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Pirelli dragon supercorsa pro tyres

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 99sydrd, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Before i order and shell out for the above tyres, i really wanted corsa III 's but unfortunatly not available in 160 size so the next best thing is supercorsa pro tyres according to the pirelli website.

    Are these tyres better than what i have bridgestone battleaxe, my the aim is to improve corner speed and handling, does anyone know if these tyres work better.

    Riding is mostly commuting and afternoon and weekend bashes.

    Please advise, thanks
  2. That's the set I have on bike atm and I must say I'm impressed by how much better she corners, brakes, etc... But then again I had a set of Dunlop Qualifiers before, and that's pretty much one of the worst choices for sport riding IMO.
    The problem with the Supercorsas (and make sure to get the street version of it, as there are race ones too!) is that they're not very good in the wet. They won't kill you if you take it easy, but they have no thread on the last cms of the tire. That slick part is what makes it so much better (and fun) on the dry, but on the wet it means that if you go there you may not come back
    Having said that, once when they've been properly warmed up (and that is a MAJOR thing on supercorsas), in the dry on my 600cc I can pretty much go WOT whist at full lean and they will handle it without complaining at all. Braking is now so composed it makes me feel like I started braking too early.
    They will take a little longer than most tires to reach optimum temps and can be a bit slippery when cold. But on my bike every slip has been VERY controlable and not much of an issue.
    I'm sure other people will have different opinions on these tires so don't just listen to me. The only advice I can give you that is bullet proof is GET YOUR BIKE'S SUSPENSION SORTED BY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING AFTER YOU CHANGE YOUR TIRES/TIRE BRANDS.

    Ps: Have you considered the Pilot Powers 2CTs? They have more of a V shape when compared to the Supercorsas and that is said to improve bike's flickability. And that can be a good thing on a sport tourer, no? I never had a set myself though...
  3. I'm currently using dragon pro supercorsas on my ZX9R. They're very good. I do however prefer the handing characteristics of the Bridgestone BT-002s I had on last. Both tyres offer exceptional grip, and both are quite race focused so you do need to remember always to warm them up before you go having fun.

    I think the Supercorsas are a significant step up from the pilot powers.

  4. If you are smooth on all aspects of your riding, they aren't to bad in the wet, but yep get heat into these tyres and they work well wet or dry imo.

    great tyres in the dry :wink:
  5. To be honest I'm yet to ride them in the wet (and will avoid it if possible) I just thought I give him the same heads up I was given. :wink:
  6. Yeah, there's no tread on the las inch or so of the sides... But then, I dunno about you, but I'm not the kinda guy who does his chicken strip exterminations in the wet... Chris V can KEEP that shit!
  7. In a recent rain soaked ride I was surprised with the BT002's. Although not exactly inspiring massive amounts of lean, as long as you are smooth and precise they are ok in the wet.

    Slimey green roads are a different matter, especially if you don't see/realise until you are upon the crappy stuff. By that time you've gone in too fast/sudden and they slip a little.
  8. Just stick Pirelli Diablo Rosso's on the bike and then wonder where they've been all your life...