side? Why would your mate want softer ones? Is he using tyres warmers? Is he riding fast enough to keep them up to temp?

    You don't need the latest race tyres unless you under 11's @ Mallala.

    These days modern race tyres (slick & treaded) need to be used under conditions that suit the compound & construction they were designed for; you can't just get any old slick and expect it to work.

    I'm guessing the 'Pro' is a one compound model for track day use; fast warm-up and able to handle many heat-cycles; if so, they'll be good to use.

    What track?
  3. is that the diablo superbike pro ?

    should be fine.. you'd probably want tyre warmers, but i htink on pirellis website it says you dont need them for that tyre... but you'd just be wasting laps trying to get them warm..
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  4. From what I understand they are a super hard, super long wearing track day tyre. Deigned not for racers, but for novice and intermediate riders. By the Sounds of it thats perfect for you! My Supercora's are are amazing but last all of 3 sessions at there peak, and you've got to get the suspension and pressures just right or you risk tearing them to shreds. These sounds like the tyres for you!
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  5. I can speak from experience on these, as I run themSe on my race bike (gsxr600). As eluded to above, they are specially designed for track day junkies and amatuer racers who at a club level. They come in one compound only and are designed to work with stock susspension. Perfect for those of us who dont have the latest ohlins, and are still working thier way through finding settings that work for them etc. As Sheeth mentioned with "special compound" (marked SC) race tyres, if you havent got your suspension setup right, and arent riding them hard enough, they wont work and will rip the shreds very quickly. This is not a problem with the diablo superbike pro. Warmers are beneficial otherwise they will take a couple of laps to warm up, but are not compulsary.. These slicks will be great for you, you will have a great time on them! Enjoy!
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  6. Thanks heaps guys for the replies :)

    What scared me off with these is my mate low sided his bike a few laps in on these, but it had just started raining!

    But yeah I'll probably look at some warmers aslong as the funds are good!

    I will be racing at Mallala!
  7. Slicks in the rain? Haha, yeah that'll do it!!
  8. MMMmmm have been through 3 sets on my R1 trackie.. Personally I don't like them - I only stayed with them as I bought three sets when they came out!!! I consistently ride in green at EC/PI ride days and am around 1:50 on the GP circuit at Eastern Creek to give you an idea of how I ride (ie I am old and slowish, but not super slow).

    I prefer a softer tyre as the Pro's will lose grip under power (and I am a smooth throttle guy - no traction control on my girl!). Also the things last forever and a slick that lasts that long just messes with your head!!!!!

    However as a first slick they are probably fine if you are not foolish with the throttle and they are warm. In Jan/Feb with track temps north of 50C they are not too bad, but in May with track temps of 25C you need to be careful!!!!

    Tyre warmers mandatory with the Pro - even for roadies in my view. Even with warmers my first lap is "restrained".....

    My 2c...

    BTW - your mate most likely low sided because of a damp track...
  9. definately not lasting forever for me!

    These are my superbike pros after yesterdays Track day at QR (note: 4 right handers only 2 lefts) using tyre warmers

    This was their second track day. I probably need to adjust my suspension or my style... but I was really enjoying them spinning a bit under power out of the corner :)

  10. Ahhh same as my sc2. What pressure where you running? Looks like (I think!!!!) Cold tearing to me. Was it a cold day??
  11. it was 22 degrees and sunny, not much wind (perfect day really)

    running 29 psi cold.

    I just quickly read this: http://2wheeltuesday.com/2009/06/diy-how-to-read-the-tire-wear-tire-tear-on-your-motorcycle/
    Looks like shock spring tear???

    I have a question for the tyre guru's.... why do slick tyres have a direction?

