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Pirelli Angel GTs

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by lemontree, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    After 10,000km from a pair of Bridgestone Battlax BT023s, I decided to get all the hype regarding the dual compound Agent GTs. I think other markets have got this tyre much earlier than we have - as this literally came in to shore today.

    From what I gather, these tyres were put forward from Pirelli to match against Michelin’s Pilot Road 3s.

    Anyway, some pics below of my new shoes getting fitted this afternoon!



    Claimed to set the record for the longest mileage as per Pirelli's website. Let's see how much truth they hold to that statement!

    Have only done 5kms from the workshop to my house so watch this space for my experience/progress with these Angels...
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  2. I'll be keeping an eye on this as I've been running Angel ST's for a couple of sets now and absolutely love them. Will be due for another set towards the end of this year and was wondering what these would be like. (I remember when the ST's came out, they also claimed the best mileage record at the time)
  3. ive got the ST's, but coming off the diablo II's, they are a bit... meh
    would like to see the findings, since these have dual compound, may be a bit better for my purposes.
  4. I went looking for new Tyres for Enterprise last week. I had my dealer chase these up for me. The front tyre for the K1600GT is only offered as a single compound tyre? Are they kidding? It's 2013 not 1983.

    Feedback from overseas forums suggests that there is still some debate for longevity, at least on the K16. Admittedly the torque level on this bike seem to shred tyres compared up my older BMW's
  5. Watching with interest

  6. looks promising..
  7. So what are they like?

    Are they like the tractor tyres (pilot road 3s)?

  8. Too early to tell yet, only done less than 1000km so far, will know more after thg 5 day Alpine country trip mid November and the 5 day trip in the GOR/Adelaide hills early December. Pirelli are claiming up to 24,000km but I'm not so confident yet, maybe on a postie?
  9. MMMTS just fitted a set of Angel GTs front and back.

    So far they feel much better than the Pilot Road 3s... I hated them enough to take them off after only 2000kays.

    Obviously the profile of the GT isn't as quick as the S20s I had, but it is still quite sporty.

    Still early days. Will update soon after motogp.
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  10. I'd be interested to know how they perform off-road:p
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  11. After doing some more homework, I ended up fitting standard Angel GT's to my K1600GT. They were like riding on Velcro. I was regularly laying my bike over to touch my boots on the ground. I've chewed up two sets of Metzler Z8's and a set of Dunlop Road Smart II's so far this year, averaging just 8500km a set. The Metzler's were good. The stuck to the road well, but the difference between good and stuffed in one case was just 120km. Thanks to BMW for fitting the big girl with traction control. Threadbo is no place to discover a lack of rear traction... The Dunlops were OK. They were really stuffed around 7500km, but I carefully pushed them out a bit further to the same as the Metzler's. The Dunlops never offered the same level of confidence in cornering as the Metzlers.

    My first thought with the Pirellis Angel GT's was that you can't have this level of grip nag get longevity. Apparently you can. At 3500km you could just still read the GT moniker in the centre of the tyre. Thanks to Pirelli, I had the standard rear tyre replaced with the newer "A" spec version. These have a thicker sidewall, better suited to heavier bikes like mine. The grip is better still. When you have +400kg of rider and bike getting enough grip to scrape pegs regularly, it's impressive. I'm proud to say my chicken strips are 50mm wide! Oh wait, thats the sidewalls. There aren't any chicken strips! The grip is so ridiculous, the tyres seem to urge you to see "how low can you go?"

    I've now got 2000km on the newer rear tyre. The front now has over 5500km on it. It still looks like new. This from a bike that has only averaged 8500km a set of tyres. I have supreme confidence that it'll last out past 10,000km. In case any one is curious. During the first BIG down pour of the wet season, I flicked the K1600GT in to rain mode. At the first round about, it felt gutless, detuned by about a third of its out put. I flicked back to normal road mode and rode like I would if it was completely dry. Forget your PR3's. The Angel GT's are as good or better in the wet. Better still in the dry.

    I'm a convert. I was skeptical to start with, but I'll be putting another set on the K1600GT. I'm enjoying the ability to ride something the size of a cruise liner with the grip to give the agility of a 600 sports bike.

    I have 3/4 of a km of pretty ordinary dirt/mud drive way. The GT's work well on the off road stuff to..... ;)
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  12. Mmm , dunno . . . I put a GT front on at the Island on Saturday to the 9r , so it's only done 5-600 k's at the most , had a little front end slip Monday between Korrumburra and Warrigul in the rain . Today had it let go between Nojee and Powelltown in a big way on a right hander - it did re-grip but any longer and I'd have been off . To me it feels decidedly nervous in the wet . Never had that feeling with Pilots . Will see what happens !
  13. ^^ Interesting

    Hehehe.. I did try them offroad. I got this small warning to tone down my offroad enthusiasm


    Reading the above post I thought I'd also give an update on how they perform. The differentiating factor being that my bike doesn't require a heavy rigid license to ride :p

    The Angel GTs have that wooden feel that you would expect with this sort of tyre. Wooden or should I say, "hard".. Not excessively hard, just enough to notice. Expecting the hot/soft tyre feel is asking for too much. The grip from the front is great. The rear is also very good. I did manage to spin the rear a little bit on a couple of corners. But to be honest, I was poking a stick at it, if you get my drift... For testing purposes of course

    Very stable under hard braking. The front gives enough feel so it's easy to carry a little front brake into corners if necessary.

    They have not slowed the steering of the bike. At least not enough for me to care. It's a compromise, right? The turn-in is very predictable. It didn't take long for me to start throwing it around.

    IMO, they are better than the Pilot Road 3. I don't find the PR3s to be sporty.

    I would agree 100% that the Angels are GT tyres ( Gran Turismo )- i.e. they are capable of spirited long distance riding.

    Looks like we have some rain this week. I have not tested them in the wet. Any excuse to get out there hehehe

    I am running 34/36psi front/back which feels about right for my bike. Overall, I'm pretty damn happy with them.
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  14. No problems going through the Dandenongs in the rain this afternoon but I also wasn't pushing it in those conditions - felt perfectly ok . Was patchy damp when it let go on the Noojee road earlier , but wouldn't have considered it treacherous conditions and whilst I was getting a move on I wasn't going that hard . Tis a bit strange as it feels good in the dry .
  15. A small update.. ~1500kays so far.. No commuting. This is what they look like

    Rear tyre.. the "GT" cut out has now disappeared.


    Front tyre

    Quite happy..
  16. What cold pressures are you running bladder?

  17. Today I was running 36F/36R.. checked before I left

  18. Thanks mate - about the same as I run on the PR3

    I am starting to dislike this tyre more and more....... :(
  19. Mate, I have sworn never to go back to PR3's after having them on my Sprint GT. Work them hard in the dry, and the tread blocks move around so much the tread starts to deform and wear unevenly. Horrid. I'm leaning strongly towards either the Dunlop Roadsmart 2's, or these Pirelli Angel GT's.