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VIC PIRD 11th March

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MV, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Just booked, in anyone else coming along? :)

    It'll be my second trackday, first at PI, booked in the slow group

  2. Hmmm, Labour Day holiday. Tempting! Already booked for Superbike school on 13th Jan and Track Day 28th Jan. I just checked and Medium-fast on 11/3/13 is already showing as filling fast...
  3. Ah, didn't realise it was a holiday weekend.

    Have you done PI before?
  4. Yeah Ive probably done 7 or so Phillip island days. Im in the south east of Melbourne so its only an hour or so drive.
    You should find the slow group not at all daunting. They give first timers 2 laps behind an instructor to show you the lines to take before letting you do your thing. The pace of the slow group is usually just that. I like to refer to it as the "Barry Sheene ride". This was a good thing for me cos as a beginner I always felt much more comfortable overtaking people than being overtaken.
    Depending on your speed you may even feel like going up a grade. Usually in the last half of the day a few vacancies open up in all the grades, with people crashing or bike issues or just getting knackered and calling it a day. Just tell the sign on staff if you are wanting to upgrade.
    The track is just awesome though. I cant wait to check out the new surface. in many ways doing the vast majority of my track days there has 'ruined me' for all other tracks (EC excluded) as they just dont feel anywhere new as enjoyable, or safe for that matter. Im sure you will have a ball and be posting what a great day you had!
  5. Hey guys! First post and from the states. I am signed up for the 12th. Huge item off of my bucket list!!! I have a huge question... I noticed on the ride day site and around forums that there is mention that PI doesn't allow lap timers and filming! What's the deal with that? Are they very strict on this? I really really really want to document my ride day with some onboard footage.
    Also, since it sounds like a holiday weekend, wheres a good place to party? I'm thirty-two and would mind rubbing elbows with some of the local talent (girls)! ;)
  6. Very strict on no onboard cameras
  8. Want. To come. Cops won't let me but track does, bit difficult to get there.willing to pay petrol for lift and your bike. Someone please help?
  9. Can't help you there mate, sorry. My trailer is already full :)
  10. Cheers anyway. Have fun. If you ever have room. ?
  11. Hrm, spots still around? i'm keen to try the island!
  12. It appears to be sold out. I didn't realise it was a public holiday when I booked, must have gotten in early.
  13. I'll be at PI on the 11th March. Medium slow group. Black 99 R6 trackie with red warmers.
  14. I'll be on the black TRX in the slow/slow group, see you there :)