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Pirelli Angel GTS or ST

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Oldmaid, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. So decided against resuscitating an ancient thread that is 5+ years old lol but maybe that just indicates how stale my question is!!
    So Zeddee is currently running scrubbed in Dunlops front and rear... but I hate them and don't have much confidence in them.
    Sooooo I was getting a discreet luggage rack put on Zeddee so my toy boy and I can go camping or picnicking, a full Arrow exhaust to take some weight off Zeddee and thought to whack a set of either Angel GTs or ST on Zeddee at the same time...

    Which would you get and would you do it now before winter or wear the old shitty Dunnies down a bit and be done with em??
    Won't be commuting often mostly twisty chasing, a bit if touring and maybe a track day or two.
  2. If you have no confidence in the Dunnys and their affecting your riding then chuck em out for something you are comfortable with, I have no experience with either tyre so I will leave that to the more knowledgeable
    In regards to your new ride (read toy boy) pics or it didn't happen :whistle::whistle::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:(y)(y)
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  3. I haven't had any experience with the ST's so take my experience for what it's worth:

    I went from Q2's to Angel GT's on my bike, and have absolutely loved them. More than doubled the k's I get out of a set of tires and haven't noticed any difference in performance. (Well, actually - the GT's are much better in the wet!)

    Get my bike over far enough to scrape the pegs, so I've tested the tires out enough.

    As for what to do - each to their own. I've ridden with people that want to get that "last bit of k's" from their rubber to save a penny - and seen those same tires let go and cost them a lot more than the rubber they would have saved. I don't mind changing over a little before hand for that extra bit of confidence myself. If I was in your shoes, and no longer confident in my current rubber - I'd be changing over.
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  4. Personally Id go with neither. No doubt that they are good tyres but they wont perform as well as more sport orientated rubber especially on track days and even hard twisty riding.

    I have had 2 sets of Michelin Pilot Power 3 on my Z1000 and can highly recommend them. I get about 7 - 9k out a rear with still some life left in the front and have done two track days on the current set. The rear is very close to cooked atm but Im hoping to squeeze one last track day (30th Jan) out of em before replacing.
    I might change my next set of tyres for something different though and I'm eyeing off Dunlop Q3, Bridgestone S20 and the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso III which are available very soon I think.
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  5. I've had two sets of Pirelli Angel GT's. On the Monster I didn't mind them. On the BMW, not really enjoying them second time around, but not enough to change them before their due.

    I'd consider, based on the riding you mentioned you'd be doing, Metzeler M7RR (sporty) or even Z8 Roadtec Interact (sport touring). I've had a set of the Z8's on the beemer, they lasted 14,000kms, good wear rate, only slight cupping on front, good predictable grip.

    But if you want to get Pirelli's, consider the Rosso 2's. Had these on the Monster. Very grippy tyre, lasted close to 10,000ks but were really bad by then and should have been replaced earlier, the rear was so thin I was amazed I'd not had a puncture.
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  6. I could be wrong, but I think the Angel St is older and not particularly good. The GT is the new version and is better.
    However, I don't think they're designed for naked/sports bikes at all. As far as I'm aware they are for heavier machinery like tourers and sports tourers.
    I don't know if Bruce (MMTS) is still around on the forums, but he'd be well placed to advise you.
    Streetmaster has a Z1000 and gives it a good fanging, he'd know what's a good tyre too.
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  7. As above, ask Bruce MMMTSMMMTS
  8. I have Angel GTs on my street triple. Probably the lowest spec you want to put on anything sporty. Grip well but not as much feel as sport tyres. Treat yourself to the Rosso 2's or Corsas. I'd keep the Dunlops until the bike is run in properly. Is the suspension set up for you?
  9. Whatever you decide on OM, if you flick you current ones now with no k's on you should get +/- $300 for them. I just paid that for Rosso II's that had done 100 odd k's. That should help the budget and decision finances out.
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  10. What sort of pics are you wantng mr? :woot:
    Name is Matt (Matthew) 44 yrs old (birthday 15/8), tradie, lived in Manly until 3yrs old then at Port for the rest of time. Was in the Navy for three yrs, no kids, has two sisters, one older one younger. Plays cricket, tennis, bowls (!) and likes fishing. Rode bikes when younger. Broke his pelvis in three places when a kid in a skate boarding accident. Blonde hair, green blue eyes.
    Anything else??
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  11. #11 rcheli32, Jan 23, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2016
    Hang on, Zeddee is new, what the hell have you been up to!

    But to your question, I had Pirelli Corsa Rossi on mine and put the Angel GTs on and am amazed. I'm not a tyre guru so don't read too much into this but:
    • The GTs grip much better in the wet, I had a few scares in the wet on my older tyres.
    • I've put about 10K on them and to be honest they don't really look worn.... amazing given the grip.
    • In the dry they seem as good as the Corsa Rossi.
    • I took them around the PI track and though I'm an average rider (not quick) they certainly held predictably (at 30psi though, not the 42/36 I run on the road).
    • I've spoken to a few other people that have them and have only heard positive feedback.
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  12. I used to have the Angel ST on my ER6 and currently have the Angel GT on the R1200R. My advice is don't get the Angel ST since I would sometimes lose grip at lean on my old ER6 when I had them fitted. If it slips with the power of the ER6 I don't think they'll handle the power of the Z1000 too well.

    Take my opinion of the Angel GT with a pain of salt as I only had the Angel GTs for around 300kms so I'm really just scrubbing them in and getting used to the profile. Riding around the twisties, they seem to lose grip from time to time when lent over. That being said I do have the traction control on normal road settings due to having new tyres. Carcass of the Angel GT is also quite hard, transferring a lot of the bumps onto your butt compared to other tyres (Z8 or PR4) I have used. Note these opinions of the Angel GT might change with time as I properly scrub in the tyres.

    If I had to give a recommendation at this stage, I would say go for the Metzeler Z8 or Michelin PR4. Had both of these tyres before and both work very well in all conditions. Although I had broke traction with the Metzeler Z8 before, it was much less frequent than the Angel GT on the same roads and the same bike. Can't really compare the PR4 grip to the Z8 or Angel GT since I only had it on my old ER6 which had considerably less power than the R1200R.
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  13. Very happy for you, hope he knows how to treat a lady, hope he doesn't need new rubber as soon as Zeddee☺
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  14. I have Anget ST's on my monster and while they've not let go at all I find they don't inspire confidence on bumpy twisties - fine when smooth. They do look to be lasting well with little wear after 5k km.

    I have actually been thinking of changing them to some Rossi's for a grippier feel cornering. Plus upping the rear from 160 to 170.
  15. Might go the Rossis...I have 190 on the rear.
    Cheers dears.
    Will give the Angels a miss me thinks.
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  16. Just for interest sake, which dunnies are fitted to your bike and are they OEM rubber supplied new on the bike?

    I have had great experiences with Dunnies and rate them highly, with the exception of one set, which were on a new R1 that I bought back in 2009.

    They had to be the worst tyre ever.

    Its like Yamaha approached every tyre maker for the cheapest nastiest POS tyre they could supply and Dunlop won the tender! LOL

    Every subsequent Dunlop tyre I have tried have been awesome!
  17. Maybe run an angel on the rear and a rosso 2 front. Its not an uncommon thing to do. Good idea changing; getting good feeling tyres makes riding so much more enjoyable.
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