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Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by dirtydannyd123, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Ok, I’m not that good at reviewing stuff nor am I able to describe the intricacies of tyre performance and feedback like moto journos or experienced racers could, so bear with me.

    Coming of a Mich Power front, Road 2 rear combo onto the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa was an interesting experience. I have to think back to when my Michelin combo was new to compare apples with apples.

    The only thing in favour of the Michelins that I can think of was that they appeared to turn in much faster. The bike tended to want to ‘fall’ on it’s side quicker.

    The DRC’s are by no means slow. I’d use ‘controlled’ compared with ‘fast’ to describe the tip in.

    On my ride last weekend I can attest to the confidence that these tyres inspired. I just had the feeling that these were not going to ever let go on a dry road. I felt confident in tipping in and nailing the throttle early on while staying leant over.

    On the way home, stopped at the traffic lights waiting to turn right, I was overcome with hooniness. The lights turned green. I accelerated and as I turned sharp right I nailed the throttle and felt the front come off the ground, mid corner while I was leant over. Keeping the throttle nailed, I straightened up and continued with the front wheel lofted approximately 1 foot off the ground until I hit the rev limiter. My point is that even while leant over, the back didn’t struggle for traction at all. Instead it lifted the front wheel.

    So, I’m a pretty happy chappy. I wonder what milage I’ll get? I have a PI trackday coming up and Broadford after that so I’m pretty confident that I won’t low or highside my precious in a non-insurance environment!

    Who else is running these and what do you think?


  2. Good write up mate!

    What kind of price can you get these for?

    Might help us out if you let us know what bike you're riding, too ;)
  3. I think they were $550ish... Can't remember.

    Bike is a 2008 Speed Triple so it's got plenty of torque but not the hp of a late model 1000cc superbike.

    I've got nearly 28k km's on the clock now. A trackday typically takes about 1000km's of life out (give or take). I'll see how I go for milage and post up here when they wear out.
  4. Pirellis have always tended to be my default tyre, but I'm running Metzlers at the moment and I think they are better.

    Mind the big 'tona is sensitive to tyres and tyre pressure.
  5. Keep me posted Danny..... Need new set soon and have been thinking of these...Katt rekons there pretty good

  6. Ive got a set and I love them, your write-up was spot on OP. I came from pilot powers and they felt exactly as you said, quicker to drop to the side but the pirelli's feel so much more solid and measured when you lean.

    The first ride up to the twisties that I did on these tires I got all of the wax off the rear and all but a cm or less off the front, they didnt slip once :)

    P.S. I got mine cheaper via a friend who works at a bike shop
  7. These are the next set of tyres going on the zed.
  8. Did Superbike School level 1 on a newish set of these yesterday. Was my first time on a track so I'm certainly not an experienced rider, but gee these tyres just felt awesome all day long. As my skills progressed, I was leaning in faster and harder on these things. Really enjoyed myself. Was running the OEM Dunlop qualifiers prior - but like I said they'rd never seen a track so couldn't compare.

    Not sure how many km's I'll get out of these are they got a bit messed up after yesterdays effort!
  9. I prefer pures
  10. You'll probably be happy with them. I think they're a bit $$$ than the pures but if you didn't like the pures that much it's money well spent :beer:

    I had a little front slide around the 2nd apex of turn 2 at Phillip Island (I hear there's a gremlin that resides there :eek:hno: Can anyone comment? :rofl:) . I think that had more to do with my suspension as I was fiddling and tweaking it throughout the day 'Tweaking' means f**king with it. I'm a hack, not a suspenion guy and I think I gave myself a dumb front end setup 8-[ Also, the Speed has less weight over the front wheel than sports bikes.

    I'm pretty sure that the front DRC is a single compound compared to some others (pure, BT016) that are dual compund. Not saying that's why I had a 'moment'. Just saying. The rear is dual though.

    Apart from that it was all good. Rear tyre was solid throughout the day. I can compare it directly to a Pilot Road 2 as when my PR2's were new I did a trackday at Winton. After about 4-5 laps the PR2 would start to squirm under power out of corners. I believe (note, I'm no expert. This is my opionion) that this was due to the tyre overheating as the PR2 has a thicker sidewall as it's more touring orientated. The DRC's didn't budge and there was no degridation over time. After the first 'easy' warmup lap I could power on as hard as I could out of honda and MG corners and there would be no squirming at all. Having said that, I'm comparing a 'sports touring tyre' to a 'hypersport' tyre. Apples and oranges but hey, I can compare so there you have it.

    Good move (y)

  11. Currently running Metzeler Lazertec's (yeah, sport-touring) on my GSX-1100EF. They're a bloody nice tyre to ride on, really don't have any quality that I don't like. Decent grip, wear seems to be good, they give good feedback and they weren't dear to buy.

    I'd say the big limiting factor for them is my riding skill - I'm used to thrashing a bike with less than 50hp and a fuelled weight of less than 150kg, so the Big Zook is a Big Step Up!

    Cheers - boingk
  12. Keep me up to date Danny on how they are :biker:
  13. The other half runs the DRC's on his '09 s3 - i think it cemented one of his final stages b4 entering full hoon hood! He absolutely loves them, promotes allot of confidence indeed, warm very quickly & stick really well.

