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Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Tyres

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by basejumper, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Does anyone ride on these Tyres pls? Did a track day on Monday and I have these on my k6 1000. They are pretty new and have done 1 track day and maybe 1000 road Klms, so they have a lot of tread left.
    Went out on a wet track after my mate had been out for his session so they weren't stone cold.
    It was the scariest 3 minutes of my life.
    I'm no pro rider and don't really like riding in the wet but I have never felt so little wet weather grip on any car or bike tyre in 25 years.
    Had a massive slide on turn 3 using stuff all throttle. Scared the shit out of me. I don't know how I didn't go down. The front felt just as bad.
    Every time I tried to tip the front over at all it felt like it was going to slide.
    I came straight back in and just sat there scratching my head looking at my phone trying to find my therapists number.
    would like to hear from anyone out there who has ridden on these things in the wet before.
    Your welcome to finish sucking your dinner through that straw before u reply. Tx

  2. I have have just put Rosso 2s on my R1 and had done about 500k on them before highsiding at low speed the other... weekend also not a great deal of throttle... It wasn't raining but they were stone cold and may have been a bit damp, anyway not blaming the tyres for what happened but they are rubbish until they get up to temp. My old man runs them on his fz1 which I rode in the wet in warmer weather and they weren't too bad then...
  3. Yip. No feel at all till they get a bit of heat into them. I've even stopped one morning to check if i did not have a flat wheel or underinflated one due to the crappy feeling.
  4. I've had two sets of Rosso 2s, along with the original Rossos the bike came with. I've found that they warm up very quickly and have great grip. But also that they cool very quickly and don't work very well in the wet. I've spoken to Peter Goddard about this as he is a test rider for Pirelli and the reasons are too long to put in a thread but they made sense.
  5. Agree, not good when cold and it's hard to get heat into them. On cold days I found it almost impossible.
    Best used in a warmer climate.
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  6. I've had two sets on my 1098, they are a great tyre with decent wear too. I've done one track session with them in the dry with zero issues. I would use them again, but they have changed to Rosso III which I wouldn't hesitate to fit.

    What pressures do you run?
  7. I have one on the front of a gs500; found it dramatically better than a Bridgestone Bt45 in all regards. Really enjoyed the grip and handling; even in the wet.
  8. I've recently put a set on my 600. Way better than the Bridgestone 003's I had on before. Done about 2000k's. No real dramas, had a moment in the wet getting on the gas early, but it was during the 'see what they're like' period. Normal commuting in the wet's fine.
    Can't fault them in the dry. Plenty of schools use them at the track.
    As Cazzo mentioned - did you consider or try dropping a couple of psi out at the track?
  9. I always run 30 on the track. I actually set them at 32 while they were on the warmers as I figured they would loose a few psi on the cold track as they cooled down abit. Jeff (ware) reckons the creek is always bad in the wet and that maybe there might have been a recent drifting day out there which leaves heaps of rubber on the circuit. My mate who was riding my bike on the day was noting that there was a lot of areas on the track that were fairly shiny.
    Plan is to suck it up and go for a ride next time it rains and get my confidence back.
  10. 1. they're a sports touring tyre.
    2. they're pirelli's........ i've found pirelli's to fluctuate massively with temperature. Like a 3rd grade teacher in menopause.
  11. I had a set until last winter, when they scared me too much. I switched to angel gt and they seen much better!
  12. My mistake these are corsas
  13. It's funny you make that comment (2) about the Pirellis' I've found the Pirellis to be great and very consistent, I have that criticism (massive fluctuations in grip and feel) with Michelins.
  14. Different boats........
  15. Not really.

    There's is your problem. Corsas are pretty shit in the wet, but it's to be expected from a quite track orientated tyre.
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  16. upload_2016-7-15_18-18-32.

    note...... long lasting mileage for absolute road use. not track.
  17. Note the lack of "touring" in the description when compared to Pirelli AngelGt's and the fact I didn't use "track" to describe the Rosso II...

    ANGEL GT , Motorcycle Tyres | Pirelli | Pirelli
  18. Yeah angel gt's are a touring/commuting tyre..... The Rosso 2's have two levels of sports tyres above them... Rosso corsa and supercorsa... That pitches them as a sports tourer, not a sports tyre, and definitely not a track tyre....

    On the good side, my time on the pirelli site revealed I now have options to the supercorsa in 200/55. They're a crap touring tyre.
  19. Out of interest, what state/weather have you used them in?

    Found this interesting, particularly the graph of the grip.... It has a big dip in it as you lean and come back up.

    Pirelli Rosso Corsa vs Michelin Power Pilot 3
  20. I have the diablo rosso 2's on my bike, the pilot 4's l had were shot and had to get fresh tyres for a ride day at phillip island so gave the pirelli's a go, it was in late february so the temp was hot, those tyres got very sticky and were great, very good for normal road riding as well, great profile for tipping in, they have about 3,000km on them with minimal wear in centre, most of my riding is done in mountain twisty roads, not a lot of highway running, went riding up mt hotham in late may when the day was cold, foggy, rain at times and a very damp road surface, as others have said, not the best tyre for those conditions but otherwise great for grip, my thoughts anyway.
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