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Pirelli Scorpion Trails

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PatB, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Well, I got the DR's new shoes fitted on Saturday ($240 the pair, fitted to loose wheels and balanced) and, with a grand total of 60 kms under them, I’m provisionally impressed.

    Took them out for a spin following fitting, to get the mould release off them. For the first time ever, I actually noticed the goop, finding the back end trying to step out when gassing it hard out of T junctions. However, after a bit of hard braking, some slaloming and progressively increasing my lean angle on both sides, they were clean most of the way to the edges.

    Rode into work this morning and got the following impressions.

    Rock solid directional stability. The bike tracks much more positively when running at 110+, where the old Trail Wings let it wander all over the lane without significant rider input.

    Excellent dry grip, with none of the uneasy feeling of an impending front end washout on sharp urban turns.

    No tramlining whatsoever, even on some deeply grooved surfaces. The TWs followed every ripple, although, to be fair, this may have had more to do with their worn, squared off state as they had definitely got worse recently.

    Quiet and smooth. Definitely road tyre standard here, which, I suppose, isn’t surprising seeing as that is, effectively, what they are.

    Unless they turn out to exhibit frightening qualities in the wet or wear excessively quickly, or, by some fluke, I develop an interest in off-roading, I think I’ll be sticking with these for a while. Affordable and confidence inspiring is a good combination in my book.
  2. I've got them on my DRZ400 and they werent scary in the wet. The front isnt confidence inspiring on grass, but it didnt fall out from underneath me either..
  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting them to be. I just haven't tried 'em yet. Showers are forecast for most of the rest of the week here, though, so I'm expecting to find out fairly soon.
  4. I have them on the KLR and have about 2500k's on them, they are great in the wet, dry and not too bad on hard pack. Not sure if I'd try them on sand or mud :)
  5. I havent ridden it in the wet for a while but have no memory of what the tyres were like, if they were really good I'd remember, like wise if they were bad. Which is why I remember the grass, the front seemed to skitter around a lot. Tyre pressures may have had a bit to do with it too, it was set for commuting.
  6. What PSI do you run in them?
  7. For now I've got them at the pressures on the tyre placard. Seems OK for bitumen and the DR never sees anything else.
  8. I have got one on the front of my DR650 I don't really like it in the wet. Tyres are very personal thing though so I guess you will find out soon enough.
  9. Fair enough. Mine replaced a 10 yo Ebay Trailwing though, so my perceptions may be a little skewed :D.
  10. Ah yeah that would do it.

    The pirelli is pretty good in the dry on tar and ok on dirt I am not a fast dirt rider though.