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pirelli angel ST

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by ch12matt, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Had these fitted on Saturday gsx650f. Even with the wax on them they had more grip than the battle axes i had on them before, I rode from Sydney to Bathurst and back to Gosford through Berowra waters on sunday. My impressions so far the grip levels are great, only had them chirp slightly once under a panic brake. Ill post again after a few thousand kms about how they are wearing in but so far so good

  2. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread cos I am looking at these for my next set. I hate these stock ones on my CB400...
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  3. i got a set of these fitted on the weekend, got rid of most of the chicken strips yesterday on the old road, not pushing it too hard as they are still new tyres and havnt been fully broken in.

    i came of a set of Diablo Rosso II's. they were a nice tyre, but only lasted 8000k's

    in comparison, these are very... um, i dont quite know how to explain it, kinda like smooth. on an alright surface, it feels like you are riding on freshly laid tar. whereas on the Rosso's, they seemed to get more feedback.

    again, i havnt quite broken them in fully so we will see how they go

    also i saw today, pirelli has just released the Angel GT, a new version.
  4. Watching with interest.
  5. I have the ST's and rate them highly as a decent all rounder.
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  6. How would they compare to the Michelin PR3's....?

    Anyone had experience with both? I'd be interested to hear the results.
  7. I only use PR3 on the FJR 13 and get around 10K out of mine usually two up and fully loaded , but I spose I am a little hard on tyres , (heavy right hand). Never had an issue with P3's ever wet, dry, cold or hot.
    But the feed back that I got from another FJR user that fitted Angels and reckons they were shitfull and scary in the wet .
    Just my $0.02 worth
  8. Good to know....

    I am currently running PR3's on the Ape - torquey thing......wet weather riding is very confident.....although I do dull her down with "rain" mode....
  9. Pr3 in the wet ,, well on the Thursday pre Snowy Ride ,, I was part of a group of about 25 bikes going the long way round ,, Melbourne to Merrimbula 1st night . A mate has a GTR 14 loaded same as I was but he had OEM Briggys on ,, he was telling all that the traction control light was flickering on and off due to the crap conditions ,, I didnt feel a thing apart from grip grip and more wet grip. I had full confidence in the PR3 ;s .
    I have done about 50,000 kays on them on two difefrnt bikes
    ( FJR 13 and VFR 750) and they have kept the Tupperware off the Tarmac all this time .
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  10. Set of ST's on the way for my Ninja. Had PR3's on them. Good tyre. The fronts look like someone took a file to them.
  11. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Pirelli's back to back with the PR3's
  12. Will do mate. Have a long ride planned in April.
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  13. I'm on my 2nd set of Angels, I find them to be a great tyre in all conditions that seem to suit my bike and riding style, never had a scare or a close call, can't fault them. But that's not comparing them to anything else, so that doesn't help you much if your looking for a comparo
  14. Still good to know brusa.

    I'm very happy with the PR3's - they could be a little more sticky though.

    I recently road a BMW F800R (pretty uninspiring bike) - however it was running Metzler M5's - they felt lovely......not sure how they'd go in the wet though....
  15. Have done around 1500km, in all types of weather, and i Can't fault them. Even in the wet they have plenty of grip available.
  16. Your bike is a similar weight to mine; what distance did you get from the Angels? I'm currently using tyres that give me impressive distance but the STs seem to offer a good all-round package. Thanks.
  17. Sorry for the slow response Bumble.....from memory I think I got over 12,000 km's from the rear and a bit more off the front and I live in the Gippsland hills
  18. Back from a 2000+km ride. Mix of twisties, long swoopers and straights. First day from Khancoban upto Thredbo we had some rain. All in all very happy. Felt planted. Will be interested in seeing the mileage.
  19. Also thought I'd mention, I've put a set of Michelin pilot power 3's on the Daytona. The originals were Pirelli Supercorsa's. initial impression from the first 200ks is good. If I do get to take it for a track day I'll probably swap them for slicks.
  20. Hey guys and gals ... Want to get a set of these Angel GT's and live on Central Coast NSW. Anyone be able to give me details of retailers that offer a 'Ride in, Ride out' service?