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N/A | National Pirelli Diablo Superbike pro slicks

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by KANGA, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I managed to get a set of these which were minimally used for cheap. I've heard some people saying you don't have to use them with warmers. Kind of skeptical, theres nothing about it on the pirelli website. I'll run warmers anyway because I figure in any case I'll be able to up the pace faster and the less time spent warming up tyres time better spent. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with them and the warmers debate.


    *edit* upon posting I'm not sure if I put this in the right area, just did so on impulse since its where most of the NR track riders post up. Apologies mods if its in the wrong spot.

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  2. I got some as well, I read reviews that they don't heat cycle also. Doing first track day next month so can't comment until then
  3. Yeh mate these are what they call a track day tyre. They are believe it or not one rung down from the DOT race tyres such as Supercorsa SC, D211 etc.

    These tyres have a stiffer sidewall like a normal sports tyre and claim no suspension changes are needed. When I went to slicks (the race ones) my suspension felt awful, I had to turn all the dampers right up and it still felt shit. I got my suspension revalved and now it's fantastic. But that's 100% race bike.

    You need to think of these tyres as an economical way to do track days, they are dirt cheap ($380 a set from Craig White for the metzeller version), last forever and you should be able to bolt them on and still get the advantage of better feeling sidewalls without the squirmy feel you get from treaded tyres. They aren't the ducks guts, but when you start exceeding the limits of them then worry about a more expensive tyre.

    The warmers thing is legit, just treat them the same way you tread your current road tyres (start at same pressures etc)
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  4. +1 what @UDLOSE said, just keep in mind that you will get to a point grip wise that you'll need to get rid of them and move up. (probably before they wear out, as they last forever!)
    They have a tendancy to spin up quite easily in the corner exit so just be aware of it and dont highside yourself as you start getting confident!
  5. I've spoken to a few people and they reckon they do well up until the 2:15 lap times then they start to spin up on you but I guess its still down to how hard you accelerate out of corners. I'm in the mid 30s at this point so they should do me well for a while. My front warmer died on me last time I was out at the track, guess its a bit of cost cutting and I can do without.
    I actually got them for 150 bucks barely touched from a guy who was riding red group. He said he went out for 1 session, tried to chase after a A grade racer spun up the rear and low sided. That being said he does laptimes of 2:05 so I think I'm fine for now lol.
    Thanks for the answers guys!
  6. Say you dont use warmers, and you get ~7-8 laps a session and you spend the first 2 warming them up, that's 25-30% of the day you spend warming your tyres up in total. Tyre warmers allow you to spend more time riding from T1 than warming up your tyres (accepting some tyres are more sensitive to temp than others), plus all the other benefits. So they save you money ;)
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  7. Oh I was so hoping somebody wouldn't point that out lol Yeah that's definitely my other school of thought, friend of mine runs corsa SP's but uses them for that exact point. Think I'm just desperate to get track side again. Though not really liking the idea of speeding around at 200kph in this cold! Might just accept that I will have to hibernate over winter.
  8. It's still more economical to run the trackday slicks for as long as you get away with them, warmers or no warmers.
  9. I'm only just at the crossover point where it warrants the race slicks. I decided I'd bite the bullet and get the suspension and everything fine at once. So far I've got 6 days out of my metzeller race slicks (k2/k3), that's running around the 2:15 mark on the full circuit. Thats riding pretty cleanly though, I could easily squeeze some more time out laying into the throttle harder out the corners and tearing up the rear bit I'm trying to focus on riding smooth, hitting my apexes. Theres always major traffic in green group even at those lap times. I figure I'm not qualifying so theres no point killing my tyre for a hot lap only to be held up anyway. I'm trying to see how many days I can squeeze out of these slicks. At this point it looks like they'll probably go off before they run out of tread, if I find that's the case then I won't be so worried about ripping them up. I'm planning to race next year so I'm hoping I learn about the life of these so I know when to replace them. When my last tyres (DOT race) went off it was like a switch, turn up to a trackday and slipping everywhere.
  10. How many different tyres have you tried out of interest Marty?
  11. Track tyres with warmers - just Pirelli SC (SC2 front, SC3 rear) and Metzeller Racetec Slick (K2 front and K3 rear compounds). The metzeller a are the race slicks not the trackday slicks.

    The pirellis were great but insanely expensive, the slicks are better value.

    I've also used some road tyres over the years, started out with Pilot Powers which were rubbish, then Pirelli Supercorsas (I've used the old dragons and the newer SPs) they were exceptional aswell but again more expensive than race slicks.

    Slicks are better value for sure, but when it rains it sucks
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  12. UDLOSE with the tyres going bad like a switch........how bad was it and how much use did you get out of them?

    At this stage I think my Dunlop GP Racer slicks will also just expire before I wear them down........maybe its time to just go out and fry them up :)......I know a guy who sells his slightly used race tyres for cheap :).
  13. You and Trent got ripped off by the weather at Wakey.........one session.
  14. When the front pushes and the rear spins, you'll know. Some tyres you can run to the cords and others to the bottom of the sipes and they're prob done (e.g. gpa's/SC's). Depends on the level of racing 'course (FX = diff set per day = $$ and lots of spare half worn tyres), machine hp and track conditions, but one way to do it for club racing is to race on fresh rubber (e.g. sat & sun) and use the takeoffs for the next practice day before the race weekend, then install fresh rubber again Friday for racing Sat/Sun.
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  15. I'm only going into club racing (st George clubsport 600), its going to take a while to crawl my way up from last. As long as I learn how my tyres go off so I can see it coming. My slicks have enough days on them now that I should have a new set ready to go incase they turn to shit. Still got tread depth left but about 6-7 heat cycles.
  16. Ha, last? You'll be surprised how good you'll go! Good on you for doing it, it will be unreal I'm sure.
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  17. #17 KANGA, May 31, 2013
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    ughhhhhh saving money sucks, wanna be back at the track. You guys are getting me excited.

    *edit* now that I have re-read that it sounds so wrong.
  18. Marty, going by your times at your first Wakefield getting held up by slower traffic....I think youll do pretty well.

    When I get fast enough I might join ya guys :)...........dont hold your breath though im a slow learner heheh.

  19. Hahaha just to remind you, ive highlighted that section again lol.......
  20. Maybe I wouldn't get so excited if you could stop referring to him as Mary for more then 5 minutes!!!!!