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pirelli diablos bulk order

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. ok, reposting this as i can't find the original post anymore.

    bob jane t-mart on elizabeth st in the city can do a set of diablos fitted for $405 with netrider discount ($430 with a corse front). They are going to get back to me re bulk discount.

    Can anyone who is interested in getting a set of diablos let me know and i'll see what i can do. i know it would be good to have a better price indication but that'll come soon.

  2. How much for Pilot Powers?
  3. don't know, didn't ask them
  4. How much for Bridgestone BT014/020's ?
  5. My wheelbarrow needs a new front tyre .... did you ask them about as price for that too? Jeeez, looking at the topic subject on the content of your body, why didn't you get a price on wheelbarrow tyres too? :LOL:
  6. Scooter,

    Bob Jane in Elizabeth quote $480 for a set of Pilot Powers, and the best price that I found was Redwing Honda, who do them for $460.

  7. So that makes them $432 for a set when flashing your Netrider membershp card!?! :)
  8. Thanks Simon, that's better than the $500 I spent last time.
  9. Redwing discounts for netriders as well, at least they did for Knightrider and I on at least 3 occasions. Might be worth contacting them and see if they want to be put onto the Parnters and Sponsors page.
  10. Not entirely sure on that, I do recall them saying, they retail for $500, but they would do them for $480, so the discount is most likely off the $500 price.

    I don't have a netrider membership card, but good point anyway.
  11. What's the difference between a wheelbarrow and and a VFR?
    One carries a load of Sh1t and the other is a load of shit!

  12. yeh sorry about all that, forgot to post full price details. give me the details of your barrow, but you're looking at between $22 and $60. depends on whether you want slicks or knobbies, i wouldn't recomend goign for the $22 13" thin tyre, probably not going to get much mileage out of it
  13. Hur hur hur *dribble falls off of chin* dat's rooolly cleva. Coming from a triumph rider it's really funny, triumph have been trying for years to unseat the VFR as the ultimate sports-tourer and still find themselves somewhere behind ducati in the race to catch the best.
  14. enuff hijacking

    diablos tyres (or wheelbarrow tyres if we can get more than 20 people interested)

    bulk order

    let me know asap
  15. i need some new tyres but i was goin to get the new pilot sport tourer cause i'm riding to work from geelong atm... sucks major arse, the melbourne boringway...

    are the diablos more a sport tyre that i'll only get 4000k's out of or what?

    i have no idea so fill me in and i'll let you know.
  16. OK no more hijacking, (or jacking in your case deyago, ultimate sportstourer pfffft) I asked about the powers as I have had a better run with them than I had with the pirrellis', didn't know if your choice of brand was set in concrete so to speak at this stage or not?
  17. i'm interested as both of my tyres are totalled, but i wont have the money for a few weeks, when are you thinking of doing this?
  18. yeh pretty set, haven't heard a bad thing about the diablos from tt600 or d6 riders, and they make a specific model for the d6 (which fits the tt600 as well), apparently the only model specific tyre pirelli make

    i know the end of last year there was a bulk purchase of the powers on another forum that will probably happen again (someone here will remember the details)
  19. depends on how many people are interested, and when they want to do it. probably also depends on when bob jane can get the tyres in. i want to do it sooner rather than later otherwise going to be winter and no point
  20. I would definitely pick the Diablos's over the Powers, they last better on a really hot track day, whereas the Powers and equivalents (BT-012SS) slide around a bit.

    If you guys are serious about this let me know and i can post it up on the CBR250.com forum, we tried to get a bulk buy, we had 8 people wanting 180/190 powers, but we couldn't get it organised..