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Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa (Q2/Sportsmart next)

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by arc, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. '11 ZX10-R purchased new 7/1/11, 34k kms (5 track days), been through six Pirelli Diable Rosso Corsa (DRC) 190/55/17 rears and five DRC 120/70/17s plus the set of BT016's that came as OEM. Ready for a new front right now and a rear in perhaps a thousand kms/one more track day. Been paying $505-565 fitted for a set.

    I'm loving the DRCs on the track (Broadford/PI), as has been mentioned elsewhere at the end of a PI session they're like duct tape: sticky as a stick. Whilst I've been riding all winter and at an often spirited pace I've had some trouble getting them to temp on the road. Been running 36F, 42R cold (granted, too high for the twisties) and reduced the rear to 40 cold on occasion on the road & for the track between 32-34 hot with warmers at 70C.

    Had a few rear squiggles at CSS#2 (wet track, very cold surface, cold tyres, no warmers) and a couple of heart in mouth moments on Reefton (leaf litter/twigs), certainly I'm no expert and have a long way to go, otherwise absolutely no complaints on the grip level. I don't think mileage is good though as attested to by the number of tyres I've gone through.

    Here's what the right hand side DRC looked like after Broadford (warmers @ 60C, cool day/track):

    Click to enlarge ->[​IMG]

    Here's what the left hand side of my second last DRC looked like after PI (warmers @ 70C, warm/sunny day, cool/warm track, suspension set up by SWRacing):

    Click to enlarge ->[​IMG]

    Been reading about the Dunlop Q2s/Sportsmarts, thinking of trying these as my next set mainly for the increased lifespan I'm hearing about.


  2. Wait, your 2011 model has 34,000kms on it? Solid effort there :eek:

    Where on the tyre did you need the extra lifespan? On the edge of the tyre or the centre? If you're chewing up the middle maybe get a dual compound which is a bit harder in the centre. There is a new pirelli tyre which I've put on called the Rosso II which has similar dry grip to the Corsa from reviews (haven't ridden both or have the skillz to make a meaningful comparison) but is a lot longer wearing on the middle bit, and the wet grip is increased while the warmup time decreased.
  3. Get it right had 34k on it on the 30th Sept, probably over 40k by now...:p

    Someone who genuinely bought a bike to ride it (y)
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  4. Had the Dunlop SportSmarts on for ~500kms now...first impressions vs the DRCs:

    - hotter surface temperature
    - faster tip in
    - rear giving me more feel
    - great in the wet (torrential downpour)
    - grippy as a grippy thing in the dry

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  5. Q

    how much ?

    and how many K's do you think you will get out of them ?
  6. Pretty keen on the Q2 as my next set too. I like the feedback Dunlops give (partly familiarity from having had a few), and now they're dual compound rear and improved over the Qualifier they sound like just the ticket.

    That new dual compound Pirelli sounds promising too.
  7. $470 fitted (see Kon @ High Octane)...done 1,000kms on them & they still look brand new! The DRCs would be noticeably worn after the same distance. Been right over to the edge of the tyre, no grip issues.

    Running 32F 34R cold...these are ntecs too...can go down to the low 20s hot for track days.

    Very happy with the SportSmarts.

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  8. Told you!!!!!!
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  9. i was looking to get DRC's next.

    Do you only do track days? My riding is weekend runs on the road how are the dunlops on the street?

    by the way i thought DRCs were a dual compound???
  10. Half a dozen track days a year, give or take. Most kms on the road, and at a spirited pace. The 1k kms so far are all street. The Dunlop SportSmarts (DSS) (different tyre to the Q2) are great on the road, per the above posts. DRCs are dual compound on the rear (only). DSS's are ntec and dual compound (rear).

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  11. Thanks for clarifying, it was looking a bit ambiguous :) I was originally undecided between the SportSmarts and the Q2s as the next set.

    For a visual overview of the positioning of these two tyres see http://www.dunlop.eu/dunlop_euen/mc/tyres/on_road/

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  12. This has been very useful thanks, I was looking at these both for my next tyres. I have been running Q2s and will be moving to the sportsmart next. Been getting about 2800-3000 km road riding from the Q2s, worn fairly evenly, usually the sides are worn out first.
  13. on the GSX1400 or the superduke ?

    ...actually, forget i asked.
    either way, ****ing ell, just follow the trail of dead kittens to find you.
    won't be keeping up with you
  14. Haha, actually I am currently running power pures on the GSX1400, but will be trying bt23 next.

    Yes the Dunlops are on the KTM.
  15. I am by no means fast, just poor technique combined with a v-twin that eats tyres.
  16. 1,500+ kms road riding on the sportsmarts, still look new. Been running 32/34 cold, grip is great.


  17. I'm up to 6000k's so far, commuting, playing and a trackday, still loads of tread left. Got a 1700k ride planned for this weekend coming so we will see what they are like when I get back.

    Just fitted a set of DRC's to the wifes GSXR-750 so will be good to compare them.
  18. sorry guys im a little confused are you all now running Q2's or sportsmart's???

    I looked at the dunlop website and can't really tell the difference. Arc that dunlop link was excellent!
  19. i'm confused too, not seeing much diference between tyres, except one could channel water faster.
    but i want what they're having, whichever one that is