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Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by stewy, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. So need a new front tyre and want to make the switch back to pirelli, after running the bridgestones and that isn't because i didn't like the bridgies but the mileage out of the 016's is just utter shit (under 5000k from both front and rear)...

    So was looking to switch back onto the rosso when i noticed pirelli have released a new Diablo Rosso Corsa, so did some digging and they are a slightly more grippy rosso, but whats the mileage like anyone currently running this new tyre, hows it wearing?

    Anyone got any feedback, is it worth the extra $$$ for this tyre or just stick with the rosso???

    cheers stewy
  2. Pirelli are saying it's a direct replacement for the Diablo Corsa III - a multi compound tyre for road and track days. In the same way that the standard Rosso succeeds the standard Diablo, I guess. The regular Rosso is a definite improvement on the old Diablo, so I'd be hoping for the same for this new Rosso Corsa.

    Old Corsa III didn't appeal to everyone, so let's hope so.

    I think I'll be trying one on the front very soon. Pirelli are making some claim to longevity in the advertising, but we'll see.

    (Wouldn't you think they'd be keen to get Troy Corser to do their ads? :-s)
  3. do you really need that much grip? the diablo corsa III's are like shit on a blanked and my rear on the buell has 6.5k on it (squared off from commuting but another thou or so left in it)
    and the front has tonnes. never had an issue with the grip level. theyre a little slow to tip in though
  4. nope your right the rosso grip up pretty well (wish i could say i could get them spinning up on exits) but if i can get more grip and maintain a decent mileage why wouldn't you.....grip is everything and it's a balancing act between grip/$$$/km

    From the places i have called looks like they aren't out yet, even had one place tell me corsa 3 are the new tyre ](*,)
  5. grip is good but if you aren't using it its a waste because as you know the more grip the less wear.

    if your commuting and can get 12-15k out a pilot road/conti road attack and still have plenty off fun on the weekends then you would be mad to get a tyre that you need to replace 4 times during that period.

    that said i have a new bt016 rear sitting ready to go on in a sec :p
  6. Hi guys,

    New to riding and got no ideas on choice of tyre. I'm due for my 6000km service soon on my cb400 and am assuming a new set of tyres won't be far off.

    I use the bike for daily commute (20-40km per day) and the odd rides etc. What sort of tyre should I be looking at when the time comes for a change. I've currently booked my bike in for a service at Raceway Suzuki. Should I also get my tyres done there too or are there other specialist bike tyre shops that do a better/cheaper job.

    After reading horror stories of PS putting tyres on back to front it's certain I'll be staying away from them.

    When the time comes do you change both at once or one at a time depending on which one gets worn out first. What do you look at to determine if a tyres worn? Trear, sidewall etc?

  7. theres wear level indicators, like on car tyres. google it.

    something like a micchy pilot road would be best for you. huge life, grippy sides good for twisty riding unless you are dragging knees all the time.

  8. good luck with the 016, front 3200(could maybe get another 500 out of MAYBE, and rear was on the steel belt :-s at 4000km, farking worse tyre wear i have ever had, but geez they stick like shit to a blanket, also ben chatting to a few that where saying the suspension not being set correctly is probably adding to tyre wear, but the last set of rosso i got almost twice those km, so dunno
  9. yeah it seems like belts at 4thou is less than it should be.

    it should be directly comparable to the corsa 3 which should get me 7+ and the buells got a little more poke than the sv but is lighter which might make a difference .

    you must be riding pretty hard or have allot of rear bias or poor pressures to destroy it that quick.

    i still thing generally the stickier the worse wear. i dont think there is a tyre that will do it all perfectly as you said its always a comprimise.

    im even more suprised the bt-016 got that few a kms considering its not their top of the line stickiest tyre.
  10. Pilot Road 2, IMHO. Much better tyre, but a bit more expensive.
    Unfortunately it doesn't suit my bike.
  11. yeah thats what i meant.

    ive had a couple of road 1's , good on wear but when they heat up they skate around. dont take em to the track like i did
  12. just for the record i do you ps tyre shop in ringwood, the last few times, and so far no problem, though i do take the wheel of the bike myself and drive across and have them fit it.

    Imo call round get a few prices sometimes it's just as easy to have them change the tyres when it's in being service.....

    agree with the comments about a pr2 if they suit your style them seem to have plenty of grip and get decent mileage,in saying that i am not a fan of them
  13. micchy pilot, pilot road 2

    So far these are the 2 tyres that have been mentioned. Which one would suit my needs better? Taking off the tyre and getting it changed seems like the cheaper and better alternative but I have no tools and won't trust myself to do it like that and would probably ride in and get them to change it while I wait.

    Yes getting the tyre changed when at service seems the way to go.

    Well I don't know what my style is as yet as I am a new rider but would ideally like a tyre that offers high mileage, offers grip and is affordable.

    No knees down action or anything as yet as I am not that confident yet.
  14. if you can't swing a spanner you are sorta stuck and have to put some trust in someone else, may i suggest over time you can buy a few tools, for general maintenance, there use to be a few spanner nights which covered the basics

    But as you got through tyres you will find every brand feels different, from slow/fast tip in, feedback, and lean angles, also riders styles and bike styles also add to it....

    Get your riding sorted first then try a few different tyres and see for yourself (y)
  15. Don't want much, do ya! :LOL:

    Only you can decide what is affordable. The Micchy Pilot Road is a single compound sport touring tyre. The Road 2 has harder compound in the middle (for longer life) and stickier compound on the shoulder to give more grip when cornering. You don't need to be getting the knee down to appreciate extra grip. That's how you get confidence. But it does cost more.
  16. Thanks for the advise brother as it's highly appreciated. Makes a lot of sense for me in time to do things on my own as I have a huge garage which is fairly empty and would be ideal to do mechanical bits and pieces on the bike myself.

    I could swing a spanner but I won't know what I'm swinging. I think one of the spanner nights just went by. Maybe if there's another at a time when I need new tyres I'll partake in it.
  17. Not at all :p

    By the way OP sorry for hijacking your thread :roll:

    So you're saying either will suit my purposes fine then? Micchy pilot road is cheaper & road 2 is a bit more but has more longeivity and grip..
  18. (Apologies also for the hijack). PR2 has similar wear to PR(1), but more grip on the edges. You will only wear out the PR2 faster if you ride like a demon in the corners.
    Best you check that what you can get in your size before you make a decision.
  19. i meant the mishy pilot road 2 anyway. just get that one. its a better tyre than the 1 and the cost difference isnt much for the longer millage and better grip
  20. Thanks titus. This info will definitely come in handy.

    Yeah slick PR2 seems the better way to go.