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Pirelli Stradas ???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bretto61, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Has anyone tried the Pirelli Strada's. And what are your thoughts???
    I am up for new tires on the viffer. So I don't need super gloo 3,000k semi race tires. ie P.P.'s
    It's a work bike and has to be out there rain hail or shine. And go every where from smooth highway to gutted dirt and gravel roads. So pilots are out of the question. I don't need that sort of grip for this bike.
    What I do need is mileage and puncture resistance.
    I can get a set of these fitted for about $320 F & R which seesm fairly reasonable. Yes a trade price. But I don't think they are that much more off the shelf with a good haggle.
    So yeah I would love some feed back Thanks

  2. I used one of those on the rear of my FireBlade, and quite liked them. No issues grip-wise. I used 3 tyres, and got 4366, 3552 and 5768 MILES out of them. Bit disappointed with the wear to be honest. Although, I tried a Michelin Pilot Road 2 next, and only got 5972 miles out of that (they are supposed to be long-lasting tyres).

    I had 0 punctures in the Stradas, but 3 in the Pilot - whether that means anything I don't know.

    I would have happily used the Strada on the front by the way, they just don't make them.