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Pirelli Diablo Rosso II

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by OzzyDevil, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Hi as some of your know i have a ninja 250 and i'm looking at upgrading my tyres so i'm looking at these tyres i know there is good review on them but is there anyone out there that use them ??

    The size i want are
    rear 140/70-17 My stock tyre is 130/70-17
    front 120/70-17 My stock tyre is 110/70-17

    So does it matter if your go one up in Size ??

    For the Ninja 250 i just heard great reviews on them heat up quick and they stick to the road plus there good in the wet from what i read...

    Any help would be great :)
  2. Why do you want 120 on the front? There is a thread on the ninjette forum about the tyre if you haven't look at it already.
  3. Excellent tyre but size does matter.
  4. Generally a bigger tyre gives a little more grip but slows down your steering.
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  5. I've ridden on them and also had a play with a Corsa (fitted to my bike by accident before they put on a Rosso II again) and they're a good tyre with okay mileage.. They don't give up grip at all, they stick to the tarmac very well
  6. Thanks everyone for all your comments... :) The front tyre i don't mind leaving stock i just read a in one of the forums i am with that alot of the ninja riders use them but the smallest back tyre only goes down to a 140/70-17 and fits in very well...

    So getting the front tire in a 110 i don't mind getting that size i thought the more tread the better the footprint :)
  7. I use these tyres and find them great. They are a dual compound tyre being quite hard in the center, so are pretty good for commuting, but good grip once off center.

    Can't help you with the different size for your bike though, sorry.
  8. It can be less footprint putting on a too big size, especially at lean.
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  9. Yeah mate spoke to MMMTS and we decided to stick with a 110 on the front and go for a 140 on the back :)
  10. Just to let you know, if you go a 140 rear tyre on the ninja you will end up with a 2 mm gap if your lucky between swing arm and tyre on the right side, hard ridden left hand bends may cause tyre to rub on the swing arm :)

  11. Ok thx there are alot of people with the ninja 250 running the 140 and some with the 150 on the back...
  12. So have you change your tires yet? Can you let me know how much it cost?
  13. Will do getting them in 3 weeks roughly about 370 for both check out bikebiz.com.au they have them in there :)
  14. 140 won't be as sweet a ride as 130.
    big difference in tipping in and will wear badly so the ride only degenerates more as the tyre wears
    no idea why you'd want to do that.
    i can understand why a retailer would be happy to sell you that, but if he's advising it, shop somewhere else.
    if you went for a lower profile in a 140 it would be totally shit, so i hope you still get a nice pointy tyre to compensate for the extra width.
    it's also going to effect the gearing on a small bike.

    i always stick with the narrowest rear i can get away with. but then, i use the bike for riding.
    that's the tyre putting the power down on the road. i don't need it for stopping.
    all the new bikes seem to come with 190 rears these days, but they'd be sooo much better with 180's.
    it's function following form. might as well just buy a cruiser.

    i know it's not such a big deal with a 2fiddy. but after a few decent summer blats, you will notice the difference and regret the choice.
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  15. Or better yet, ask [MENTION=37691]MMMTS[/MENTION]. Best prices in Melbourne.
  16. Was gonna say 'Why not keep the tyre business in the famliy?' MMMTS looks after everyone, and treats the bike as if it's his, [does grouse burnouts] am kidding lol !!
  17. 140 is the smallest size for the Diablo Rossi II.
  18. You need to be careful about over-maintaining your bike. Watch out for cupcakes.
  19. I would goddie but he doesn't sell them tyres :(