    Obviously I understand why a wet or grooved tyre has a particular direction, but If I just turned my slick around on the rim so that i chew up the other side, what would happen? :)
  12. I was going to say rear spring rate... I'd check ur sag measurements..looks like you've had fun ! :)
  13. Hmm! Well the spring could be it by that, (have you checked your sag?), it could be cold tearing as the pressures your ment to run (at least with sc2's) is 24 to 26, but! I know my sc2 is bound in one direction, meaning if run the other way, it can destroy itself.

    We we're down to one of 3 then! haha
  14. Hmmm my thoughts, that tyre is not 'cold tearing' (compound too hard for temp of track/day). 'Cold tearing' has more defined tears in the material, sometimes you can get your nail under the tears. That pics shows a tyre being 'overworked', by either too soft a compound or a rear shock passing too much load through to the tyre.

    If 'sag' measurements are done correctly; the 'spring strength' & preload will be 'on the money', that leaves compression & rebound damping, too much or too little of each will cause that, usually it is too much rebound and the tearing will be in about a 3cm band (the part of the tyre that you're on when hard on the throttle on corner exit); not right to the edge as the pic shows. I would think a regular racer would have a good idea by just having a bounce of the suspension in the paddock.

    Tyre rotation is dictated by overlapping of internal belts of the tyre, supposedly running the tyre in the wrong direction could cause seperation of the belts but I've never seen nor heard of it actually happening. Plus, it has also been suggested that, some tyres can get some distortion from being run in a particular direction and will not settle back into an optimum shape when rotated, causing handling issues.

    I always rotate my tyres; Use them at Broadford after Phillip Island, I've never noted any issues. Also to blow another myth out of the water, I've used a plugged tyre (internal repair type, NOT external push-in!) at Phillip Island on a GSXR1000 Superbike without any problems (infact I've used a tyre with two plugs!)

    Need more info about the bike in the pic..... what shock? What lap-time? What settings? Might give us more clues :)
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  15. Pressure needs to be done hot... Rear for Superbike Pro is 26-29 HOT (according to Pirelli)...
  16. Its a 02 Triumph TT600, the rear shock is stock as far as I'm aware, It's only my third track day ever... So I haven't played with the suspension at all, and I have no idea of my lap times.

    I'm riding in the green group pretty comfortably, the 1L bikes get me down the straights, but I catch up a bit in the corners, but in the green group you can't under cut anyone.
    I think I'm doing most of the damage coming out of turn 3 at QR, I really feel like I'm laying the power down there, and I managed to pass a few guys around the outside which was fun! :) but I'm a total noob, so what 'feels great' for me, maybe can be even better with some adjustment.

    The previous owner said he had it setup by a pro for him, and he weighs the same as me, so I figured that was good enough! :).. I guess not.

    I think on the next track day I do I will get a pro to set my preload, compression and rebound, and hopefully I won't chew thru the tyre so much, cos they aint cheap!
  17. Interesting write up Johnny!

    Have you ever changed the direction of Supercorsas? I got told by the Pirreli man it's a no no but I'd take your word over his for sure.
  18. The distributors would never even suggest anything out of the ordinary because they just have no idea!

    I would not hesitate to try SuperCrosa's in the opposite direction.

    A few model tyres back (D208 or D207 I think), Dunlop race fitters were suggesting that one of their tyres worked better when rotated.

    I use an RK 520XSO chain on my 1000, the importers were trying to tell me that "no way you can use that chain on a 1000, that is a 600 chain! You must use a 520GXW" I've been using them for four years on my 200hp GSXR's; never a problem.
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  19. Get someone to bounce on it, see Matt (the tyre fitter) at Champions ride days, he is a bit of a suspension guru.
  20. Have you had any coaching from Brendan? He will teach you how to be smooth in the corners to minimize tyre abuse.

    Does your Triumph have adjustable idle rpm? Can you turn it up to 3000rpm? Less stress to tyre & engine with a high idle.

    Rear spring too soft or too hard will do that to a tyre; what are your 'laden' (sitting on it) 'unladen' (sitting under the bikes own weight) and 'topped-out' measurements?