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Pirelli Angel ST, Bridgestone BT023 or Michelin PR3?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Bravus, May 16, 2013.

  1. Just about time for new tyres on the Bandit. I asked a local bike tyre joint about getting some more Metzeler Z8s, because I've been enormously happy with them (18,000 km so far of stick), but they said:

    There have been some problems with Metzeler's at the moment.
    Pirelli Angel ST $445.00
    Bridgestone 023 $450.00
    Michelin Road 3 $460.00
    Prices are fitted and balanced

    There's a place up in Brisbane I might check for Z8s, but it'd be a hassle: of these three (assume the money difference is no biggie), any preferences? I'm not much of a fan of Bridgestones just because I've ridden on their dodgy stocker tyres on a few bikes, but the 23s might be a bit better. There are good reviews here for both the Pirellis and the Michelins.

    Oh yeah, 250 kg Bandit 1200, 100 kg rider, so yeah...

  2. Can't recommend the Michelin Pilot Road 3 enough, but I have heard rumours that they don't do so well on litre+ bikes? I have a 600 and they ride as good in the wet as they do in the dry.
  3. None of those - Bridgestone S20
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    diablo rosso 2 might be worth consideration
    are similar to z8's
    should get you through winter and still leave you with tyres for summer,
    i think the bandit would destroy the pilot road 3's on a warm day.
  5. PM @DisgruntledDog

    He runs a Bandit with PR3's

    Rides > 800kms a week
  6. I had PR2's then PR3's on my K1200RS. Only real difference is wet weather grip in favour of the 3's. tended to be expensive. The Metzler Z8's were standard fit on my K16GT. Two sets in 16000km. Great tyre, crap mileage.

    I've just put Dunlop Roadsmarts II on my bike last week then did a 1600km ride to Kununarra two up and back. The road noise is louder than the Z8's but realistically unless you've got a dirt great touring screen you wouldn't hear it. The grip is pretty impressive. They seem to be neutral in handling, no difference to turn in or out. I've done 2200 km since fitting on Thursday arvo. No sign of any where so far. The Metzlers were showing signs of squaring by now.

    So far I'd say they were as good as PR2's with possibly better life than the Metzlers. Far fewer beer tickets than the PR3's.
  7. PR3 > All, I have even taken them to the track and I just can believe the tyre!
    9000kms on my current pair and both going strong!

  8. Try riding a bit harder, Michelin are absolute shite on the track and let go without any real warning, and thats the Powers let alone the Roads.

    Plenty of people have gone down on Michelins from front end looses with no feel what so ever.

    Michelin are behind the 8-ball these days, they are still loving off the name back when they were the way to go 5 years ago
  9. Maybe I should have expanded on my view, it was a semi wet track day at broady, and for commuting/light stuff/mild twistys PR3's have a decent life and grip...
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And I get a lot of feedback from my front wheel, so sorry but I have to disagree.
  10. Now hanging out for tax time, 'cos the back is getting a tad illegal... but that's at 19,200 km! Honestly, I think I'm gonna go back to the suppliers on the Gold Coast and ask about Z8s again, and if they can't get them try some suppliers in Brisbane. That's how happy I am with them.
  11. They are all fairly safe bet tyres and should perform pretty well. The angels are no longer made so should be runout sale. I thinke they are now called Pirelli gt.
  12. They are all fairly safe bet tyres and should perform pretty well. The angels are no longer made so should be runout sale. I thinke they are now called Pirelli gt.
  13. Just heard from a guy on a European based forum. He just got 5500km out of a set of the new Pirelli GT's. claimed they were great, but wear life was pretty ordinary.
  14. Had PR3, then Angel, now I've gone back to PR3.
    Pretty sure there is a PR3 GT varient for heavy bikes.
  15. Bridgestones... been using them forever, well before they started using them in MotoGP. I can't go past Bridgestones. Get the right ones for the kind of riding you do and all will be good.