    I'm running DR's and am thrilled too, although I'll prob get a little more life out of mine.
  14. Lol are you serious? They are only my list of don't ever buy. My mate on an r6 tried them out, he came from dunlops, he's a good rider does 1,52s around the creek etc. So far he's crashed at the creek and lost the front end countless times. When we go for a ride on the mountains my tyres look like they've done a track day and his are much colder with no shredding. When I was running pilot powers and he was on his Q2s (I think) it was the other way around. We are going to the drags tomorrow so he can burn they shit out of them.

    I didn't mind the pilot powers they never caused me danger like my mate with his pures but once I switched to the pirellis the improvement was drastic. Sure they won't last but it's totally worth it.

    With the tipin mich vs pirelli I found the initial tipin of the pilot is much greater than the pirelli but it comes at a sacrifice and when your right over. I'll never go back.
  15. When it comes to tyres, everyone has their own opinion, the comparisons are almost always subjective. In my case I can only comment based on my experience and I have had no issues with the pures on my bike, no 'moments' or issues at all and I have no 'chicken' strips on the rear (or the front for that matter) so they have been well used (this is my 2nd set). My rear tyres has 'shredding' on it after a hard session and get nice and warm and sticky. I personally really like the profile in comparison the other tyres and particulary the DRC as I've heard they don't 'tip in' as easy as the pures. The pures have a steeper side profile (more V shaped) than most others and this (in my opinion) gives more contact area when leaned over.

    Generally, though, a softer tyre (which I assume the DRC is) will give better grip, there is a trade off between durability and grip that needs to be considered. I used to run road 2ct which would give up to 10,000km rear, the pures are around 5-6,000 which I'm happy with, anything less is probably more suited for track use.

    When I hit the track again in future, I will not run road tyres but will fit a new set of something soft and use them for the day and be done with them. For track use you want the absolute best grip possible, the criteria for chosing a tyre then changes as durability is no longer a concern.
  16. Me and a few mates just did a road trip from Sydney to Bright Vic, 2 of us were running on Diablo Corsa Rosso's, and both of us had a 'moment' where we beleived we should have came off, but the tires kept us upright. For example, on the edge of your tires there is usually a little strip of moulding around the lip between the tire wall and the bit of the tire that you ride on. I managed to round off this part coming around a corner too fast and the damn tire didnt even slip! I was riding on the wall of the tire and somehow made it through the corner.

    They did very well on the highway too, no evidence of flat spots after about 1000ks in a straight line.

    Although I did crash on the trip it was my fault not the tires haha
  17. I enquired about these during my last tyre change - stuck with original Pilot Pure 2CTs which I not only love personally but are highly regarded by both rider/bike mechanic.

    However, having read magical reviews on the Diablo Rosso Corsa's herein and conversations with my bike mechanic/service centre, these will be my next tyre of choice. I'll know which tyre suits me best after comparing these two.

    Snowman, sorry to hear of your crash mate. Hope you're okay.
  18. Out of interest spawn have u actually ridden on pirellis? How would describe your riding style.

    Me and my mate with the r6/pures run at the same pace but have very different styles which has been observed by our mates.

    My mates style is very aggressive, he tips in very hard initially which I believe is suited to the michilon profile. When he crashed at EC it was loss of rear traction into a lowside. I think he likes the profile but hates the compound.

    My style on the other side is very smooth and flowing I run it deep into the corners under brakes and on hairpins etc I'll gradually bring it over to max lean and that's the part where I found the pilots would put up a fight (resistance that requires force to push through which I will not do) at the last 3rd of the lean where the pirellis will just keep tipping at the same rate till I hit the ground if I wanted to.

    It might be unrelated but I'd only ever knicked my knee slider a couple of times on the pilots (I ran them for 2 years/30,000kms) on the second ever run on the pirellis I could get my knee down on every 3rd corner, I've done a handful of rides on them and I need new sliders. I have so much confidence in these tyres at big lean now.

    On a different note I had heaps of trust in the pilots in the rain but I have very little in the pirellis. I don't know them that well yet but I tell they don't cut it in the rain. I don't care about pushing the limits in the rain anyway but it's definitely the tradeoff with the pirellis.
  19. No I haven't, although I would like to try them out at some point as they do sound good but it's a major effort to switch a set of tyres out. I think I might try them out next time I do a track day as, like I said, I would prefer max grip for track use and don't care how long they'd last. Do you have an idea of many kms the DRC's last for?

    As for riding style, I tip in reasonably quickly on entry and maintain the lean through the corner, I wouldn't say I'm overly aggressive as I try and be as smooth as possible entering and exiting not just for lean but for deceleration/braking and acceleration out of a corner.

    I used to ride on Road 2CTs and always felt I had to work hard to get the bike leaned over (using countersteering etc) but after switching to Power 2CT and now Pures this isn't an issue anymore, as a matter of fact, the first time I got my knees dragging was within a week of switching to the Power 2s, I was stoked!

    The main reason I switched to Pure from Power 2 was after high-siding the bike at PI at Siberia (aka high-side corner) after losing the rear quite severely on an old 10,000km road 2 rear (still had tread, but probably too many heatcycles), since then I've decided the more grip the better (but must last at least 5000km, give or take) hence why I'm happy with the pures. Not to completely blame the tyre for the high-side but it was definitely a factor. The other being the camber on that damn corner lol. It rolls off while you're still at full lean and starting to twist the throttle on exit.
  20. I think this explains exactly what hubby & I went thru last wknd & the tyres did extremely well, I was really shocked & thankful to be honest (& pooed my pants!!) Seems I'm not a fan of TT personally!

    PS, Marc that camber is a biach indeed!